Tefal GC306012

Tefal GC306012

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Specifications Tefal GC306012

General characteristics

A type grill
Power 2000 watts
Body material combined
Work surface material metal
Control mechanical
Temperature adjustment there is
Non-stick coating there is
Grease collection tray there is


Dimensions and Weight 37x38x20 cm, 4.10 kg
Additional Information 3 positions: grill, barbecue and oven, removable plates

Tefal GC306012 Reviews

Minuses: Long chose this model. Confused that in reviews write that the spray is flying. So it is – the spray is flying, but not as much as from frying in a hot pan. IN everything else is fine (tasty, easy to care for, quick to cook) – I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone!

Zhirnova Natalya

Pluses: Great machine! Children are thrilled. Constantly we’re doing cheese quesadia, then hot sandwiches, then vegetables, then meat. Everything is done quickly and tasty. Everyone who wants to diversify I recommend my breakfast and snack. Washes quickly and easy
Minuses: not noticed

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Advantages: To be stored in a standing position, in this form takes up little space
Minuses: cook beef steak on this “grill” impossible in principle – the temperature is not the same. It will not be a steak, but boiled rubbish with barely browned stripes at the point of contact. If anyone succeeds in steaks – post a video plz.
Minuses: Bought to fry cutlets – with this grill coping. 4-5 minutes for beef patties (hip part, non-greasy) 2 cm thick. The trick is to warm in the open position until the light goes out, apparently the thermostat later disables heating in this case and roasting is better. Post better cutlets closer to the center.

Petrov Andrey

Advantages: Removable elements, reasonable price
Minuses: splashes of fat fly in all directions
Minuses: Great model.

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Advantages: Easy to clean and wash. Heats up quickly. Food does not stick.
Minuses: Smokes in all cracks, cools for a long time, looks like tin can, no modern style anything. Like UFO on the kitchen. It looks awful in the modern kitchen.
Minuses: This is the first grill and I’m writing a review not about tefali in general, but about grills. An interesting experience, the menu became wider, they began to cook constantly: toast bread with cheese, crispy toast is obtained. Just for the sake of this toast, it’s worth taking this grill. Meat is not yet cooked, but butter sprinkles in all directions. Fried like races pieces the bacon is thin. Oil drains into the pan – easy to drain and rinse, but it is plastic, so the oil partially remains in it.

Kurbanaliev Eduard

Pluses: Everything is quickly cooked from chicken and pizza. Without fat, almost smokeless … meat 5 min. I fry pizza for 15 minutes on 2.
Minuses: I would add a simple timer, I have to use external. Do not stand like a suitcase, do not put aside it turns out.

APS-Service Office

Pluses: Great grill, all you need to eat. Husband in delighted. Cooks on it every day)
Minuses: No

The parable of Catherine

Pluses: I bought Tefal GC306012 Electric Grill and now glad. The model is easy to operate. With light weight and volume there is the opportunity to take with you on a trip to friends and to the country. With bad the weather absolutely replaces the barbecue. Cook vegetables, mushrooms and meat quickly and with the desired degree of frying.
Disadvantages: I didn’t notice any disadvantages.

Safonova Elena

Pluses: ease of use. easy to remove and wash well the main thing is delicious! chicken, turkey, vegetables. and even sandwiches
Disadvantages: I did not find any shortcomings of the device itself, but the hood needs to be bought. a lot of smoke when frying meat with fat
Minuses: I recommend to everyone who does not want to fry in oil

chernov chernov

Pluses: Good model. Cooking meat, poultry, fish method of selection and temperature in the process several times use. Washes well in the sink. Build quality on Hooray.
Disadvantages: Lard sprinkles, oil in all directions is a minus.
Minuses: I recommend the model

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