Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

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Features Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

main parameters

Headphone type full-sized
Gaming headset Yes
Play frequency 10 – 26000 Hz
Impedance 50 ohm
Sensitivity 108 dB
Harmonic coefficient 0.1%
Weight 312 g


Noise canceling microphone there is
Microphone mount movable
Microphone sensitivity -38 dB
Microphone frequency range 50 – 16000 Hz


Type of acoustic design closed
Type of mount headband
Folding design Yes
Cable connection one-sided


Type of connection with wire
Connector 2 x mini jack 3.5 mm
Length of cable 3m


Case / Case Included there is
Additional Information mobile device compatibility, optional cable 1.2 meters

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Reviews

Pluses: Soft skin, do not put pressure on the head and ears. I do not audiophile, I can’t talk about mental abnormalities like “warming up” and “warm lamp sound”, but after my Logitech G633 these sound a little different, deeper and juicier or something. Generally, just great sound. Nice mic, voice sounds natural better than the G633. Completely analog, that in the presence of normal sound card gives its advantages.
Minuses: Outwardly like toys, plastic does not touch very, the analog wheel of a sound control a little loosens. The microphone is not removable – how simple you can’t use the headphones outside the house.
Minuses: Overall, I am very pleased with the headphones, great sound and a microphone. I tried on the built-in – very average. On creative Sound Blaster Z is another matter. Fortunately, there is no usb connection and any software improvers. Perhaps if there were honest 7.1, then positioning in games would be better, but that’s all fine.

Zhitenew Andrew

Advantages: 1. Do not crush the auricles. 2. Infinitely adjustable sound. 3. Appearance. 4. Much more (in the comments)
Minuses: There were no expectations, no disappointments
Disadvantages: Presented in return for very elderly Philips. Insofar as I sit at the computer a lot of time and almost always listen music, impressions are more musical and tactile. For a couple of months I forgot what earache is (shells do not hurt at all, although I wear glasses). The ear pads sat down right away, as if I was born into them, although I don’t have a head with a cam, it doesn’t press anywhere and does not reach the head pain (earlier it appeared after a few hours). Great idea adjust the sound right on my ears – at least according to mine impressions. Having made the sound completely quiet, I do not lose a word from the aria or songs. Clearly convey. I rarely watch movies alone but the viewers did not disappoint: everything is perfectly audible. Now the game. MMORPG is my hobby. If you fold the work defects RK, all negotiations are a pleasure. Since I am the arbiter of the legion, even intonation plays a role, everything is transmitted perfectly. Game moments became brighter: the sound of a waterfall or the rustle of leaves adorns the game. It’s nice that the packaging is provided – not compare with cardboard the box in which my old ears lived. Summary: I recommend not only to young gamers, but also to the older generation. They are comfortable watch movies, and listen to serious music perfectly. Good ones the ears.

Malevich Lilia

Pluses: Everything is super
Minuses: oh, it remains only to recall what they were like the beginning .. the skin wore off over time. cracked and cotton wool came out ..replacement on the off site costs up to 30 sterling is just some kind of PPS .. but in overall everything is super happy like an elephant … in games just a bomb friends aren’t hear a couple of steps in PugB and I hear and positioning is simple wonderful and super music obeys anyway, take it unambiguously

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: – Sennheiser (top ear maker) – quality of materials – sound quality – usability, sit on your head as if it were – the sound insulation is excellent, no extraneous noise is heard – light in weight – convenient design microphone, turns off when picked up – there is also a regulator volume on the right ear
Minuses: – see comments
Minuses: I use about 5 months. work with sound card ASUS Xonar Phoebus. Bought as universal ears for movies, music, skype, etc. With a small physique on the ears are not felt at all to the head. There is almost no pressure on the head but soundproofing is excellent, when listening to extraneous noise music not revealed. You can talk about sound for a long time, but I’ll only say one thing, that he is magnificent, the very word Sennheiser for those who understand the sound already says a lot, analogues from other manufacturers such as style series, razer, logitek and nearby did not lie on all fronts, as in terms of sound quality and quality of performance. I also want to note that the ears are very light .. Took over 8.5kr Generally having tried almost everything brands understood 1 that it was better initially not to be greedy and buy zenheiser Lovers of booming porridge sound like boom-boom can pass past, they have enough of the same size. PS. 2 years later, 1 ear died and the embrochure peeled off from the inside, I will look for repair because for convenience these ears are top for me

Fomenko Andrey

Advantages: good frequency balance, design, high level sound insulation
Disadvantages: I bought a son as a gift. I occasionally use it myself. Behind three months of operation appreciated comfortable headphone control, satisfied with the purity of speech transmission. The interlocutor is easily recognized by timbre. The control button is located on the right side of the headset sounding. Raising the microphone, you automatically turn it off. Ear pads leatherette fit well to the ears. Closed construction reliably blocks both external noise and does not interfere with others when listening to loud music. The headset cable is solid reliable braid, guaranteed to protect it from excesses and damage.

Kira Lavrova

Pluses: So about the pros – real even with prolonged wearing will not cause any discomfort. I have white and don’t know exactly what kind of revision, but the cord is completely unfastened (in some it seems not). A box – if the traveler is directly lvl 100. Also the microphone is fire – it will not transmit anything extra and farther from a meter You are very soundly assembled and I think they will serve you quite real with ten years.
Disadvantages: frequency response with about 15-20% focusing on the mid side (I warmed up 100 hours of noise for warming up and nothing dramatically changed, but really bass appeared in 30-50 hours). The first time turning on zvukovuha creative sb thought – “how over 10k can be such slag? “Even other vacuum senhayzery who stand 5 times cheaper in sound were much more attractive.
Disadvantages: In general, I will say this. I aligned the frequency response, but I will say honestly all the same it turned out not 100% as we would like. If you don’t have ok zvukovuhi, which will add bass boost and make equalizer all that your heart desires – these ears are definitely not about you. If there is, then in overall it’s really nothing, but are they worth 12k at today’s prices? a very interesting question and I think 50 to 50. Look at the headsets competitors – not only is there trouble with sound everything that can can be detached from everyone. About listening to music on players without an equalizer, there is no speech at all – it will be something like from built-in in the mid-price monitor. In general, I would like when you take premium ears do not adjust the frequency response wherever you listen. And in In general, if there is a soundtrack and dances with tambourines do not soar – take it.

Comrade Head

Pluses: Sit well, microphone more or less normal
Minuses: Who needs the sound, we pass by. We are not worth our money unambiguously. Here we can say so, they play, but not sound, not even a hint.
Minuses: I highly recommend.

Levin Sergey

Pluses: sound, ergonomics, nothing more, comfortable.
Minuses: Not yet revealed, just bought.
Minuses: Earlier I wouldn’t have full-fledged headphones, therefore I have nothing to compare. But the beat of the music began to shrink pectoral muscles, and this is clearly a good indicator. So I think The sound here is great. Listened to music from a smartphone without audio cards and amplifiers, I’m afraid to imagine what happens if you stick it in the right equipment. Seriously, the sound is real I liked it, I hear every instrument, every sound from my inexperienced gaze is not noticeable bulging of some frequencies, everything is smooth. They sit comfortably on their heads.

Mityushin Dmitry

Pluses: Folding, super-convenient, super sound, weight, length wires, short.
Minuses: no
Minuses: Surround sound is amazing, listen to music, play games. GSX 1200 was bought to my ears, I recommend to buy. This device will provide complete immersion in sound, although without it, headphones sound great. The material of the headband and ear pads is soft, not on the ears crushes. Good ears, great sound,

Burmistrova Lola

Pluses: Excellent sound! With all the smallest rustles you will be acquainted. Well-made leather ear pads proved to be very good in the summer in the heat.
Disadvantages: The cable is not twisted and the connector for the headphone driver especially shortened, which is difficult to find to replace.
Minuses: Twisted cable, it is a matter of taste, but the connector is rare and it will be difficult to replace in the event of a breakdown. In fact, and with the integrated card is fine, but paired with Sound blaster the sound becomes much juicier, so there’s a chance one investment. already into the sound card

elchenko anton

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