Vitesse VS-1278

Vitesse VS-1278

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Specifications Vitesse VS-1278

General characteristics

A type mechanical
Weight limit 2.5 kg
Measurement accuracy 20 g
Tarocompensation not
Sequential weighing not
Fluid volume measurement not


Timer not
Clock not


Packaging design bowl
Bowl volume 1 liter
Bowl material steel
Body material steel

Reviews about Vitesse VS-1278

Pluses: Super! Aesthetic, design just wow! Exactly weighed, work clearly
Minuses: Small weight limit
Minuses: From time to time I use old scales to approximately find out the weight of the products (potato, onion). Now with a purchase new weights, the old ones went on a well-deserved rest, and I enjoy accurate weighing and elegant design. The bowl here is not very big, just 1 liter. And the weighing limit is not particularly up to 2.5 kg. IN More expensive models have a higher limit and huge bowls. But I I weigh a few products and not so often, so I have enough. Usually it’s a few vegetables, slightly liquid foods, milk or water for example, for cooking a recipe, or bulk products like sugar. In general, the scales made a good impression.

barbie kristina

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