Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact

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Specifications of Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact

General characteristics

Number of tiers 3
Type of management mechanical
Maximum power consumption 650 watts
Inclusion indication there is
Low water shutdown there is


Body material plastic
Steam Basket Material clear plastic
Rice Bowl there is
Water level indicator there is
Egg deepeners not
Display not


Thermostat not
Delayed start not


Compact storage there is
Additionally aquatimer (cooking time depends on the quantity water)

Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact reviews

Advantages: A double boiler performs all the necessary tasks. IN the double boiler turns out amazingly tasty and healthy food for the whole families. The double boiler is convenient and compact. Lack of timer perhaps a plus, because there is nothing to break, since I heard that the timer adjustment sometimes fails even in expensive appliances. I am very happy with the purchase and have already managed to give the same mom for her birthday.
Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.

Butcher Oksana

Advantages: – Everything is perfectly steaming, cooking =) – Very compact hiding.
Minuses: None. – Over time, we realized that there was not enough timer to turn on and off. – It is a pity that there is no auto power off when lack of water. But when they bought, they knew that cooking can and what no, so no complaints.
Minuses: It works fine for 3 years. Sometimes you want put to cook and go somewhere for an hour, but no, we have to wait and turn off. We cleaned the heater 2 times during this time (maybe from laziness, but did not affect work). – I like to warm food in it (About 1 liter of soup will warm in 10 minutes – use separately purchased containers that just came up on HxWxD). From the stove or from double boiler is much tastier than after a microwave. – Water in it’s very cool to use it as a broth after cooking porridge on it. Recommended, brews-soars! FOR ANY CASE OF RICE (a then people swear …) !!! Rice need to fill with water, and then he boil in a double boiler … And not just pour in a box and put dry … After 25 minutes, 200 grams is ready.

Tsiklinskaya Ellina

Pluses: nothing
Minuses: No time settings, terrible ending sound, ran into marriage
Minuses: Do not buy this model ever. I really regretted that bought it. Bought on the Internet, read the “electronic” control, well I thought that you set the program with buttons, but I didn’t see it in the photo, that it automatically turns off when the water runs out. But how find out that this sensor will work, and if not. I have to run on the kitchen to watch the water level. Also, rice is not cooked in it, poured in a cup, and he remained almost all dry. Now I need a bowl like a sieve to search. Moreover ran into a marriage, hissing instead of sound graduation. I do not advise anyone to buy, take it with a mechanical management.

Williams Ash

Pluses: My first double boiler. Actually cooking everything arranges. But the technical details greatly spoil the picture.
Minuses: Stupid construction allows condensed steam from the products fall into some quantity in a container with a heating element. I noticed when cooking beets, the water there turned pink. Before that I understood where the dark spots appeared on the heater from. Everything, that drains from food there, it will burn, and therefore clean the heater is needed much more often than it should be, and most likely the term service will be noticeably less than with normal design. Interestingly, this is a special bug for faster replacement purchase. broken steamer? Well, we could make an auto-shutdown system by evaporating all the water, even if it would slightly increase the price.
Minuses: In general, if you have already bought it, clean it more often a heating element. If you still choose – take another. Such I will not take a double boiler myself, and I will not recommend it to anyone. AND when buying another I will evaluate the design for the possibility water flowing from the products to the heater.

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Minuses: I ceased to give a signal of readiness, as a result He nearly burned the heater after the water had boiled.
Minuses: I do not think that the lack of a timer is so big problem, there, in general, everything is visible by divisions. BUT! Stopped give a signal of readiness, so you have the last 10 minutes stand next to her, or set the time for 10 minutes more, so that water does not boil. In general, the double boiler is not bad, the wife cooks in her only manty, because a crock-pot also appeared in a double boiler need is gone. I think that in general, for the money you can buy slow cooker, which has much more functions, well, given that I stopped sending a signal of readiness for more than 3 I can’t deliver, but in general the model is not bad.

Wood Hera

Advantages: Plastic does not smell Compact folding Easy wash not darling
Minuses: There is no timer (only on / off button), although no problem turning on the timer in the phone The cord is a bit short (although me quite satisfied) Tiers are not interchangeable. If you break the first one, then the rest can not be put on the first level. However, this is a board for compact storage.
Minuses: A good double boiler for a small kitchen or a family of 2 person

Sh nastya

Pluses: Compact !!! The lack of extra buttons, knobs and etc.
Minuses: I use this double boiler for 1.5 years. Everything suits me! The sound is not pleasant of course, but it’s clear that it’s she worked) At the moment I use more for sterilization baby bottles, nipples, etc. Takes up little space, which is very important in my small kitchen !!! It is convenient to store, since tiers stack together!

Veprintseva Elsa

Advantages: -Compactness! -Quality -Price
Disadvantages: – not a very nice sound signal)) -no buttons disconnection, you always have to pull the plug from the outlet.
Minuses: Perfect double boiler, everything is prepared perfectly, washed double boiler without problems. Everything is delicious, fast and easy !!!! I am very like the taste of food in a double boiler, the products do not smell like plastic. Though many say it’s not very tasty, you need to be able to cook, even in a double boiler. There is no heaviness in the stomach after such a meal. Great thing on the kitchen. Of the minuses, it can be noted only not very pleasant sound signal)), there is no shutdown button, you always have to pull out the plug from the outlet and the net – the bottom of the bowl, sometimes there food gets clogged. But in the dishwasher everything is perfectly laundered, so no problem.


Pluses: the price is small.
Minuses: No timer. A small bowl for rice.
Minuses: Like, convenient. in addition to the timer, there is protection against lack of water – the thermal relay is triggered. A cup for rice can there would be more. I put in addition a second faience. And holes it’s convenient to wash normal mediocre ones, but it could be more then it would be even more convenient to wash.


Advantages: 1) The quality of the plastic is the lack of smell; 2) Adequate condensate bowl, even if water accumulates there more than calculated, it will begin to overflow into the evaporator bowl; 3) Compact size.
Disadvantages: Baskets are not interchangeable, this is done for the sake of so that during storage they can be placed one on the other. practice-lay out the products correctly and everything will cook as necessary.
Disadvantages: Initially, I was hoping to buy another model, with more power. But it turned out that 650 W is enough quite, even for cooking with a full filling of all three tiers. Aquatimer works great, automatically turns off a heater, which, by the way, has a rubber anti-corrosion coating.

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