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HyperX Cloud Features

main parameters

Headphone type full-sized
Gaming headset Yes
Play frequency 15 – 25000 Hz
Impedance 60 ohm
Sensitivity 98 dB
Maximum power 150 mW
Harmonic coefficient 2%
Weight 350 g


Microphone type condenser / electret
Microphone mount movable
Microphone impedance 2200 ohm
Microphone sensitivity -39 dB
Microphone frequency range 100 – 12000 Hz
Microphone Harmonic Ratio 2%
Mute microphone there is
Microphone directivity directed


Type of acoustic design closed
Type of mount headband
Membrane diameter 53 mm
Cable connection one-sided
Detachable cable there is
Detachable microphone there is


Type of connection with wire
Connector 2 x mini jack 3.5 mm
Connector shape straight
Gold plated connectors there is
Length of cable 1m
Extension cable included there is
Extension cable length 2 m


Case / Case Included there is
Interchangeable ear pads there is
The number of pairs of interchangeable ear pads in the kit 1
Additional Information compatible with PS4 and mobile devices

HyperX Cloud Reviews

Advantages: Metal construction. 2 sets of ear pads. Great potential for rocking a good amp / sound by card. Extremely detailed sound. And very positioned, perfectly audible where the guitar plays, where the drums, where the bass guitar, if you close your eyes you can imagine a room where and how these tools are placed (it’s precisely positioned and not pseudo-volume as they like to do right now using software). Ideally sit on my head, do not press, I sit for 10+ hours.
Minuses: Sound detailed, but sacrificed the richness of sound, its depth (high frequencies are torn, and low nullified). If you are a kraken lover, then you are definitely not here. Plastic protections on the dies that started to fall off bowls. Already 2 of 4 fell off. I managed to bend the wire near the jack, adapter to the extension cord (I actively rode on it on my chair), has already replaced all the rules. With the usual built-in realtek sounds very mediocre. 60 ohms after all.
Minuses: This is a real ideal that can be purchased for your pc. The only thing I had to buy was a sound card (sound blaster z) to them, after which they became simply magnificent in its sound. I had both kraken and siberia, all of them to the moment of use 2 years began to crumble, fall apart and on them it was scary to watch. But these clouds are already 2 years old and I’m still in them, if you change the ear pads they will be like new and they can already be sell). But while I do not want to do this. If you think to buy them or not, the answer is obvious. He took them from Germany for 4500r + Sound card 6500r (it has fallen in price right now). offtopic That’s because of now I don’t even know what to buy for the phone \ laptop, I listened many wireless ears, from 5k to 15k rubles, and everything falls short of level of my headphones on the pc … It’s a shame.

Turkin Roman

Pluses: The sound is amazing! They play clean, the bass is soft, the top the frequencies are slightly lifted, but in cs go everything is heard in the flesh to reloading the enemy who is not so close) On my sound card ASUS Xonar D1 reveal themselves completely) In music proved to be quite good! Sound insulation at a decent level! Very comfortable! I sit for 6-7 hours, not a hint of pain! A quality microphone is much better than the Razer Kraken Pro! Rich equipment! Extension cord, through which the control panel can be increase or decrease the volume, turn off the microphone and button when pressing also disables the micro only for the duration of pressing! Adapter for phone, interchangeable ear pads, adapter for airplane + goes to bundled nice case for transporting headphones)
Disadvantages: they simply do not exist
Minuses: Before that I bought myself a Razer Kraken Pro Black, like me they just did not set up the sound was like from a barrel, about any quality bass even speech can not go. Razer rocks built-in ZK Realtek or some kind of cheap player, there they are begin to dance on my head but the sound quality was terrible and left! After another hour or two, they began to put pressure on the head and had to shoot them! So these headphones are much better than Razer from materials to sound quality! Had a lot gaming ears) These madly pleased me I don’t even want to shoot, forgot about the main speakers;)

Finoedov Ilya

Pluses: sit comfortably on the head, good sound insulation, long wire. Definitely better than the G series (200-500) from Logitech
Minuses: 60 Ohms !!! It’s strange to read reviews about great sound from built-in sound or smartphone in the subway. No separate sound headphone cards are indistinguishable from cheap china for 1000 rubles. Yes play, but relatively loud, but no sound quality. Smartphone HTC can’t pump my ears at normal volume, the sound is flat and with a slight echo. Google pixel C tablet gives out hiss already with 70% volume.
Minuses: Average / tolerant quality when working through separate sound card, weak sound through the built-in and on the devices. The microphone is rather 4 out of 5, gives a background, the volume holds well. I recommend to consider it exclusively as a headset with a connection at least through the cheapest sound card. Classic headphones plays in sound quality, listen to music or watch movies definitely not in them. Use experience at time of writing 3 weeks.


Pluses: sound quality. The quality of the materials of the ear pads and headband.
Disadvantages: Flimsy construction and quality of fastener material moving parts. The problematic volume control. By ~ 6 months become loose and periodically the sound is weaker from one of speakers at low volume (solved by software reduction volume).
Disadvantages: Duration: a year without three days. Accuracy of operation: dust particles were not blown away, but to any excesses, falls and drops The headphones were not exposed to temperatures. Result: by 6-8 month there were scratches on one of the mounts (as it later turned out, this there were microcracks), which was no longer paid attention to. TO upcoming anniversary, on one ordinary day when put on your head, the right mount just shattered into chips. From the left side the same story is observed that speaks about the quality of the material and not Designed for continuous use – be the metal part is longer, all the stress would be reduced to reinforced headband, not low-grade plastic.

Undefined Undefined

Pluses: very comfortable. And absolutely does not feel what or heaviness on the head, although the headset is not the easiest. Really nice, quality materials. Options just like from of the past, in the sense that in our post-crisis days (2008+) manufacturers no longer indulge in such luxurious packaging.
Minuses: The sound is a little dull when listening to FLAC. But not very critical. Because the intended use of Kingston HyperX Cloud this is not music, but games. And this is the best gaming headset of 2015, by versions of the European Hardware Awards. Best also in terms of playing music among all the “gaming headsets.” So that to find fault with the fact that the headset does not sound exactly like their hi-fi Beyerdynamic 770 donor is not entirely objective. This is worth mention, but the point is not worth underestimating. If you want close to perfect sound, then there is only real hi-fi from Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser. And the price is 2-3 times higher.
Minuses: 5 out of 5. Everything is good. For $ 74 it’s killer purchase.

Novatsky Mateusz

Pluses: Sound, equipment. 1. Sound – everything is fine here, for with the exception of one minus 2. Options – a lot adapters, extension cord, especially pleased interchangeable ear pads.
Disadvantages: 1. High frequencies. I’m used to it over time, but the first month the rumor hurt. 2. Price.
Minuses: Buy, great headphones. If at a discount – take two pieces: D

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: sound, microphone, convenience, equipment
Minuses: none
Minuses: Owner of Senheiser G4me One. HyperXCloud is cheaper and at the same time does not lose it at all. From my point vision even wins in terms of that in HyperX Cloud headphones excellent sound insulation, comparable or even better than that of the liners. Personally, I compared with a Philips bluetooth headset with in-ear headphones in the subway – according to my feelings HyperX Cloud better eliminates external noise. Included are additional embrasures, which unlike leather (?), already attached to ears made of different material, same as in Senheiser G4me One, and I suggest that using these embrasures can get rid of noise isolation (Update 02/18/2017: checked, and there is). Depending on what you need – sound insulation or its absence, choose what to wear embrasures. I think it’s huge plus. Sound – great, extended frequency range makes itself felt know. Surround sound is not comparable with anything. Watched Oscar-nominated short film shot in 360 mode degrees (360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl) – when I twist the camera, I can clearly hear where the sound is coming from – from the side, from the back, from afar, close, straight unreal cool. As for listening to music, how a big music fan, and a person listening to music of various genres, I must say that they sound great. At first I thought that with some types of crap basses – they do not reach, they somehow sound dull, but then I figured it out, the same song in a higher bitrate sounded as it should be. They really make you feel the difference in quality playable track, now you have to download all at least 320 kbps Convenience – I would say that they are even more convenient than Senheiser G4me One. Both models are very, very well made in this plan, but HyperX manages to raise the bar. They are also good because if you suddenly decide to use them outdoors, the microphone is removable, it can be left at home by sticking a plug in its place. Summing up Bottom line, I highly recommend these headphones. This is 5.

Kurskiev Timur

Advantages: 1. Not very gaming appearance 2. Does not glow in darkness like a christmas tree
Minuses: 1. Horrible microphone
Minuses: Used about a week and returned, terrible microphone. I could not configure it properly.

Arsenev semen

Pluses: – great sound – comfortable sitting – stylish appearance and a removable microphone, you can walk along the street without scorching, what’s with a computer headset – accessories: extension cord, adapters, bag – wires in fabric braid
Disadvantages: – price – the microphone plug is small and not attached to headphones (easy to lose) – a wire connecting the ears between each other, very thin. I do not know how durable it is.
Minuses: upd: either the tires have dried out, or I don’t know what, but a stub (which I almost never pulled out of the headphones, because I don’t use a microphone) over time, I began to stay on honest the word

Prozritelev Alexander

Advantages: – The shape of the cups themselves – The sound is excellent (despite on the built-in realtek) – Appearance – Options – Microphone Sensitivity (High Definition Voice) – Damn, what are they COMFORTABLE !!! For a big head it’s easy find! Flexible headband and very light, SUPER! I sit in them for hours sometimes I even forget that they are on my head and get up with them)
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages: – Remote control with ears located on a separate extension cord, not on the main the wire that goes from the ears, look at the pictures on the package and understand what I mean, when you insert a wire into this remote control, then the length it turns out too long, as a result, the remote control is not at chest level or at least the abdomen, and at the level of the knees, so when you sit at the computer you have to lay the wire like a snake on your lap))) – Button the microphone on the remote goes too tight, maybe with time will be developed. – The hole plug for the microphone does not not attached anywhere, lose 100%! I understand that this is not substantially, but still …
Disadvantages: The listed disadvantages are just the nuances that may be important to someone! What is the main thing in gaming ears? Sound, convenience and microphone! ALL THIS IS IN THEM !!! MEGA-CONVENIENT – A head at me big! I myself read reviews for a long time, many write what is needed a separate zvukovuha, perhaps I have built in the mother of Realtek, and mother is already 9 years old! And if they sound like that on regular sound, then what will happen on a separate good map … don’t think I’m writing an enthusiastic review, as I sat on cheap ears before them))) Even before of the crisis, everyone was gaming on average about 5000-6000 thousand, and These are the first ones that I love! Everything is fine with the bass, ears balanced, not like Razer Kraken, where from excessive bass the head rang! If you have questions, write bellian2009@yandex.ru, ears not cheap, so it’s best to find out all about them right away!

Finagin Alexander

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