Rekam m-50

Rekam m-50

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Specifications Rekam M-50

Main characteristics

Tripod Type original desktop
Appointment for cameras
Shooting height from 10 to 16 cm
Maximum load 1 kg
Head not included
Weight 0.14 kg


Color options the black
Features stable construction with folding legs by pressing on purple round button on the side of the tripod can adjust the angle camera settings

Rekam M-50 Reviews

Pluses: Compact. Took for travel.

Alexandrovich Sergey

Advantages: this is useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you need to take a picture of the whole family at a holiday or traveling. I took it for such cases, 500r did not regret not at all. Because I’m tired of inventing different ways how securely put the camera on the table so that it does not fall and everyone is in the frame It fit and did not cut off the heads with legs.

Marinov Kirill

Pluses: lightweight, compact, comfortable
Disadvantages: a small roll, gum on the sole immediately fell out packaging, flimsy design, very flimsy!
Minuses: took for 460 rubles. The price is clearly overpriced

Kuzmin Dmitry

Advantages: the thing is very compact and simple. Very traveling convenient because you can safely put in your pocket, and in a suitcase takes as much space as two toothbrushes.
Disadvantages: due to its compactness, adjustment to height, and therefore you have to look for the desired object height so put up a tripod and shoot yourself in an acceptable perspective
Minuses: I think this is not a tripod at all, but a stand for a camera, This kind of thing is needed by those who have a camera a decent lens in itself collapses without support. application in home studios for shooting for example airplane models , tanks and others like them, shooting Sabantuy and inter-bouts, days births, etc. In fact, the use of this tripod is limited. these most compact tripod sizes are not thing universal.

Sharaevsky German

Pluses: A good tripod. Convenient. Lasting. Stable.
Minuses: gum fell off the legs immediately after unpacking. I stuck it with a moment. I think the weight of the camera is 1 kg will not pull. Nominal weight for stability up to 500 g. My weight Canon PowerShot SX200 220g
Disadvantages: If you need a stable and portable tripod then buy, do not regret it. Everything suits me. Watch mine video review. Thanks for Attention. Good luck to everyone.


Pluses: compact, comfortable grip when folded (like a videographer), pretty reliable holds.
Minuses: The elastic band from the sole of one of the legs fell off, tore off everything and added to superglue. Sorry, but the tripod itself is not swivel, only tilts, and you need to turn everything together with legs.
Minuses: I liked the design. Found such an offer only the Chinese. It differs from the one shown here only by the absence white lettering. Took for 8.5 dollars with delivery. Leaves the impression of a reliable design, albeit purely from plastic. But plastic has a bunch of stiffeners and is very thick in itself. I took it for good luck, because the seller wrote the maximum load half a kilogram, and my Fuji hs20 weighs almost a kilogram + very biased center of gravity in the telephoto position of the lens. I tried it – I think two kilograms will not be a problem for this design. Unfolded state, the main load goes to the hindmost thickest leg, as the platform is shifted back. Thus, the lens does not outweigh and the front, relatively thin, legs are unloaded. On the soles of the legs and the upper part of the mounting pad is covered with rubber, the mounting pad itself metal screw, has an internal thread for fastening to anything else. Tilt lock tight without pressing purple buttons on the sides, do not click under the weight of the camera. At I easily fit in a wardrobe holster on top of the camera (wardrobe trunk from the camera slightly more).

Letov Nikita

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