Nikon Coolpix S7000

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Specifications Nikon Coolpix S7000


Camera type compact


Optical zoom 20x


Total number of pixels 16 million
Effective Pixels 16.76 million
The size 1 / 2.3 ”
Crop factor 5.62
Maximum resolution 4608 x 3456
Matrix type CMOS
Sensitivity 100 – 3200 ISO, Auto ISO
Extended ISO Values ISO100, ISO6400


White balance automatic, manual installation, from the list
Flash built-in, red-eye reduction
Image Stabilizer (photography) double, movable element in the lens

Shooting modes

Macro shot there is
Shooting speed 9.2 fps
Maximum burst of shots 7 for jpeg
Timer there is
Timer operation time 2, 10 s
Time lapse mode there is
Frame Format (Still Image) 4: 3, 16: 9

Viewfinder and LCD screen

Viewfinder is absent
Using the screen as a viewfinder there is
LCD screen 460000 dots, 3 inches


Manual shutter speed and aperture not
Exposure compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3 steps
Metering 3D color matrix, center-weighted, dot


Autofocus Type contrasting
Autofocus highlight there is
Face focus there is
Minimum shooting distance 0.01 m

Memory and Interfaces

Memory card type SD, SDHC, SDXC
The amount of internal memory 20 Mb
Image formats 2 JPEG
Interfaces USB 2.0, HDMI, Wi-Fi


Battery Format your own
Number of batteries 1
Battery capacity 210 photos

Record video and sound

Video recording there is
Video recording format Mov
Video codecs MPEG4
Maximum Resolution 1920×1080
Maximum movie frame rate 120 fps
Maximum frame rate when shooting HD video 25/30 frames / s at a resolution of 1280×720, 50/60 frames / s at Resolution 1920×1080
Sound recording there is

Other functions and features

Digital zoom 4x
Additional features tripod mount, remote control, sensor orientation
Sales Start Date 2015-03-15

Dimensions and Weight

The size 99x60x27 mm
Weight 165 g, with batteries

Nikon Coolpix S7000 Reviews

Pluses: Simple, convenient, easy. Great zoom, decent shooting quality even at maximum zoom.
Disadvantages: Inconvenient flash position. Easy to obscure with your finger. When shooting with the flash at close range in the frame turns out to be the shadow of the lens.
Disadvantages: A great travel model where speed and convenience is more important than ideal settings.

Widow Vera

Advantages: Affordable price, compactness, quick readiness for shooting. 20x zoom allows you to shoot far away objects, animals, birds, not approaching them. Sometimes I use it to see in the photo far objects that are not I can see with a look. Good macro mode (true maximum the clarity of such photos in the center, and the edges are blurred). Photos taken in Twilight is better than phones.
Minuses: Sometimes he thinks for a long time after some photos. Display easy to scratch, besides under the outer glass somehow dust enters from the side where the buttons are. Under the outer glass the lens also showed a large speck of dust, it is not clear how to get there hit, but when shooting it does not seem to interfere. Photos taken with electric light come out with a strong orange tint, you have to change the settings when shooting indoors.
Minuses: I needed an inexpensive camera that shoots better than smartphones that support Full HD video. In general, this fotik justified expectations.


Pluses: Excellent detail photo! Shoots a good video in 1080p, if you play with the settings! In macro and portrait shooting Blurs the background well.
Minuses: Horrible autofocus! Sometimes you make a portrait, and instead of the cool “BOKE,” it blurs the person. Few hand settings.
Disadvantages: For a soap dish for 12K is very suitable! I understand a lot in photography and video shooting. Do you want a buzhetku – take it!

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: – Compact – Good stabilizer – Simple and logical menu – Not bad zoom – It works quite fast – Wi Fi
Disadvantages: – Lack of any manual settings when shooting. Before buying, I saw that this model does not have them, I thought I’ll manage, but as it turned out, fotkat everything on the “machine” is not always it turns out. – Disgusting focus with insufficient illumination. At first I generally thought that the camera defective, but then realized that he was corny lack of light. IN in artificial lighting focus on the subject very problematic, and sometimes even impossible. Fotik not understands what they want from him. – Periodically, the selection wheel modes. Writes that it is in the wrong position (or something Something like that).
Minuses: I bought it as a “every day” camera, I carry it with me in my bag everywhere and always, therefore the compact body was a priority when choosing. This is my first soap, so I have nothing to compare. I’ve been using it for six months, mostly videos rented. In the summer I took a trip, fell out of my hands on the asphalt, a little the case has crumpled, but the camera is working properly. COOLPIX S7000 quite fit for amateurs. Good quality photos level, although with the naked eye it is clear that he is far from the very simple SLR. You can safely forget about staged shooting, especially indoors. On the street in sunny weather takes off sumptuously! For me, the biggest disappointment in this model became autofocus, which is so hard to navigate at low illumination. There are no complaints about the rest.

Kuznetsov Alexander

Advantages: something is covered again in fotik. The clarity is gone when aiming, in general, worse and worse, and not so often to them we use.
Disadvantages: the mode wheel switches itself. plus in the video shooting mode, it often stops shooting itself video. Missing clarity when hovering, that is, that there is no general disappointed but worth a lot.
Disadvantages: two times handed over under warranty for repair in service the center they 40 days mutuzi fotik he certainly after two months worked and then again for the old. Something better than anything another. truth the quality of the pictures is not bad.


Pluses: Excellent zoom, good quality photos and videos. FROM professional cameras certainly can not be compared, for compact just great
Minuses: afraid of sand, dropped in the sand, even after repair at high magnification, the focus began to stray; not enough manual excerpts for night photos
Disadvantages: The quality of the photo is better than that of inexpensive DSLRs


Pluses: High-quality photos, zoom, video !!!
Minuses: The mode selection roller is switched slightly not yet developed)
Minuses: Wonderful camera! If configured correctly modes, the pictures are just wonderful. Zoom is stabilized, you can bring distant objects closer and in the photo you can’t distinguish what’s with zoom frame. Macro shooting also pleased. In a word – everything arranges!

Orlova Anna

Advantages: When choosing a camera, there were three requirements: 1) photo quality; 2) small size (to fit in pocket); 3) good zoom (this is important). Nikon Coolpix S7000 to everyone meets these requirements. Zoom is perhaps the main advantage. The camera is suitable for those who often photograph architecture (especially outside, there the approximation is just necessary – it is necessary take a closer look at the details, a good angle is only from a distance or near a dog runs around who does not like passers-by, etc. etc.) and tourists in general. It turns out even “moving objects”. Somehow photographed a running cat at a great distance, did not expect that something sensible will turn out, but it turned out. Indoors (e.g. at some events with not very good lighting, but not in completely dark room) also works. In general, no zoom no comments. In the case and in the pocket, it does not turn on itself. In the pocket without cover can be safely put. Just because of the protruding lens, I I wouldn’t put it in a bag with other objects without a cover. Quality photos are good, you can print on A4. Unnatural colors also not seen.
Disadvantages: No significant. Macro in the wind is not always successful. Well, if you photograph several people in the dark with a flash, maybe not everything works out clearly.
Minuses: I have been using it since August 2015. Camera purchased instead of the similar Nikon Coolpix S6500, in use which was noticed a flaw – fuzziness on the right side many shots, and this drawback was not only me, but also other people with the same model. The S7000 has this drawback. not visible.

GranLikha Catherine

Advantages: Lightweight, compact.
Minuses: Quality below expected
Disadvantages: 1. Like other buyers, the battery is dead 11 months later, as if he had been set on a timer. 2. Button power on happens when pressed accidentally when the camera is still in the case. 3. The quality of the pictures is not higher than that of less expensive and older models, albeit from other manufacturers. 4.The quality of photos is noticeably lower than that of fotiks with large the lens.

Skidanov Igor

Pluses: Fast work (preparation for shooting, recording in memory footage) Stylish appearance
Minuses: Poor photo quality Disgusting quality video!
Minuses: I do not know what happened to the quality in the segment compact cameras, but the trend is very frustrating for me. At me the digital “soap box” Sony DSC-S60 2005 release is better takes off! The Nikon Coolpix S7000 is aggressive and at the same time non-disconnectable squelch spoils the already outstanding quality snapshots. The quality of the recorded video in general is somehow misunderstanding – graininess, terrible noises and excessive work noise reduction. As a result, the picture is flat, the colors are distorted. I could not believe my eyes … I have only one reasonable explanation for this. Segment of compact digital cameras from year to year declines, fierce competition from smartphones and their very solid entry-level cameras. In these the few remaining manufacturers purposefully “kill” this segment in order to force conservative amateur photographers who do not want to shoot with a smartphone and at the same time get quality, get much more expensive compact cameras – mirrorless and compact with a large sensor. That’s just their price for the most part comparable to SLR cameras!

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