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Sony VCT-AMP1 Specifications

Main characteristics

Tripod Type monopod
Shooting height from 30.2 to 93.1 cm
Length (folded) 30.2 cm
Head not included
Weight 0.2 kg


Material Aluminium alloy
Color options the black

Sony VCT-AMP1 Reviews

Pluses: Ease of use, reliable, high quality, stylish!
Minuses: They simply do not exist!
Disadvantages: Sony, nevertheless, remains one of the leading brands even in such trifles!


Pluses: Made quite high quality
Disadvantages: The sliding-shifting system is frankly not very. I have a Giottos tripod, also fixed by rotation, but it’s sky and earth! And surprised by the lack of thread in the handle for installation on a tripod or another tripod … Many even budget options have such a thread

Fedotoff Pavel

Pluses: Reliable, strong, tenacious, strong with a margin for action cameras
Disadvantages: price
Disadvantages: At first it broke to buy a stick for 3000. Now he has I am more than two years old and met all expectations. It works great. Jumped with him from the ship into the water, without complaints, he kept the camera, he int. The impact on the water is so strong that the monopod gets out of hand, here the rope is already saving. Many times used it with a SLR with a heavy lens, also no problem.

Prorvin Oleg

Advantages: 1) reliable 2) greatly facilitates the shooting 3) compact 4) increases in length by 4 times
Minuses: 1) price
Disadvantages: Such an accessory should be included, in St. Petersburg filmed only from it, using as a display either phones, or remote Live-view.

Kontarev Maxim

Pluses: Assembly, usability, water resistance and durability.
Minuses: This is just a stick, that’s serious. Stick for 3k.
Disadvantages: It would seem to pay for a monopod without buttons 2-3 to It seems a dubious idea, because there are Chinese for 300 r … But China is falling apart in a week, or even faster, and even for a camera dumbly. But when you hang the camera on this monopod, then you don’t scary, never at all, it really is very solidly assembled, convenient folds out, is rigidly fixed and well lies in a hand, well and sizes are optimal for good angles. Friend, however, managed in some way unknown to me, open a little, but he I really tried hard, apparently. Oh yes rumored if not tighten the strap, then a rather vile tapping is heard on the video the little ring about the stick itself, but here you just need to fix it better on a hand.

Doronin Igor

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