Stadler Form Steamer One SFS.900

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Stadler Form Steamer One SFS.900 Specifications

General characteristics

Number of tiers 3
Type of management electronic
Maximum power consumption 2000 watts
Timer for 60 minutes
Inclusion indication there is
Low water shutdown there is


Body material plastic
Steam Basket Material plastic / stainless steel
Water tank volume 1.2 l
Rice Bowl there is
Water level indicator there is
Egg deepeners not
Display there is
Topping up water during cooking there is


Auto cooking there are 7 recipes
Thermostat there is
Fast steam mode there is


Dimensions (WxHxD) 21×44.5×32.5 cm
Weight 3.78 kg
Compact storage there is
Power cord length 1m

Stadler Form Steamer One SFS.900 reviews

Pluses: stylish, beautiful, powerful
Minuses: cord too short
Minuses: A good double boiler, but a short cord!

Chelnochnikov Dmitry

Pluses: Flat metal bottom on tray with holes along the edges that are not clogged with food and therefore easy wash themselves.
Minuses: Quickly out of order ..
Minuses: After several times of use has stopped heat up, although the lights are on and the timer is on .. sorry, I had to give in for repair, we are waiting for the result. upd: not repaired, returned money.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Exterior Design
Disadvantages: like many, reliability
Disadvantages: After half a year, the regulator began to work inappropriately time. You spin, and time jumps more or less. A year later, she left system. You turn it on, but there is no steam generation. I thought ten, but no – pay.

Kurochkin Vladimir

Advantages: I did not find such a decision with a challenge exhaust steam in a special container. everyone else flows on food from the upper tier to the lower.
Minuses: broke in 7-8 years, probably repair to no purpose, spare parts will not wait. although I have not been.
Shortcomings: I took offense at her, threw it, I thought I would quickly find a replacement, But no, with such a twist I did not find. will have to take it again.

Kulagin Igor

Pluses: I want to leave a good review for the fact that this the double boiler turned out to be much more convenient and functional than the brown ( which I burned, but worked for 2 years). double boiler stadler forms are more convenient because in the process of long cooking you can add water without stopping cooking. Cool two-way pallets – you can cook in juice or you can without juice – cool. Mant obtained with broth. Fish steak in 250g cooks about 10 minutes – a powerful parking lot.
Minuses: Fear of not familiar company is my first purchase product of this brand.
Minuses: It’s cool that there are programs that save me cooking time, no need to constantly think – how much time is it for me need for cooking. Well done. Here they write that the double boiler breaks maybe I’m more fortunate because I’ve been using it for more than 2 years – this and Spodviglo write a review.

perepelkin alex

Advantages: Two cooking methods: steamed and in your own juice. Timer for programs tailored for certain dishes. Easy to handle.
Disadvantages: The case turned out to be with a slight defect (crack on bezel). The cooking time for the program is clearly overstated. 25minutes for fish or seafood, in my opinion, a bit much. But this fixable in manual mode.
Disadvantages: In general, what you need – cutlets and steamed omelets does with a bang. Khinkali and dumplings are not very, apparently they are still for boiling intended. Steamed vegetables can be made for children, easy turn into mashed potatoes after cooking.

Ivan Gavrilov

Advantages: – easy to clean thanks to thoughtful pallets – juice does not get into the water tank – the ability to cook in own juice pleases much more than it seemed before the purchase – quality materials – easy to manage
Disadvantages: – it is inconvenient to add water due to small sides, need dishes with a spout – apparently no longer available
Disadvantages: There are not many models on the market that are easy to clean. and boast good protection against juice entering the tank with water. Stadler Form fully justifies its worthy price it’s hard to find a replacement. But apparently, the manufacturer refused further production of kitchen appliances.

Prokhorov Alexey

Pluses: Washes – excellent, adding water – comfortable, metal trays are super. Easy operation.
Disadvantages: The cord could be, a little more could be done. 1 meter too small. For the rest – class !!
Disadvantages: Before buying, they shoveled the entire Internet and asked all friends “What double boiler to buy?” Firm the manufacturer for me is new – unknown. We decided, so to speak take a chance and did not regret a minute. We cook on it almost every day. Everything is convenient !!! I would pay money for one design – not speaking for quality, it is on top. Recomend for everybody. Technique of their worth the money !!! (NOT ADVERTISING :)) The 5th year of use has gone. And he everything works as before. Pah-pah, so as not to jinx it!

Korolev Andrey

Pluses: metal pallets with plastic trim without holes at the bottom, only on the periphery. Double-sided pallets – You can cook in your own juice (for example manti) or without – the liquid merges into the grooves during cooking. Capacious baskets. The double boiler itself is made well and looks beautiful in the kitchen. Powerful rice cooked for 30 minutes, checked. Steam only exits designed for this holes. Fluid collection tanks enough for 60 minutes of operation of a double boiler (the truth still depends on products, if they were frozen – then for less time). Water can be added around the entire perimeter of the double boiler – there is a special protrusion. Well and those advantages which are described in characteristics)) And, by the way, at the end of cooking, it automatically goes into heating mode, which is very convenient.
Minuses: nit-picking – almost immediately yellowed plastic containers, in which drips when cooking.
Disadvantages: It used to happen that steam exited directly from under the lid, when it turned out that the lid was a little out of place, corrected and all. Now, after the time has passed, I am very pleased that I chose it is this double boiler among all that replaces the usual more budgetary Models. Now you always want to cook something in it)))

Shevchuk Tatyana

Pluses: Feature set Material quality Very comfortable wash Ease of use Taste cooked products Speed cooking double-sided pallets
Minuses: High price Short cord Large amount escaping steam
Minuses: The device fully met expectations: very tasty and healthy food is obtained. The device can do everything you need: there is indication that the tank has run out of water, readiness indication dishes, digital display with timer, the ability to top up water in the cooking process (some write that it’s inconvenient to add, I add from a regular kitchen measuring cup with a spout – no problems). Very nice stuff. Clear management. Wash – it’s a pleasure – there are no small holes like in many other models. The device is very powerful – 2000W, heats water in steam very fast. There is a container for cooking rice, quite voluminous. The pallets of each tier are two-sided: can be installed so that condensate / juice flowed down into the container, you can cook in your own juice, which allows you to cook even with sauces. I bought a double boiler for stocks are less than for 2000r (2015), now it is everywhere sold for 8000 rub. Of course, for the kind of money I would not buy it. In fact double boiler – an electric kettle with a basket of plastic on top. Of cons: too small and stupid recipe book, no no recommendations on time / volume of cooked products (Of course, there are preinstalled programs, but not always obviously). Like any double boiler, it releases steam. Install her under the cabinets in the kitchen will not work. You can put under the hood, but anyway, part of the steam condenses on the kitchen cabinets. My way out is cook in it on the balcony, since it does not require any action in process: set and forget until the completion indicator clears cooking. I recommend to everyone who has small children, who monitors nutrition or is forced to diet. Steamed food really tasty. It is convenient to cook several dishes at once: cooked fish and cottage cheese casserole together, the casserole did not smell fish. But you should wait for promotions or discounts on this device.


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