Vestfrost VF 3663 W

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Specifications Vestfrost VF 3663 W

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material white / plastic / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A + (380 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 59.5×63.2×185.5 cm


Freshness zone there is
Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 13 hours
Vacation Mode there is
Power freeze up to 10 kg / day
Minimum temperature in the freezer -24 ° C
Indication open door – sound
Additional features super cooling, super freezing, temperature display


Overall volume 334 l
Volume of the refrigerator 233 l
Freezer volume 101 l

Other functions and features

Display there is
Antibacterial coating there is
Child protection there is
Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 44 dB
Climate class N, ST
Weight 70.6 kg

Vestfrost VF 3663 W reviews

Pluses: Nice appearance; Big; Quiet; Comfortable a pen; Quality build (made in Denmark)
Minuses: Not noted
Disadvantages: By function, all refrigerators are the same now, and here the appearance and the plastic is important, this one liked it and took it.

Bortnik Dima

Minuses: With the purchase of this refrigerator for real touched the beautiful, they know how to collect! I went to stores looked and almost everyone smells of plastic, and it’s disgusting straight and In general, everything does not look reliable, everything is different here. We bought it for six months as during this time he never turned off and is holding well. A couple of times in the fridge spoiled food (lay for a long time), even the smell is not if it’s gone, I wouldn’t see it – it would be so. And the freezer is good it freezes quickly and inside remains without ice on the walls, seriously thinking about buying a freezer of the same company

Polozov Konstantin

Disadvantages: The main thing in the refrigerator is reliability, before that there was turquoise, constantly flowed along the walls and in the freezer endlessly snow formed., so the boxes didn’t open … that’s all otherwise, in the freezer for a year of operation, even the frost on the walls did not appear. And in general, it is better and the products are stored longer and it looks somehow fresh.

Lyubimtseva Olga

Pluses: good volume, perfectly used space with the organization of shelves and drawers. Large freshness zone. Not required. defrosting, no ice on the walls of the freezer Powerful, copes with a large number of products Works moderately quiet
Shortcomings: For the shortcomings, I have not noted
Disadvantages: I bought a refrigerator so that there was a refrigerator at home. Keeps products at ideal temperature, does not spoil anything. Recommend!

Telnov Sergey

Pluses: Color – white metallic, my favorite!) Dimensions and volume, good ratio Silent work Quality materials at shelves and drawers
Minuses: This refrigerator, bought after Biryusa, already serves third year and everything is like new! After Biryusa unusual location shelves, everything is shifted a row higher because they added a “zone freshness, “the thing is very good, I store everything that I want to keep there longer and it works! And there are also 3 drawers in the freezer, instead of 4, because one box is larger, which is also very convenient if you need to add something big. Fridge like food stored for long, odorless

Igokhina Tatyana

Minuses: Took in white, as it fits perfectly in the overall design of the kitchen, it looks beautiful!) Functionality is standard, Now all the refrigerators are the same, but the build quality is here on a head higher, at least the plastic does not smell. To work while questions it didn’t arise, as it turned on, it plows, it doesn’t rattle, it doesn’t shaking.

Saltykov Andrey

Pluses: A decent amount; Nice backlight (like LED); Low noise, no vibration Good quality assembly (Danish they seem)
Disadvantages: The only drawback (probably like everyone refrigerators) – a short power cord, I had to pull extension
Minuses: I took it to my parents as a gift for the anniversary, at the very same it’s only black that the 3rd year has been working

Karpovich Dmitry

Pluses: Nice design, nice lighting Comfortable Good build management
Minuses: Nope
Minuses: A normal refrigerator, is in the studio room, it works quite quietly, it doesn’t interfere with sleep) It freezes foods perfectly, copes with a sharp load. Many modes, suitable for different types of products. In general, we bought and did not regret it.

Magafurova Elvira

Pluses: Appearance, the color of the refrigerator goes well with backlight display and door handle; Durable shelves; Several operating modes; Bright and pleasant looking backlight of the refrigerator; Economical and quiet
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I bought a refrigerator about a year ago, does not require yourself no extra attention. It does not require defrosting, but when I’m leaving on a business trip I set the Vacation mode and he generally lives his life) An excellent model, it is worth paying attention!

Protasov Konstantin

Pluses: modern refrigerator, snow-white color, pleasant LED illumination in both the refrigerator and freezer No Frost mode Special modes – super cooling, superfreeze, vacation There is a Fresh Zone for storing fruits
Disadvantages: The refrigerator is fully justified, we use it for over a year now, no problem. It certainly looks great! It looks compact, while quite roomy. Works almost silently. Great option for the money!

Seregina Olga

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