How to show hidden files and folders in Windows 7

Folders in which operating configuration files are stored systems by default have a “hidden” attribute. With thin setting when access to them is required they need to be made visible. Our experts tell how this operation is performed on Windows 7.

Launch Explorer and click on the toolbar marked unit area. In the drop-down menu, click on the line “Parameters”.

In the window that opens, switch to the “View” tab. Scroll area of ​​additional parameters to the very end down. In the last the section marked with the number “2”, move the radio button to “Show”. Additionally, you can uncheck the box marked three. We save the changes using the “Apply” button and close the window settings by clicking “OK.”

After the manipulations are done, hidden folders become visible in the Explorer window. They differ from ordinary directories in increased transparency. As an example, the screenshot shows the folder hidden in the normal state is the “ProgramData” folder.

If necessary, access to view parameters can be obtained without opening explorer. Call the dialog box “Run” combination Win + R keys We type in the text field “control folders”. Click on the “OK” button or press the enter key on the keyboard opening the applet described in the second step.

Users who prefer to use the control panel will find there is a section marked with a frame. View settings applet opens with a single click.


Our experts told how to make hidden folders visible in Windows 7. When you finish changing the settings, do not forget to disable the visibility of system directories by following the steps in reverse sequence.

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