What to choose: tablet or e-book

When choosing a device to read is first decide – it is planned to use it only for reading or the same for other purposes?

What to choose: tablet or e-book

What to choose: tablet or e-book

The tablet can be used for reading electronic books. However it is more of an additional function than the main one. The tablet rather a multimedia device suitable for surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music, games, etc. On the Most e-books will not do any of this. But they have their own advantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an E-Book Before a tablet

Benefits of e-books

Among the advantages of electronic books (“readers”) can be distinguished the following:

  1. Great battery life;

  2. Low eye fatigue;

  3. Compact size and light weight;

  4. Lack of heating during use.

This is due to the fact that e-books are mostly are made with displays that are made by technology e-ink (“electronic paper”). Such screens provide minimal current consumption. Electricity is consumed only when you need to update the image on the display – i.e. when turning over pages, choosing books, etc. As a result, battery life Readers can be several days or even weeks.

E-ink displays are not equipped backlit. Therefore, reading from such a screen is as comfortable as and from a plain paper sheet. Eyes get tired less that even people with visual impairments (myopia, farsightedness and other diseases).

Due to the fact that e-books require for their work minimum of components – battery, controller, screen – such devices weigh very little. The mass of most “readers” is 150-200 grams, while tablets are usually at least 2-3 times heavier. Therefore, the e-book will not pull the bag or a backpack, and your hands will not tire of holding it for a long time time.

Well and one more plus of simplicity of a design of “readers” is lack of a powerful processor that heats up when use.

Of course, all these benefits apply to e-books, which are equipped with a display made by e-ink technology.

The disadvantages are obvious – small functionality, black and white display and lack of backlight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tablet over electronic a book


Among the advantages of a tablet as an electronic reader books can be distinguished:

  1. Screen backlight;

  2. Convenient navigation;

  3. Compatibility with a huge number of formats;

  4. Color screen;

  5. The presence of additional features, such as a GSM-module.

All tablets, regardless of screen manufacturing technology (IPS, TFT, OLED) are equipped with a backlight display. This allows you to read in in the dark or just in poor light without straining your eyes. Only Some e-book models offer this feature.

Touch screen tablets for easy navigation – select books, turning pages, launching menus, navigating chapters and sections, etc. This is quite an important advantage for people who do not want to study the mechanics of the work of readers.

Despite the fact that out of the box the vast majority tablets do not support any file format, through installing third-party applications, you can expand their functionality to any necessary. So, such devices will be able to “read” very rare types of books – like comic books packed in containers CBR

The color screen is one of the most important advantages of tablets when it comes to richly illustrated books. On such a display you can see all the details of the image, which is especially necessary, for example, when reading special or educational literature.

Thanks to additional features such as a GSM module or support for Wi-Fi networks, the tablet will be able to access the Internet – for downloading new books without connecting to a computer, reading relevant articles, RSS feeds, and other text content.

The disadvantages are high mass and low battery life. (even with the best models it is about 10 hours).

What to choose?

What to choose

If you want to read fiction or reference books, it’s worth buying an e-book. Thanks to the great time battery life and comfortable for the eyes of the screen it provide maximum convenience.

For graphic novels, richly illustrated literature, special and training books, as well as files in rare formats are better choose a tablet. It is equipped with more convenient to view screen-like content and expandable by installation third-party applications functionality.

Top manufacturers

manufacturers of tablets and e-books

If we talk about specific manufacturers, then for each type devices they are different. So, the best manufacturers of electronic books:

  1. PocketBook is a company that essentially invented electronic books. Products differ from it at a rather high price, but at It features excellent performance;

  2. OnyxBook is a PocketBook competitor that offers devices at a lower price;

  3. Texet, Prestigio – “Chinese consumer goods”, which, however, It is very inexpensive. E-books from these companies are excellent suitable for beginners or as an extra devices.

Top Tablet Manufacturers:

  1. Samsung, Acer – produce expensive, powerful, multifunctional devices

  2. Xiaomi is a manufacturer of inexpensive but convenient tablets. The only drawback is the unusual MIUI operating system on Android based. Therefore, the Play Store is supported;

  3. Apple – Launches tablets with the best screen on the market. Provides comfortable, enjoyable reading and excellent color reproduction. However, there are difficulties with “throwing” books in memory devices.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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