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Characteristics of UNIT UEK-261


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2000 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal


Safety water lock
Filter there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Dimensions (WxHxD) 24x28x24 cm
Weight 1.77 kg

Reviews about UNIT UEK-261

Advantages: Beautiful appearance, reasonable price, housing made of metal.
Minuses: Noisy, but nothing extra ordinary.
Minuses: So far, everything is fine.

Lukyanov Vadim

Pluses: Very beautiful design!
Minuses: boils loudly!

Zatserkovnaya Alexandra

Pluses: Metal. Just handsome! (I bought completely beige). Price! Reliability.
Disadvantages: The only drawback is noisy. But for me it is not fundamentally.
Minuses: Before you buy anything, I usually read reviews, so I decided to leave mine. Maybe someone will help in choosing. I bought a kettle in one very famous store (sorry you can not call) in early December 2016. Before buying a very long time chose, reviewed a lot of different devices. Cheap is nothing liked, and those that liked were very expensive, about 3 times more expensive. And so I came across this kettle. Wow, just handsome! and just what is needed and the shape and color! When I saw the price, then doubted the quality of the product. But still bought it. And now after 8 months I can say that I have never regretted buying. They write in reviews that he faded in a month, rust appeared on the lid and that it does not turn off periodically. That it is thin-walled and they can get burned … Honestly – for 8 months of intensive use – no rust appeared, the color is the same, it works like a clock and none of us have ever been burned (in general, the kettle has a handle). AND most importantly, I like him more and more !!! Only the disadvantage is that it is noisy, but for me it does not matter. And again – look at the price of this device and the price of devices known brands. Have a good shopping!

Novikov Vitaliy

Minuses: Hoping for reviews and apparently in vain. When boiling Sometimes it does not turn off automatically. Burned out in a few months Colour. At first it smelled like plastic. Still inconvenient to fill water from above

District Attorney Madame

Pluses: Design
Minuses: The minimum level of 1.2 liters, which is not very convenient, if you need to warm water for 2 cups. Drip in 2 months use. Passed under warranty.
Minuses: I’ll try to take the same, the service said that I first came with him. Let’s see how it shows itself.

Egorov Vitaliy

Pluses: beautiful-pretty
Minuses: Noisy
Minuses: After a month with a small drip seam under nose. Tomorrow I’ll carry

Osokin Maxim

Pluses: at least boil water
Minuses: – Does not always turn off – The lid rusts – Paint faded in a month
Minuses: This kettle was very disappointing. We bought one because it fits well in color with another technique, well, plus is not very expensive. However, a month later began to appear the first rust on the cover (in the photo to the recall). Positive influence it cannot have any effect on water quality, of course. Periodically with boiling decides not to turn off and heats the water to victory (until all water will not evaporate). Completely, she had never once evaporated. (maximum managed to boil a liter), but I’m afraid of the moment when I get distracted and forget about the kettle and it burns out completely or, moreover, a fire will be arranged. Conclusion: use this kettle dangerous. Plus he stood on the windowsill, one side of him burned out, the other, respectively, is not. Of course, this could be my fault, because what did I expect by leaving the kettle in direct sunlight? In general, I highly recommend against buying, I think we will soon buy a kettle more expensive and more reliable.

Cherepanov Yaroslav

Minuses: Disappointed in the plastic electric teapot, I decided to buy a metal home. This model, made of stainless steel, primarily liked its stylish design and beige enamel color. Also drew attention to a closed heating coil and multi-level protection. Kettle handle does not heat up, removable filter clearly copes with its functions. Thanks to the presence of a water indicator no need to look inside every time. Water boils quickly works quietly.

Chirkash Svetlana

Pluses: Stylish design, price
Minuses: noisy
Minuses: I liked the design of the kettle. Yes, and the price is more than acceptable. I took for 1990. I didn’t disappoint a live kettle either, comfortable handle and nose. The only negative is the noise of the work. But this is not critical for us.

Sapunov Dmitry

Pluses: beautiful, perfectly painted, Austrian company manufacturer
Minuses: Due to the fact that it is metal, there is a possibility get burned, the fixture that holds the handle is also hot …
Minuses: Overall a good kettle

Zatsepilin Sergey

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