Which is better: tablet or laptop

Tablets and laptops, although they do not belong to the same class devices may well be interchangeable. But not in all spheres.

Which is better: tablet or laptop? We understand the areas and technical specifications

Which is better: tablet or laptop

Before you purchase a tablet, laptop or a transformer computer (also called a hybrid) is worth determine the scope of its use. The following can be distinguished scenarios:

  1. Mobile office work (when a computer is used in as a “typewriter”);

  2. Mobile web surfing;

  3. Mobile entertainment (viewing multimedia, undemanding to the hardware of the game);

  4. Mobile gaming

  5. Mobile photo editing;

  6. Mobile video editing or special work (like programming, design or simulation).

For each of these environments, a device of a certain form factor.

Mobile office activities

work with documents

If you plan to use the device primarily for office activity – work with Microsoft Office packages or analogues, with bank clients, for reporting or presentations – it’s definitely worth choosing a laptop. Same true for a training computer.

Desktop operating systems (Windows, Ubuntu, macOS and all others) provide maximum comfort when working with documents. In addition, they are distinguished by well-designed multi-window mode and in most cases open and understandable file system. This will allow, for example, to quickly find a document on flash drive, edit it and send by email.

Tablets are also suitable for office activities, but with some limitations. Mobile operating systems such as Android or iOS, of course, also know how to edit documents and etc., but applications for them have not too wide functionality (especially regarding formatting) and especially not support hotkeys.

A good solution is to buy a hybrid computer (transformer), which, when needed, offers the convenience of a laptop – but at any moment it can turn into a mobile tablet. The most productive devices from the Microsoft Surface Pro series, however, they are expensive. If a solution is required cheaper – hybrid computers of the Lenovo Yoga line or Asus Transformer.

Mobile web surfing


But when it comes to browsing websites, tablets on Android and iOS show even greater convenience than hybrid Windows computers. This is because many web pages specially optimized for touch interface and viewing with tablets.

In addition, large portals and social networks have special applications for mobile operating systems. Through such clients view content and communicate much more conveniently than through web version.

Mobile entertainment


Another area in which tablets outperform laptops. Mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) thanks the features of working with “iron” allow you to run beautiful and tech games even on relatively weak hardware the platform.

In addition, controls in such games are better optimized for smaller screens and touch input than desktop projects.

The same is true for other forms of mobile entertainment – watching videos (including streaming), playing music, reading etc In all these cases, the tablets show a large performance and comfort than laptops.

Mobile gaming

computer games

But if you want to go through modern and demanding game resources even outside the home, it is best to take a special laptop. Gaming laptops are equipped with powerful graphics cards and powerful processors, making them well suited even for such projects like Overwatch.

Of course, gaming laptops have a number of serious flaws, among which:

  1. Bulky and heavy. Such devices are usually larger and much heavier than ordinary laptops;

  2. Short battery life. Even the most modern models gaming laptops under high load show 4-5 hours of “life” from battery “;

  3. The relative high cost.

However, you can play resource-demanding projects. only on them. It is also worth considering that games designed for Windows can only be run on a Windows laptop or tablet.

Mobile photo editing

Editing photos with iPad

If you need to carry out simple photo editing (post-processing, retouching, color grading, etc.) right on the go, then the best solution would be to buy a special tablet – such like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or iPad 2017.

These tablets come with high resolution displays and excellent color rendering, they work on supporting most the most common operating system graphic editors systems and are equipped with a stylus that makes a change Photos are the most convenient and enjoyable.

But Android tablets for editing photos are not they’ll work, because the applications for them are quite different limited functionality.

Mobile video editing (as well as special, resource-intensive forms of activity)

Video editing using a laptop

For activities such as video editing, 3D-modeling, design, construction, programming with testing applications in virtual machines, etc. are required high-performance laptops – the so-called mobile workers station. Of course, they are expensive, but equipped the most powerful components.

But tablets or even gaming laptops for such purposes are not will do. They do not provide sufficient performance.


When choosing a mobile computer should be guided by primarily the scope of its intended use. So, Android tablets, for example, may not work well – But they are ideal for mobile entertainment. On budget Windows laptops are very pleasant to do work and study activity – but you can only play them in the very old or undemanding games. Powerful Windows laptops are good for gaming and work related to a technical or similar specialty – but they are too bulky.

A good “universal” solution is to buy a hybrid ultrabooks such as Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Dell XPS 13.

Tablets running on the iOS operating system are suitable for uncomplicated daily activities, including simple work, entertainment etc.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose laptop for work, the secrets of choosing a laptop for study, basic Criteria for choosing a laptop for games, and a complete selection guide reliable laptop for home.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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