Turquoise R108CA

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characteristics Biryusa R108CA

General characteristics

Freezer from above
Color / Coating Material white / plastic / metal
Control electromechanical
Energy consumption class A (161 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 1
Number of doors 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) 48×60.5×86.5 cm


Defrosting the freezer manual
Defrosting the refrigerator compartment drip system


Overall volume 115 l
Refrigerating chamber volume 88 l
Freezer volume 27 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker is absent
Possibility of hanging the door there is
Noise level up to 40 dB
Weight 36 kg

Reviews about Biryusa R108CA

Pluses: Compact, for one person or for a summer residence. Simple, reliable, white) There is a freezer.
Disadvantages: not yet identified


Pluses: Price Functional Capacity Plastic shelves on the door
Disadvantages: Low power. Freezes a full freezer for a long time. Correctable, but still.
Disadvantages: Very good option for a small family. (couples) or one person.

Komarov Konstantin

Advantages: Transferred transportation on the sidewall for about 100 km (pipes up from the compressor). It works fine and the drops are creepy in the network, well, I'm just not overjoyed. Take this model for a summer residence !!!
Disadvantages: They are not
Disadvantages: I recommend it to everyone, without any motivation (100-200 rubles per review – they don't give it here)

Kuliev Yakov

Pluses: Quiet, roomy, high quality, beautiful, bought for work – excellent!
Disadvantages: no

Okuneva Sofia

Pluses: Compact
Disadvantages: Great thing.

fokin alexey

Advantages: I like everything: quiet operation, temperature control, good capacity and small footprint. Very good for giving!

Kuklina Tatiana

Advantages: When I bought, I made a decision based on reviews here. And now I'll write it as it is in reality. The refrigerator is noisy / you cannot sleep in the room. A month later, he began to make noise in waves and very loud. Sometimes it stops making noise for a couple of days – then again. And now the main thing! Warranty service. (we all understand that things can break down – the question is how the manufacturer treats this). The girl in the service department confidently proved to me that it was a noise of condensation and this was written in the instructions. To my remark that at the moments of his “seizures” he makes a noise like a washing machine, he still continued to confidently insist that it was condensation. And only to my phrase that I want the master to come and show me on the 40 dB device, she reluctantly agreed to issue a call. (I'm waiting for a queue for a call for 10 days) I downloaded 2 mobile applications for measuring sound and in normal sound it shows (attention !!!) 45 dB. And in moments of sound seizures 68 !!! I take the measurement at the refrigerator door, the apartment is quiet and at the time of the measurements nothing else in the apartment works! I'm waiting for the master on Tuesday – I'll sign off on the results. If I do not achieve 40 dB, I will write to the consumer protection service!
Disadvantages: Noisy and service center convinces that all the rules

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: I bought a domestic refrigerator for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. Laconic design. Easy. It works, in my opinion, quietly, there are no complaints in this regard to it. We can say that it works out its price by 100%. The result: excellent value for money.
Disadvantages: Small nagging can be invented, but it will be a matter of taste.
Disadvantages: If the manufacturers of this equipment continue to develop quality and functionality, not forgetting about the design, then I will again choose this company as the next refrigerator. Moreover, they also have large refrigerators.

I don't tell Alexander

Pluses: Design, dimensions.
Disadvantages: Noise.
Disadvantages: The design is pretty nice. Decent build quality. But, all the advantages are killed by a noisy compressor, and an incredibly loud thermostat. The refrigerator was selected for a small room, for which, in fact, such refrigerators are made. The thermostat, when turned on and off, clicks like a shot. It is impossible to fall asleep with him, even after packing the thermostat in foam rubber. I had to move the refrigerator to the utility room.


Pluses: Small and sooooo quiet. I like that the roof of the refrigerator is extended to the level of the door, so, for example, a plate placed on the edge of the refrigerator will not fall when the door is opened. Cool glass shelves.
Disadvantages: I can't find it.
Disadvantages: An excellent refrigerator for small rooms, I live in a room and it fits perfectly where necessary. I don’t know, someone here wrote that something was clicking there, but it works for me aaaaa absolutely silently. Just shine !!!!! It freezes perfectly. I am very pleased with the purchase and, obeying the instinct of our mothers and grandmothers, who are used to stocking up for future use, I feel like buying another one for my old age))))) Inexpensive and beautiful. And the fact that the plastic inside is weak, so you do not pull the containers, but calmly gently move …. In general, I recommend.

Burau Rita

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