Sennheiser PC 8 USB

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Specifications Sennheiser PC 8 USB

main parameters

Headphone type waybills
Play frequency 42 – 17000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohm
Sensitivity 95 dB
Weight 84 g


Noise canceling microphone there is
Microphone mount movable
Microphone impedance 2000 ohm
Microphone sensitivity -40 dB
Microphone frequency range 90 – 15000 Hz
Mute microphone there is
Microphone directivity directed


Type of mount headband
Cable connection one-sided


Type of connection with wire
Connector USB
Length of cable 2 m


Volume control there is
Additional Information volume control on the wire

Sennheiser PC 8 USB Reviews

Pluses: sound, ergonomics
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: a workhorse for little money!

megaseller vk

Pros: Lightweight and easy to use.
Minuses: Sluggish sound is not ice. The price is too high !!!! expected it’s better
Minuses: I didn’t use it often for the game, if I don’t need it I put others on the microphone. You should not take a price for that.

Savostyanov Victor

Advantages: Lightweight, connect via USB
Minuses: You can run into marriage.
Minuses: I bought these headphones in a store removed for 2190 rubles. Brought home, connected – the left speaker is quieter than the right. Had a test “left-right”, when recording with sound is alternately started, then left, then in the right audio channel – the sound went in both speakers. Output: the channels are mixed, the left speaker is quieter – production defects. Did, Of course, return, because in gaming headphones the whole point and lies in the fact that you can sound the location of the enemy to determine. Here you have a famous brand. So be careful be sure to check if you suddenly decide to buy this model.

Alice Selezneva

Pluses: Great sound, lightweight, comfortable to sit on your head, sensitive microphone.
Disadvantages: It is desirable that the cable is on one side.
Minuses: Sennheiser lives up to its reputation.

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Pluses: Workmanship Sound Microphone with adequate noise reduction Remote control on the wire: mute the microphone and volume control Not thin wires Light weight 2 years manufacturer warranty
Disadvantages: Immediately feel the quality in everything. The microphone has step adjustment of position, the handle is also regulated under head size. The headset sits like a glove. Starts in an hour put a little pressure on the ears, but, I think, over time the arms “stretch”. Sound worthy. The microphone crushes extraneous noise, without fanaticism – the naturalness of the voice is preserved, not like from a barrel (in unlike PC3).

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Advantages: 1. Microphone for calls over IP-telephony – the most it. The voice is legible and loud. 2. Volume control. 3. Lever to turn off the microphone. 4. Looks made qualitatively, The headband size adjustment mechanism does not hang.
Disadvantages: 1. Despite the fact that the headphones are very light, I they were uncomfortable to sit because the headband connects the headphones are not a straight line, but slightly curved towards the temples. Also, the cups themselves adjacent to the auricles are not uniform. AND ear pads – some are not magical, so after an hour of working in them, my the auricles begin to hurt. I think this is a subjective flaw. 2. When you turn off / on the microphone with the lever – the interlocutor hears loud count!
Disadvantages: In general, technically, you can call to use. However, I bought a replacement Logitech H390 – for me they sit much more conveniently, and they are not inferior in quality of the microphone. AND the price is about the same.

Sudakov Vasily

Pluses: Very good sound for this price. Sound assembly.
Minuses: The microphone is not bad, there is no extraneous noise. there is a small dip at high frequencies.
Disadvantages: Although the headphones are open, they give good bass and overall, pleasantly balanced in reproducible spectrum of sound frequencies.

Shakirov Ruslan

Pluses: Excellent audibility, does not fonit, does not distort the voice sits well on the head, does not press
Disadvantages: The microphone failed after 2 months (but there are plus the fact that the official service center could be replaced to a new headset (if there is a receipt for payment)
Minuses: This is an amateur opinion) I can not understand the specifics say that it’s convenient and easy to use

Afanasieva Anna

Pluses: Weightless. Do not crush the ears. Great microphone. Stock volume for noisy rooms. USB.
Minuses: Sound is not for music. Wires for some reason constantly are twisted.
Disadvantages: Perfect headphones for skype and games. For music need something else. And for hours of negotiations it’s great option. The ears and head do not feel them.

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Pros: Excellent microphone for voip applications. Light weight and the general level of a seemingly simple headset with an overhead type headphones. Although, of course, recommend a device of this type for simple everyday use (games, music or movies) I do not presume. Long two meter cable. Cable if necessary can be easily extended using any USB extension cable. Headset completely independent of the sound cards available in the system, which, Firstly, it allows you to flexibly distribute roles between existing devices, and secondly, use a headset on a computer without a working sound card. Two year warranty manufacturer.
Minuses: Volume control and microphone switch placed on a small block embedded in the wire. Personal experience shows that such things reduce usability (the little box constantly knocks on surrounding objects and strives catch on them), and the reliability of the headset as a whole (the electric element of the volume control wheel has limited resource, after the development of which problems with sound balance between the right and left headphone emitters). Lack of any sound insulation, but this is mainly feature of the headphone form factor.
Minuses: During the first connection of headphones to your computer, Windows may set slightly incorrect parameters Sampling rates for the headphone and microphone of this headset. This is primarily reflected in an increase in the background noise of the microphone (although any self-respecting application with voip features (Skype, Steam, etc.) contains its own filtering algorithms, which successfully cut off this noise) headset. To correct the situation just set the sampling frequency to 48000 KHz (Panel управления -> Звук -> Запись -> Microphone Sennheiser usbheadset -> Свойства -> Дополнительно), которая являетсяpassport for the vast majority of low-cost USB audio devices, which is this headset. МикрофонThis headset has no gain settings, but supports Automatic Gain Contol function (tick “AGC”, located on the Special tab, which is located at the above path), which, in my opinion, is unnecessary, since the microphone already has the proper level of sensitivity. This the feature is also enabled by default, and may deliver certain inconvenience to your interlocutors, which translates into constant changing the volume with which you can hear the other person.

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