How to choose a memory card for a tablet

When choosing a memory card, you should pay attention to supported standard and volume of this external drive.

how to choose a memory card

How to choose a memory card for a tablet: key parameters

The main criteria for choosing a memory card for a tablet are:

  1. Standard;

  2. Speed ​​class;

  3. Volume;

  4. Additional functions.

  5. Also important is the card manufacturer memory.

The main criteria for choosing a memory card

Memory card standard

There are three standards for microSD memory cards:

  1. MicroSDSC (can also be called simply MicroSD, and stands for SC as “Standard Capacity”). Oldest format of memory cards. The maximum supported capacity is 2 GB. As a result, the format is almost extinct today. moreover, both on the tablet market and among manufacturers actually memory cards;

  2. MicroSDHC (High Capacity). The most common card format memory. The maximum capacity is 64 GB. Used in the vast most tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Therefore, if you need a memory card and about compatibility with the tablet does not know anything, it is recommended to pay attention It is on this standard;

  3. MicroSDXC (Extended Capacity). The most modern card standard memory. The maximum supported capacity is 2 TB. True it theoretical value, but in practice it is many times less. Often Used in modern flagship tablets.

All of these standards are backward compatible with each other. I.e:

  1. In a tablet that supports the standard microSDXC memory cards, you can install memory cards of all standards;

  2. In a tablet that supports the MicroSDHC standard, you can install MicroSDHC or MicroSHSC only;

  3. In a tablet that supports the MicroSDHC standard, you can install MicroSDSC exclusively, and no other format.

You can find out which memory card standard the tablet supports. from the technical characteristics of the device itself. This parameter can be given as explicitly (i.e. indicated directly standard name), and indirectly. For example, if in technical specifications the following note is given – “Maximum supported memory card capacity: 64 GB,” then you can with fully confident that the tablet is compatible with external microSDHC drives.

Speed ​​class


The speed class, as the name implies, determines the maximum speed of reading and writing to a memory card. The higher it is, the more scope of application of this external drive. At the same time, cards low-speed memory is not suitable even for ordinary, everyday operations.

The following speed classes exist:

  1. Class 2. The simplest and cheapest memory cards. Have speed read and write about 2 Mbps. Suitable for working with small documents, including low bitrate multimedia files;

  2. Class 4. They have a read and write speed of about 4 Mbps. therefore they are suitable for working with multimedia files that have medium bit rate. For example, you can record them in real time. photography time with a resolution of up to 8 MP without HDR + and not in RAW;

  3. Class 6. They have a read and write speed of about 6 Mbps. On them can record multimedia files relatively high bit rate (e.g. MP3 320 kbps or videos up to 480p), and also in real time shoot the corresponding video and Photo;

  4. Class 10. They have a read and write speed of about 10 Mbps. Suitable for the vast majority of cases, including working with multimedia files in Full HD. However, when recording video such a high resolution may cause defects and artifacts;

  5. USH-I. Ideal memory cards for mobile photo and video in resolution up to 2K inclusive and at a frame rate of 30 fps. Have read and write speeds of 10 Mbps;

  6. UHS-III. Memory Cards for High-Speed ​​Mobile Video resolution (e.g. 4K) or with a high frame rate of up to 120 fps. They have a read and write speed of 30 Mbps.

For most cases, high-speed memory cards are enough Class 10. You can, for example, install applications on them, if the operating system allows it. But memory cards are more high-speed class should be purchased only if in this there is a direct need – you have to shoot a lot or play HD video, for example.


Because the operating system and installed applications are located on the internal drive of the tablet, on a memory card user data is recorded – photos, videos, music, other documents. Therefore, it is worth choosing a volume based on your needs.

In fact, the required minimum is 4 GB. You can use this memory card. record a couple of movies in resolutions up to 480p and several music albums.

It is advisable to purchase memory cards with a capacity of 8 GB. Then there will be a little free space “in reserve”. And for lovers Mobile photo and video recordings are designed for storage volumes from 32 GB – because each picture is in high resolution, and even so more with support for HDR, “weighs” about 10 MB. As a result, “hammer” them 4 GB memory card is possible in 2-3 hours of active photographing.

Additional functions

Among the most important additional features of memory cards, designed for use in tablets, you can highlight:

  1. Protection against malicious external factors. Such memory cards experiencing high temperatures, mechanical stress, electrical breakdowns that occur when unsafe extraction and installation, radiation when scanning at airports and etc .;

  2. Access to data recovery programs. Companies like SanDisk and Transcend complete their external drives special software designed for emergency recovery data in case of damage to the memory card. A distribution may like be stored on the “flash drive” itself, and be downloadable from the website company. In any case, such software does not hurt;

  3. Extended Warranty. Usually the warranty from the store to the cards memory and similar drives, is about 6-12 months. Extended warranty from the manufacturer allows you not to worry regarding damage to the external drive, even if from the moment Shopping a year has passed. However, most memory card failures associated with external factors, therefore this option – rather controversial decision.

  4. Choose secure memory cards (as well as other optional functions) is only if it is planned to operate these drives in extreme conditions.

Top manufacturers

The best manufacturers of memory cards for tablets and others mobile devices are:

  1. Samsung Issues special “mobile-oriented” cards memory, however, they are usually very expensive;

  2. SanDisk, Kingston. Releasing middle class memory cards;

  3. Transcend Releases relatively inexpensive, but at the same time quite productive and practical memory cards.

But the products of companies such as Dexp or AData, recommended to be avoided. It’s usually slightly cheaper than memory cards from SanDisk or Kingston, but it doesn’t differ equally high quality – and if damaged, all data with drive can be destroyed.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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