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Characteristics of UNIT UHP-130


A type thermal sweat
Volume 5 l
Power 850 watts
Pump manual / automatic
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material – (double walls)


Safety lock of a cover, lock of inclusion without water
Double walls there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Water backlight during operation there is

Reviews of UNIT UHP-130

Pluses: No stupid defense. You press – it immediately pours. Heats up quickly. Never failed. In the absence of water chopped off. What else is needed from this unit?
Minuses: For such a price – no.

Terov Igor

Advantages: price
Minuses: does not hold temperature
Minuses: Have to boil it constantly to be hot tea. For those who like to drink a diluted drink, the most

Sorokin Nikolay

Disadvantages: Thermopot was presented to us by friends about. Convenient a modern electric appliance, three in one – the functions of a kettle, a thermos and cooler. In the country-field conditions it is very convenient, once heated, and hot water all day. Large volume, good heat retention, functional and safe. Outwardly a very modern device, high-quality assembly.

Evgeny Evzyutin

Advantages: A large volume to pour water, you can simply press the edge of the cup under the spout of the thermal sweat, it is convenient to wash inside.
Disadvantages: –
Disadvantages: I bought a job at the office for meetings. A very useful thing, especially when you need to drink hot tea or coffee at once several people. Boiling water is maintained all the time, while it is plugged in. To boil 5 liters include in advance. Due to the huge volume of the barrel, boiling water is enough for us for the whole day. The water is very hard, so you have to wash it often, hence another small plus – easy to clean, as there is no inside no spirals.

Zhenya Rudashevsky

Pluses: Five liters is a great option for a large family. Optimum for the price. The ability to supply water is not only automatically, but also manually.
Minuses: Not yet.
Minuses: For a long time we had half as much thermal sweat, but because family a rather big gift from friends came by the way. The volume of 5 liters is just a find, in the morning porridge for children and tea for all, during the day the required amount of hot water is at hand. Children like the backlight, but for me safety is more important, it has several degrees of protection. It works quietly, boils quickly, eats little electricity. Easy to clean, heating element closed.

Evgenia Merkulova

Pluses: Large, fast, water does not stink
Disadvantages: –
Minuses: Chose because of the large volume. At my place often guests gather – I can quickly treat everyone with a seagull. Unlike of the previous one, here the water has no smack of plastic, and it warms much faster. And the pumps are comfortable – none of the guests never doused with boiling water.

Zoya Makhina

Pluses: Large volume! Heats water perfectly. No smell plastic. Interesting design and lighting.
Minuses: Thermopot bought more than a year ago, since for our family of 7 people an ordinary teapot is not enough. Like Its backlit design and adequate price. Good support temperature. Conveniently, there is a pump in the design, with which water spills from the spout. The thing is comfortable and still works. since

Marya Beym

Advantages: Volume 5 liters, maintaining water temperature, convenient plastic case.
Disadvantages: We took a thermal sweat about a month ago, everything is fine. It copes with its tasks, we have boiling water around the clock. I liked one chip of this thermal sweat – you can supply water pressing a cup at the spout.

Kharlamova Violet

Pluses: Volume 5 liters. Heats water very quickly. Attractive design. Strong case. Convenient and simple control.
Minuses: I didn’t find any complaints
Disadvantages: We bought a thermal sweat a little over a year ago. Love meet guests, and the volume of one teapot is too small for all. The model is very durable and stylish. Constant backlight serves additional lamp in the kitchen. Heats the water very quickly. The installed pump allows you to pour boiling water into the cup directly from spout of a thermal sweat without spilling it. For all time of use the thermal sweat never let us down.

Klara Tabalenkova

Pluses: Large volume – 5 liters
Minuses: no
Minuses: I use a thermal sweat and so far I do not regret that I bought Several months ago. The heating element itself is hidden therefore, it is much easier to clean it from scale. Design done good, the model is compact, the water level is visible immediately, not need to look closely. Overheat protection.

Vera Vorogushina

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