Harman / Kardon Soho Headphones

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Features Harman / Kardon Soho Headphones

main parameters

Device type headphone with mic
IPhone support there is
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A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB / V
Impedance 32 ohm
Maximum power 30 mW


Membrane diameter 30 mm
Type of mount headband
Design folding
Cable type detachable
Cable connection one-sided


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Length of cable 1.2 m


Case / Case Included there is
Additional Information 2 cables included (for Apple and universal)

Harman / Kardon Soho Headphone Reviews

Pluses: Elegant, excellent quality, complete with cord turn into a great headset
Disadvantages: replacing the wire with the buttons is very expensive
Minuses: Took white (soho A) under marshall london, comfortable, loud, high-quality sound, not easily soiled, covered with leather and perfectly look. the adjustment is smooth, the hair does not catch, a little tight, but they don’t fall off while running.

Simakov Vic

Pluses: sound quality.
Minuses: The quality of the skin is disgusting, the impression is that cheap leatherette. Metal parts could be made from stainless steel, like on bluetooth headphones. A box is something to put headphones in and close is a whole hemorrhoids. In the pocket two wires enter barely.
Minuses: Not worth your money. The maximum price is 3000.

The user has hidden his data

Minuses: For the first time in my life I leave a review. I beg take it very seriously, because despite your hostile laziness, I still raised my ass to clatter this text. Actually, the essence is as follows – they are aaahuuuenny!

Kaderkin Vyacheslav

Advantages: Appearance, quality of materials, weight, sound, hard case for transportation
Minuses: Not very strong soundproofing. Not enough fit.
Minuses: Initially, I needed on-ear headphones with good sound quality, quality materials and the possibility of their to fold. Firstly, you should immediately pay attention that Harman / Kardon Soho are not designed for the mass segment too. Of course, for their price you can find the same monitor Senhi, which will be somewhere better in sound or Xiaomi Mi with a large the amount of metal … But, Harman / Kardon Soho is a symbiosis of style and quality. When choosing headphones, I chose between AKG, JBL, Xiaomi, Meizu, A-T, Sennheiser and everyone didn’t like something of their own, somewhere the sound quality is not that, somewhere the materials are not very, some are shaking, some cover the floor of the head. Totally accidentally decided посмотреть H/K Soho и B&W, внешний вид покорил сразу. Having sprinkled online in cyber monday found in several H / K Soho stores for 5k rub. and took it without hesitation … It’s just gorgeous ears, with excellent the quality of the sound stage, given that I really love vocal trance, listening to such a style with such ears is a great pleasure. Bottoms mid and bass in very good quality. By cons include that the headphones are open and ambient will be good you hear that you are listening if set to full power. Also, given the metal base, the headphones have their weight, but at they don’t press their heads and ears, which is why they will not be able to run in them, just like engage in some kind of mobile affairs, the headphones will fall off from the head. But in the aggregate of all their characteristics in these ears there is simply no alternative. Audiophiles and pseudo-audophiles certainly can start talking about some nuances, but qualitative Audiophile headphones already cost more than 300 thousand rubles, plus the corresponding player for example HIFIMAN will be from 200 thousand rubles., so that comparing these concepts makes no sense. For most users who take headphones on the road and prefer quality H / K Soho would be a really great choice

Koryakin Denis

Advantages: Stylish, well-made, materials, sound.
Minuses: No extra pillows … if lost, it will happen failure(
Minuses: Just a bomb !!!!! Are worth their money definitely.

Fishman Alex

Advantages: Sound, workmanship, type …
Minuses: Would be a little easier …
Minuses: I’ve been familiar with Harman’s ears for several years now, so when buying, I largely understood in advance what I was buying … First sensations: – everything is expected in terms of sound quality: music scene wide enough and with sufficient depth, the instruments are legible and there are no distortions in frequencies, nowhere sticks out anything and not smeared. The sound of your money is definitely! Had the opportunity compare their sound with the Denon AH-MM200, which are 2 times more expensive, and in my opinion – the sound can be 20% better … If you compare the sound with Harman / Kardon CL – the CL has a slightly better sound (and because the speakers more – the scene draws better, and sound insulation is better). – by usability: they sit on the head normally and do not press unnecessarily with prolonged wear, I would even agree to more snug fit. True, there is a nuance in wearing: due to the fact that the cups are not very large (compared to the same CL), and the weight is not plastic – headphones are prone to slipping during sharp inclinations heads down (well, they don’t have enough density of pressure to the ears). Understand, dilemma: it is necessary to keep the small size of the cups and quality to fulfill (which means metal, which means weight) and not transmit the ears … – insulation … On the street – enough! Sounds erupting of course, but not much and therefore do not strain and do not spoil listening to music … In the bus-car – the same thing. But with metro – the situation is more complicated … In new cars – still bearable (on C), but in the old ones – that’s all, the noise is too loud: for viewing movies will do, and when listening to music – make out words and music is still possible, but it’s impossible to call it listening to music, the difference with any ears for 300-500 rubles almost no…

Savin yuri

Pluses: Great sound for a headphone of this size. Suitable for most styles of music. Two detachable wires in kit.
Minuses: For a big head they will be tugovat. Construction not gives sufficient sound insulation.
Minuses: Beautiful, compact, high-quality assembled headphones to listen to a bit rate of 320 or higher.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Build quality and materials, very comfortable, great sound, design is beyond praise, passive noise isolation alone with music, active and completely immersed in a vacuum, perfect for both the street, transport, so for home. Beautiful box 🙂
Disadvantages: Relate to the disadvantages of a high price for headphones this class is everyone’s business.
Disadvantages: Headphones are worth the money, quality materials and sound together makes a very good impression headphones.

Ivanov Shamil

Advantages: Compact. Comfortable. Leather and metal.
Minuses: None.
Minuses: Very high quality made. Very comfortable fit – ears do not get tired. Comfortably worn around the neck in pauses. Sound perfect awesome. Enveloping. Basses are powerful and energetic, but to surprise, do not press on the ears. Unlike the same Philips. High extremely delicate, clean. Mediums are not intrusive. Generally, the sound picture is very atmospheric and transparent. Epplowska The technique is compatible with the remote control and the microphone on the cord headphones. Who does not need it – can easily change to another wire – it comes with the kit. All in all, these headphones are good value for money cost 300%

Castrov Fedor

Pluses: Sound, design, portability
Minuses: Operation
Minuses: became the owner of the ears, great sound, comfortable stacked in a box, included 2 wires with microphone and without him. Unfortunately, in my opinion, are not practical for everyday use, scratched the skin of the earphone did not even notice how. Generally for home no more, my others http://market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=7147681&hid=90555 поcompared to these are simply not killable!)

Balobin denis

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