Somic g909

Somic g909

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Specifications Somic G909

main parameters

Headphone type full-sized
Gaming headset Yes
Play frequency 20 – 20,000 Hz
Harmonic coefficient 1 %
Weight 400 g


Microphone mount movable
Microphone sensitivity -39 dB
Mute microphone there is


Type of mount headband
Membrane diameter 40 mm
Cable connection one-sided


Type of connection with wire
Connector USB
Length of cable 2 m


Vibration there is
Volume control there is
Additional Information headphone volume control

Somic G909 Reviews

Pluses: The sound is good, even very juicy and pleasant. For movies and music are just fine.
Disadvantages: – USB – In some games like ARMA 3 and GTA5, X-Go etc. the sound changes in the headphones. Treated only on off in Windows sound settings. Uninstalling drivers or reinstalling them does not help, as well as reinstalling Windows 10. The same disease there is a twin of another company at the meeting, but there is a driver removal helped solve the issue, not here.
Disadvantages: Take another model with a normal audio input. Miser pays twice.

Bondarev Dima

Minuses: The friend has such. Hi Sanya. Over time began trouble with the microphone. The microphone starts to behave strangely, when sound is played through the headphones. Friend can hear in helicopter, with pops and crackles, with knocks and the “wildest” background that words can not be made out, only individual letters. Microphone, as if starting to “lock up”. But if the computer is muffled or turn off the sound, then the microphone starts to work well. Wherein the sound that a friend hears (music, video or from games) is not hears no one except him, even when a friend is silent. Tried and without drivers, and with the original driver. I think this is a problem with a sound card built into the headphones … By the way, on these headphones there is confusion with the driver. There are two off sites: in English, and native, in Chinese. Here from the Chinese site the driver for them set without errors and problems. And on the English site, the same driver for them is not installed …

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Pluses: Sound, build quality. Very comfortable!!!!!
Disadvantages: – no
Minuses: Bought 05/11/2013. Before the “Somika” were Gembird AP-880-5.1, but they retired !!!!!!! (You can’t even compare) Throughout the use of the cord passed a numerous fracture test – and nothing !!! The cat tried to nibble – and Nothing !!! And how many headphones survived with the kids – Nothing !!! There are no scratches! All rubber bands steam spools, regulator, skin – Everything is whole! Plastic doesn’t even faded !!! No squeaks or noises – in general they are HOW OF THE BOX !!!!! Very pleased with the acquisition, Manufacturer – GOOD !!!! I put him 10 out of 5) 12/02/2016 I have been using it for 3.5 years, the condition is HOW BOXES, as I wrote above !!!!! No complaints at all! Except that testers added, now 9 people are participating. Add 5 more points to the producer, now 15 out of 5! )

Guzovsky Alex

Advantages: Surround and good sound, vibration mode, convenient volume control on the left ear, nice design, connection via USB port.
Disadvantages: At the base of the headphones is a solid wire, poor a microphone with a fabric duster on the inside of which it sticks dust, uncomfortable software.
Minuses: I have been using headphones for about two years. First I was very pleased with the purchase, but the further the worse. Benefits listed, and now I’ll tell you more about the shortcomings. I note used very actively, but carefully. 1. First began to disappear the sound in the headphones when turning / tilting the head, it turned out that The base of the headphones bent and cracked inside the wire. Strange that the wire itself is elastic and solid at the base. Doubtful the decision of the engineers. As a result, re-soldered and everything worked again as necessary. 2. Then, after some time, the interlocutors (teammates in the game) began to complain constantly that “I am fonu”. I did not understand what they were about. They say, because before I did not notice any problems. I decided test on sound recordings – a strange one really appeared background when you are silent, as if headphones are trying to increase sensitivity to ambient sounds. I tried a bunch of everything (drivers, software, mixer settings) – nothing helped. Scored and just closed the microphone (in this position it turns off) each times when they talked a little. 3. The last stage that finished off microphone: now it works in a certain position when is open. Those. I have to find a contact place for contacts microphone to make it work. Plus there was a terrible rattle, even when you don’t touch the microphone, it is still periodically by itself begins to wheeze, and then restores normal grip sound. I tried to disassemble and fix it – I broke it (there are very thin wires). 4. The underside of the headphone darling is all in some kind of shallow dust and fine hair. Tried to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner such material, there’s nothing to be done. As a result, I can say that the headphones are not bad, but some points are simply not completed to mind. Most upsetting is the microphone, it is very fast wears out and requires additional attention of engineers. Buy such headphones or not, decide for yourself. I would say this: if through 1-1.5 years, you are ready to buy new ones, then take …

Vinogradov Nikolay

Advantages: Design, vibro, microphone is conveniently cleaned, price, ordered for 1600.
Disadvantages: Brittle ear pads, knob too easy to spin, You can accidentally hurt your shoulder when you stretch. or when dress randomly spin. From time to time noise appears in microphone, the interlocutors complain.
Disadvantages: When I bought it I played tanks, and the vibrating bass just hollowed on the ears when fired, as if the tank really shot near, but with accustomed to vibrating bass and is not so impressive anymore.

Alexey Midnight

Advantages: Surprisingly high-quality assembly and materials, according to two speakers in the cup, the main 40mm and 30mm subwoofer, it also responds for vibration, good bass with vibration on, comfortable headband, good sound insulation, reasonable price for ears with built-in sound card, software in Russian, convenient volume control, spinning smoothly and very smoothly changes the volume, a decent margin in volume, pretty sensitive microphone
Disadvantages: Not very good mids and bad tops, if the middle ones can still be pulled by an equalizer, then the tops turn out blurry, floating, the sound from the microphone is dull, sometimes even difficult make out speech, he doesn’t perceive high frequencies
Disadvantages: Good ears for a reasonable price, for games and watch movies very suitable, for music I think you can either pick another one. Build quality and materials pleasantly surprised not believe that they are from the lower price segment (took on ebay for 1780r), satisfied with the purchase. Sounds like a manufacturing chip C-Media, I have two zvukovuhi, one on the motherboard – realtek, the second via the expansion slot – C-Media 8738, headphone driver and 8738 software the graphics are very similar and the system does not distinguish them, if in the settings tray you choose to display constantly the headphone driver then both are displayed

Kashin Sergey

Pluses: Worth the money, separate speaker for vibro bass, quality made, good microphone.
Minuses: Mb. usb connection, because of it do not connect to good sound card.

Golovkin Nikolay

Advantages: Microphone, sound, quality, appearance, convenience, vibration.
Minuses: No
Minuses: Headphones worth the money! Very comfortable, the microphone is excellent, it turns off when fully bent (convenient), regulator. Well and of course the sound – Very good, vibration of the headphones gives even more pleasure from the sound, very loud! you will not regret!

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Pluses: Sound, durable wire, sensitive microphone.
Minuses: Not detected.
Disadvantages: Genius CAVIMANUS HS-G700V, Qcyber Dragon and Somic G909 – twin brothers presented with some price scatter. Somic G909 – high-quality wire without regulators, sensitive microphone, good sound. The vibro function works OK, you can hear almost everything in games. Regulator volume on the left earphone does not cause trouble, the LED blinks red unobtrusively. In the first minutes, the headset may appear heavy, but it quickly passes, there is no feeling of squeezing, the ears are comfortably located in soft ear cushions from faux leather. Good headset at its price categories.

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