Stadler Form Mixer Two SFM.330

Stadler Form Mixer Two SFM.330

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Specifications Stadler Form Mixer Two SFM.330

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl rotating, 3.60 l, stainless steel
Power 500 watts
Number of speeds 12
Additional modes turbo
Number of attachments 2
Nozzles whisk, dough hooks
Body material plastic


Accessory storage device not
Button for detaching attachments there is
Bowl protective cover not
Cord winder not
Rubberized handle not
Weight 3.6 kg
Additional Information LCD display; 2 in 1: hand and stationary mixer in one device, 2 motors, instructions contain adapted recipes

Stadler Form Mixer Two SFM.330 reviews

Advantages: 12 speeds, the ability to use as a stationary and hand mixer, good quality plastic
Disadvantages: Noise from bowl rotation, low power, whipped cream for a long time (at least 10 minutes), the internal mechanism is not protected from flour and cocoa
Disadvantages: I worked for two years almost every day (custom-made cakes), the ingress of flour and cocoa leads to rapid wear of the gears (they are plastic), which are replaced only with the replacement of the engine (Cost of a new mixer)

Vetryakov Bogdan

Advantages: quality! ease of use wide range of applications
Disadvantages: at first I used to swear by grease, then everything returned to normal, noisy, but acceptable
Disadvantages: Four years (!) Have passed since the purchase of this unit, and it is only now that it has finally begun to signal the need to carry it to the service center. And before that – conscientious work without complaints with almost daily use (as people say – “in the tail and in the mane”). I took it as a gift to my wife at my own peril and risk, because the brand is poorly known in Russia, but there are simply no other semi-professional mixers with a rotating bowl. As a result, I made the right decision – it is difficult to imagine a better purchase in terms of price-quality ratio.

Sibiryov Mikhail

Pluses: Reliable
Disadvantages: No
Disadvantages: Six months ago I already unsubscribed about this model, now I would like to supplement my review a little, or rather, clarify. All in all, the unstable rotational speed problem I mentioned resolved on its own. The device has been working properly for over a year, I regularly (weekly) knead dough for bread in it, which in itself is quite difficult for a mixer. It is heated moderately, noise is acceptable. Kneads, in general, is normal.

Belov Vladislav

Pluses: Design, practicality, build quality
Disadvantages: Someone may find it noisy
Disadvantages: On March 8, I bought my wife such a mixer, she loves to bake everything tasty with me. I bought a planetary one at her request, but when I saw it on the shelf 2 in 1, the choice fell immediately on the Stadler Form. At first, I was skeptical about a little-known brand, but the guys in the store said that the Swiss brand is very famous in Europe, and relatively recently on the Russian market. In general, the wife was delighted, she was pleased with the gift, the mixer is suitable for all her needs!

Slepnev Stanislav

Advantages: Overall, I am satisfied, nice design, everything is securely fastened. I used to use a hand mixer, now I realized how much more convenient it is with a bowl !! I advise everyone!
Disadvantages: I bought a mixer before the new year, then it cost ok, but now, it seems to me, it's already too much. If you turn on both the mixer and the bowl (it also spins), it becomes too noisy.

Morozova Elena

Pluses: Probably only what can be whipped in a bowl and by hand
Disadvantages: Complete, about them in the comments
Disadvantages: Disgusting model! I don't know why people are so happy here. In general, I have a hand mixer at home in 1994 ….. It beats much better and FASTER than this expensive garbage. I don't even know what to do with him now. The passport says that he should not work for more than 5 minutes without interruptions. BUT!!!! He beats eggs with sugar for only 12 minutes !!!!! It does not work well with a small amount of “material”, and it seems to me that this is due to the rubber nozzles on the beaters themselves. I don't know what kind of mixers people who speak well of him use. It's not really very powerful. I'm very upset …. Money down the drain …. I'd better go and buy a more powerful hand mixer. We will give this one to someone, but in general we very much hope that it will burn out and we will be returned the money))) Do not waste money on it, I do not advise.

Anastasia Nikonova

Pros: Low price for planetary mixer
Disadvantages: not yet discovered
Disadvantages: I bought my wife a mixer of this company, as usual they started with a manual one, it took a long time to choose and came across this one. The first thing that lured me was that it was 2 in 1, a hand mixer and you can knead the dough in a bowl. So far we have been using it for only a week. No flaws found

Dmitry Kargin

Advantages: excellent model, powerful, reliable, there are all the necessary attachments, it is very convenient that there is a timer! automatic shutdown.
Disadvantages: did not see
Disadvantages: I have been cooking for 10 years. Tried different mixers. This model can be considered on the same level with professional ones. Planetary mixing provides an optimal consistency. A very convenient thing is a timer. the time is counting down, and you do not stand next to it in an empty place. Advice to both novice cooks and professional chefs. CHECKED!

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Advantages: The hand mixer is detached. The attachments are attached well, very firmly, they do not fly out, like the previous model. The bowl is large, everything fits and does not scatter around the kitchen
Disadvantages: Until it was revealed, except that there could be more recipes to know exactly all the capabilities of the mixer
Disadvantages: Completely satisfied! Adequate price can do anything. Even my mother, who does not accept new technology in the house, has adapted herself.

Khabarova Natalia

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