Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus

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Features Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus


A type teapot
Volume 1.5 l
Power 2400 W
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material plastic


Safety water lock
Removable cover there is
Filter there is, material: nylon
Inclusion indication there is
Weight 0.8 kg

Tefal KO 150F Delfini Plus reviews

Pluses: very pretty. Lightweight (1.5 liter capacity). The correct nozzle – without drips on the body. Without smell. Without windows (will not flow). Removable cover (does not break, does not interfere). Long cable (72 cm.). Gripping pen. Disconnect when withdrawing from coasters.
Disadvantages: Perhaps implicit fixation of the nylon filter in nose (not principle). Perhaps undeveloped grip on the lid (probably protection against the penetration of small tomboys). Maybe, lack of an indicator of the operation of the device (not important), because The kettle is on and off itself.
Disadvantages: I was looking for models at a higher price from well-known brands. Quite often complaints about leaks and shortcomings. Finally got caught A great option without flaws and extra lotions. I will not say anything about durability and reliability, because lifetime short.

Plisov Alexander

Pluses: Concise minimalism. Reliability. Price /quality
Disadvantages: Fixing and adjusting the length of the wire in the stand is not very reliable. The core cross section of the wire is only 0.75 mm2 – not enough for 2.4 kW
Minuses: I bought, because Tefal, even the Chinese have not yet let down. For me, the simpler, the more reliable. Generally not annoying lack of a window of the water level indicator and light bulb. Level scale water in liters applied to the inner surface of the housing in three places – that’s enough. The red stray in the form of steps is water level indicator in cups. It is easily removed if not needed. A removable lid is a thing. The filter in the nose is not bad, also removable.

Tkachev an

Pluses: Simple, quickly warms up.
Minuses: No
Minuses: There wasn’t even a new smell. Water after boiling without extraneous smacks and smell.

Pro mixa

Pluses: Inexpensive, took over 1590r. Hand lid! Conveniently unscrews. Holds well, tight! And a huge plus is removed whole, convenient when pouring water and washing it!
Minuses: There is no transparent scale, the remainder of the water is not visible. Not indicator that the kettle is on!
Minuses: Specially engaged in the search for a kettle without push-button covers! Tired of breaking. At the stand in the store they are already seizing that to speak further. For this reason, already changed 2 teapots. Covers fly !!!


Pluses: Great kettle, no smell at all, despite the plastic case, heats water quickly, calm, non-defiant design. Took for the office, fully justified expectations.
Minuses: no

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: laconic design
Minuses: noisy on any surface, and it was important for me
Minuses: boils for a long time with its volume, very noisy, after first use at the bottom of the kettle visible traces of scale itself clean water in Russia

aslomo Andrey

Pluses: On the one hand as simple as 3 kopecks, on the other there is everything you need: a nice simple design, high-quality materials, surprisingly simple but comfortable lid, works without comment.
Minuses: Maybe for someone it will be a minus the lack water level scales.
Minuses: I bought it in the office – so far it is completely satisfied.

Responsive Sasha

Pluses: Great kettle for the money. Took advantage the stock “best price guarantee” eventually saved another 250 rubles. The advantages of this kettle are the rapid boiling of water (powerful enough 2400W), a convenient lid that easily closes / opens (such a design that is impossible to breakdown), almost silent and there are no extra features. There was no smell of plastic (before use you need to boil water 2-3 times) and the plastic does not affect the taste water.
Minuses: I chose a kettle in black, very visible drops of water and stains, on a white teapot (the last teapot was white) there were no such problems, but it’s rather not a drawback, but a fee for design.
Minuses: In general, my opinion is that this is an ideal option for these money, the kettle fully fulfills its main function – boil water. The volume of 1.5 liters is enough for the whole family of 4 people. There are no “extra features” means less potential for damage. Included There is a kettle, a lid and a descaling filter.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: very comfortable! Powerful! Price!
Disadvantages: not detected.
Minuses: The teapot has a very successful lid, boils quickly water, it is cleaned of scale without any effort at all. Very comfortable handle! Satisfied with the purchase)

Karina Pedan

Pluses: Appearance, simplicity, practicality
Minuses: No
Minuses: Great kettle for little money. It looks very well. Convenient to use. Minimum details and connections that in our saving time on everything is a big plus, because probability of damage smaller.

Mr. Onotole

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