Vitesse VS-601

Vitesse VS-601

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Specifications Vitesse VS-601

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is


Timer there is
Clock there is


Battery Indication there is
Overload indication there is
Auto power off there is


Packaging design bowl
Bowl volume 2 l
Bowl material steel
Additional Information Convert kilograms to pounds; temperature sensor

Vitesse VS-601 Reviews

Advantages: 1. The upper part and the bowl are completely made of stainless steel. 2. Weight up to 5 kg. On the usual family kitchen this is enough, in last resort can be divided into several parts weighed product. 3. The presence of a timer and a thermometer rather marketing chip, but nice. 4. Excellent weighing accuracy. No to this claims. 5. Made competently – without clicks. Fully cast the top is a great convenience. You can even put them under the shower, as under will be an umbrella, nothing will flow and will not clog.
Minuses: Price. Others did not reveal, enjoyed little so far.
Disadvantages: I bought from an official supplier for 950 p. I look forward to the long work of this product.

Maxim Alekseenko

Advantages: scales work perfectly;
Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.
Minuses: In my opinion, very good scales. They are accurate efficient, stylish look – use such very nicely.

Altayeva Angelika

Pluses: cool scales
Disadvantages: I do not see any disadvantages
Minuses: Of all the scales, these are the most beautiful. Besides they very accurate. I like everything)))

Maksimenko Sergey

Advantages: Clarity of weighing, a large bowl (you can also liquid to weigh products, it would be less – it would be problematic)
Minuses: Price
Disadvantages: Accurate and beautiful scales with bright lighting. On the kitchen one of the essentials.

Victoria victory

Pluses: very beautiful design several options weighing (pounds, grams)
Minuses: no special
Disadvantages: fit perfectly into the kitchen, such a useful detail never hurts. The design is super-duper, complemented by a bright display. Nice to just touch them, not to mention the accuracy weighing.

Borisov Oleg

Advantages: accuracy, compactness, design
Minuses: no
Minuses: Pleasant in all respects kitchen scales. Prepare I love, often take some new recipes, where everything is in grams it is painted. Scales help me keep the exact proportions – for this and were bought!


Advantages: convenient, compact, very accurate. beautiful – nothing more in the design.
Disadvantages: a set of batteries must now be in the house.
Disadvantages: Excellent scales, like everyone who sees them. Help out in the kitchen all the time. The accuracy is incredible. Worth buying such a useful thing for the kitchen.

Ozerov Valery

Pluses: stainless steel scales. Backlit display. Low battery indication. Very comfortable bowl. Zeroing containers. Large numbers.
Disadvantages: Not identified for the year.
Minuses: Excellent scales. Convenient to store separately from the bowl – take up little space. The bowl can be used just like a bowl. For visually impaired people numbers are read without glasses.

Alekshina Olga

Pluses: beautiful, comfortable, accurate
Disadvantages: no.
Disadvantages: quite reasonable price and very good quality. The workmanship is durable, looks beautiful. weighs everything extremely clear, a variety of products. The display is really very beautiful, highlighted. Cool stuff!

Kulikov Eugene

Advantages: High accuracy of weighing, design, colorful backlit display
Minuses: No
Minuses: I like the oven very much, but unfortunately not in all recipes indicate the number of ingredients that can be determined by eye or measure with a glass, etc. Then came the understanding that need a kitchen scale. The purchase is still pleasing. Measure proportions the dishes are always tasty, the weighing accuracy is here is 0.1%. I’m not afraid to make a mistake in cooking and much I feel more confident with them. So the hostess, I highly recommend to get. if you cook often, do not stand idle for sure will be.

Sergeevich Vladislav

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