ASUS Cerberus

ASUS Cerberus

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ASUS Cerberus specifications

main parameters

Headphone type waybills
Gaming headset Yes
Play frequency 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohm
Weight 266 g


Microphone mount movable
Microphone frequency range 50 – 16000 Hz
Mute microphone there is


Type of acoustic design closed
Type of mount headband
Membrane diameter 60 mm
Cable connection one-sided
Detachable microphone there is


Type of connection with wire
Connector mini jack 3.5 mm combo
Connector shape straight
Gold plated connectors there is
Length of cable 1.2 m
Extension cable length 1.3 m


Volume control there is
Neodymium magnets there is
Additional Information volume control on the wire, a second built-in microphone, compatibility with mobile devices, bundled adapter to 2 mini-jack 3.5 mm.

ASUS Cerberus Reviews

Advantages: -Closed. -Good environmental noise reduction Wednesday. -There is a “rubber” headband length adjuster (you need to go to it get used to it). – Headphone volume control, power button and mute the microphone (checked on skype). -Pro compatible with with a curling iron they didn’t lie 🙂 -Microphone pulls 900 rubles, noise reduction by four, but compared with my old – no complaints.
Disadvantages: -Do not know if this is a disadvantage or not – after 5-6 hours the games ears turn hot and red, but after a few minutes everything passes.
Minuses: Comment: there are no complaints so far, but I do not advise how The first gaming headset in your life.

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Pluses: Sound, build quality, braided wire, good equipment, design.
Minuses: The microphone is not very good, but if you play it shame (in the same TeamSpeak), then your friends will hear you normally.
Minuses: After 7 months of use, the sound began to disappear in the left earphone. You play, and slowly the sound begins to disappear in left, first high-mid frequencies, and then it can be cut down fully, or work quietly. It seems like a problem in the remote control, I’ll move it and it works, but sometimes it doesn’t work, and I have to wait, because they themselves later begin to work. Xs krch what s them. About the rustling when adding / lowering the volume: I have rustling was only when I did not fully insert jack 3.5 into splitter (native).

Magadeev Nikita

Pluses: Very good earphones for the price
Minuses: After several months of use, the right ear became quieter than the left, which is very annoying
Minuses: Well, if only I came across such an instance, but if with all this garbage, then they just do not cost it. Now I I will trust Asus much less

Nikolaevich Mikhail

Pluses: Perfectly sit on my head, deep bass, good microphone that comes unfastened, there is also a button shutdown micro.
Minuses: For me they are not
Minuses: I had a lot of headphones. It was these who sat on me perfectly due to the self-adjusting rubber arm, ears are not they hurt. The speakers are very loud, lie on the table instead of speakers when I look at YouTube =) I am very pleased with the purchase.

Monastic Dmitry

Pluses: Sound more or less satisfied
Minuses: The microphone is just awful, you can hear it in the discord Can not hear. I tried all the settings and nothing helps. Broke after a month of use, ordered from citylink.
Minuses: I highly recommend

Kudryashov Alexandr

Advantages: – Design – Sound quality at this price
Disadvantages: – Strong pressure on the head and ears during prolonged gaming sessions – Positioning (read the comment)
Disadvantages: Initially, I wanted to take another model for 7-8k, but my sound card does not fit them, so I settled on simpler version. For the price of 3k, the headphones are probably ordinary. Exactly ordinary but not good. Firstly, they put a lot of pressure on the head an arc. Ears and head begin to hurt after an hour of play, approximately. Therefore, you have to remove periodically to give the ears and head relax. Secondly, very stupid positioning in games. It works as follows. Imagine your character in the game is looking forward. Exactly 90 degrees from you, something is happening. Sound will be only in the earphone from which the sound is coming. In the second earphone will not sound. It never happens in life that you hear the sound with one ear, but nothing gets into the second. Miscellaneous The volume should be, but it is not. Even my droplets for 1k can to do, but these ears are not able to. Otherwise, they are good for their the price. Update: After 3 months of use, the microphone broke.

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Advantages: -Design. Modest. No flashy details. Simple and with taste. -Design. There are no height controls on each handle. Instead, flexible metal rods ?? and headband with elastic bands which itself extends to the desired length when putting on the headphones. -Microphone. Pleased with the recording quality. Pretty clean for a headset such a segment. -Positioning in games. This headset does not I had to get used to it. There are no problems with positioning. I also want recall that its quality depends primarily on your sound card and its software. And then from headset quality. -Very soft ear pads. – Braided wires. -Adapter from headset plug to individual plugs headphones / microphone. -An adapter to an alternative wiring plug for some smartphones. -Build quality
Disadvantages: -Very … No, not so … VERY !!! Close location of the volume control to the headphones. I understand that made in order to improve the sound quality from the microphone in this very regulator, but it would be better if they didn’t make a microphone there and made a regulator below. The good news is that you can quickly get used to it. -Snabbing gloss. -Pressure on the head. I’m comfortable in these headphones, but someone may not be comfortable from constant pressure. -Lack of bass and treble. The benefit is corrected equalizer in a couple of clicks.
Disadvantages: Good value for money. AsusWe tried to squeeze out everything that is possible from this price segment. They did not waste money on a bomb design with backlight. Did not make a headset with an integrated low-quality sound card. They just made good gaming headphones with a good mic for 40 $. HyperX, of course, is better, but they do not cost $ 40.

Pluses: Took over 2300. Excellent headphones. All liked it. The microphone for such an amount is simply chic: 3
Minuses: Only one minus. After prolonged use Noise appears on the headphones (when raising the volume with wheel).

Papyan Sergey

Pluses: Do not push your ears very much …. Comfortably sit on to the head.
Minuses: No microphone, no noise canceling effects not. The microphone broke even without working for a year!

Kirill Ivanov

Advantages: Braid cord, different adapters.
Minuses: Microphone. Everyone writes about a good microphone. What? I AM long shaman in the settings of Windows and Realtek HD Driver’a, but acceptable record is not achieved. Sound. Also shaman and with sound, it seems to be acceptable, but you can’t call it a virtue. Ears sweat and the head begins to hurt after 1.5-2 hours of wearing. Remote right under headphones, very uncomfortable.
Minuses: I’m absolutely not picky about the sound (if only not from barrels), but for me a good microphone was important, of which we are not waiting it turned out.

Mikhail Belozerov

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