Sony VCT-R640

Sony VCT-R640

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Sony VCT-R640 Specifications

Main characteristics

Tripod Type floor tripod
Appointment for cameras and camcorders
Shooting height from 54.8 to 144.1 cm
Maximum load 3 kg
Head in a set
Weight 1.2 kg


Vertical format shooting there is
Number of boom sections 3
Tips rubber
Color options the black

Sony VCT-R640 Reviews

Advantages: assembly, functionality. The store cost about 3600r, the stock went at a discount of 1000r. Convenient to shoot video, because the head walks smoothly. Fairly light but steady. Easy for a girl carry)
Minuses: no cover
Minuses: Advantages: assembly, functionality. In the shop cost about 3600r, the stock went at a discount of 1000r. Conveniently shoot video, because the head goes smoothly. Pretty light but stable. Easy for girl to drag) Minuses: no cover Comment: Considered 3-4 options. After reading reviews about this model, purposefully went after her. Well, very happy with the purchase. // I supplement the review in a few months: I decided to experiment with video shooting, a tripod for these purposes not good at all. So I sold it. Rummaged through aliexpress and found there a great quality tripod with a big weighing (1.5) kg and carrying capacity also with a cover. And the most important thing there is a ball head. In general, I bought E302 for 4 thousand rubles. Fair saying my old tripod nervously smokes on the sidelines. So before than buying a branded tripod take a closer look at the Chinese.


Pluses: Great entry-level tripod. Good build quality. Suitable for beginners and lovers of photos and videos. Steady with rubberized legs.
Minuses: 1-no cover 2-no level on the head 3-no hook for cargo
Shortcomings: Now I will describe how to fix the shortcomings. 1-case You can buy inexpensively in hunting and fishing. For fishing rods or other accessories. 300r is cheaper. 2-hooks that go into inexpensive tripods are not reliable. If Sony hasn’t taken care of this, then we do so. Drill a through hole. Insert ring or a triangle (look for materials in the system or find any tight key ring, etc. Next we buy an S-shaped hook (tourism products for a campfire or building. mat.) One end hang on ring, to the other we attach the load. You can not drill, we buy a cord like they stretch a tent or go to the mountains. One end wrap above the resistant structures on the pipe, another sit on peg into the ground. You can peg from the tent. Or we fasten to the load end of the rope and lay on the ground (stone brick, bag). If a use it at home, then the cover is not particularly needed and the hook cargo.

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Advantages: A quality thing, fulfills its value on one hundred%
Disadvantages: Missing cover included, disadvantages The product is not related, but I would very much like to.
Minuses: I took with a connected order No. 24736466, I was very pleased price, and the product is of high quality, suits all color, smoothness heads, and the height is sufficient, at first doubted the height it turned out that the maximum point was just bigger and not necessary. generally I advise this model, a cool thing is an excellent store. To operators “Connected” separately +10, everything is very mobile and on time.

Gerasimov pavel

Advantages: Build quality. Even high-quality plastic solid and without any burrs, etc. Solid weight (for me it is +). The head goes smoothly and is fixed securely.
Minuses: There is no cover (but this is a trifle).
Minuses: For the price and for the layman it is ideal option.

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Advantages: price, quality, reliability
Minuses: no level on the head, no cover
Disadvantages: sooo long chose a tripod! needed for freezelight and shooting by telephoto. originally wanted Fancier WF-531B + WB9007A but in My city can’t get it or touch it. still wanted without braces, but they have a price tag from 4 = (. felt for ERA ECSA-3770, pretty stable, but here the build quality is very upset: the head is backlash, with horozintalnogo tip screw untwists itself (the one that holds horizon.), and also it is slippery, Sonya in this plan is like a glove. in generally decided to buy a good and high-quality thing from sony. absolutely satisfied and completely like, I advise everyone =)


Pluses: Value for money is very pleasant.
Disadvantages: Node management seems a bit awkward.
Disadvantages: It justifies its price. And it looks very cool. I bought a gift for a beginner video enthusiast. Have experience with tripods are few, but sometimes I communicate with a more expensive sample well-known brand, this one is probably like even a little more.

Taranenko Alexander

Advantages: comfortable. Small. Light. Inexpensive. Made sumptuously…
Minuses: there is no cover ….. otherwise everything is normal …….. in full growth with a mounted fotik height turns 150-155cm …
Disadvantages: in general, a tripod for the camera is the right thing …. who I purchased this tripod, I think I’m already glad … take it you will not regret it …

ulkhov alexander

Advantages: 1. Very high-quality performance 2. Enough 3D head smooth running 3. Compactness (high enough at full layout, with my height 185 cm I do not bother) 4. Beautiful exterior view in black. 5. Removable area for photos (put on fotik and, in principle, you can not remove) 6. Built-in level (it’s horizontal and vertical)
Disadvantages: 1. I do not quite understand why there is no latch for coup for vertical shooting. 2. No case included. (But but there is a practical inexpensive case separately – MATIN (M-6654), length 59.5 cm 990 rub.)
Minuses: I reviewed quite a lot of tripods for my Sonya A57, took not because Sonya to Sonya, but really liked workmanship, yes a lot of plastic parts, but plastic is not looks squishy. The wife when she saw asked probably 5-6 thousand dumped off? So what is the price of 1990 rubles? I think it is justified at 100%. I recommend for beginners to purchase such as I.


Pluses: I bought a tripod today. Pretty boy ! Not expensive! Conveniently ! Handsomely! Nothing creaks; everything works perfectly. The first I spent the photo session with pleasure.
Disadvantages: Defects specifically did not seek. And outwardly and internally did not find.
Disadvantages: Buy kumu need not expensive but functional a tripod!


Advantages: – deadlock of all clamps – uchen high-quality made – a good 3D head with three clamps – allows you to mix the camera in only one direction, or in both immediately and flip it 90 degrees for vertical frame orientation. – good level, albeit small – allows do not bring down the horizon, even when the nicherta is invisible besides him (filmed fireworks at night)
Minuses: – no cover – no ballast hook
Minuses: I bought in my city for 2.5 kilo rubles, but still not I never regretted that I had to overpay – cheaper tripods, who looked in stores (reviewed about ten) even close they didn’t lie with him. In my opinion, the tripod came from a tripod. P.S. because missing hook for hanging cargo decided to do something it replacing itself from improvised materials. It turned out pretty an amusing design of a webbing and two metal carabiners from some old bag. When strength tests of this design one of the iron carabiners fell to smithereens, and at least a tripod henna)))


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