Soehnle 67080 Page Profi

Soehnle 67080 Page Profi

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Specifications Soehnle 67080 Page Profi

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 15 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is
Sequential weighing not
Fluid volume measurement not


Timer not
Clock not


Type of battery 2 AAA
Auto power off there is


Packaging design platform
Removable platform not
Platform material glass
Body material plastic
Additional Information touch buttons; the HOLD button saves the weight value to the display, even if the weighed product is removed from the balance; colors: black, silver, coffee

Soehnle 67080 Page Profi Reviews

Pluses: Very accurate scales.
Disadvantages: not yet discovered.

Trifonov Andrei

Pluses: Chose on reviews, all the pluses were confirmed. At my model is blue, but blue is almost black, very nice. I will take the same as a gift to my mother.
Minuses: get dirty at the moment, dirty stains from fingers. Not really like the touch buttons – in almost one place you need Press immediately on 2 functions. But this is nitpicking.
Disadvantages: Scales work for several years, during which time a couple of times changed batteries, use regularly, very satisfied

Trofimova Svetlana

Pluses: Accurate, comfortable, good design
Disadvantages: Price, stopped working after 3 years.
Minuses: After 3 years on the err display and all. For scales worth more than 3 thousand is unacceptable. There are scales Vitek for 700 rubles, they are already 6 years old, and are still working.

Renat Shafikov

Pluses: accuracy. Good weight limit. Convenience in use.
Minuses: None.
Minuses: Perhaps the ideal household scales! Accuracy is quite a measuring class, perhaps even surpasses many trade scales. Highest weighing limit of 15 kg, which allows weigh almost everything in the kitchen. At the same time, the device accurate throughout the range, allows equally confident weighing both 100 gr. and 10 kg. There is the possibility of fixing the result, which allows you to weigh in any container. Batteries last a very long time, for two years have not changed them yet.

Tapiev Evgeniy

Pluses: accuracy, design, build quality, power consumption, all up to 15 kg, glass, touch buttons
Minuses: no
Minuses: Checked accuracy with metric weights. Scales need set on a flat surface. Two AAA batteries are more than enough for half a year. Usually the maximum weight of the scales is 5-7 kg. And although because You can’t load a lot of small scales on them, but sometimes An increased weight limit is useful. Glass surface weights are easy to wipe. Touch buttons are easily and clearly pressed. Dirt, as in mechanical ones, does not fill.


Advantages: Excellent model, high weighing limit up to 15 kg, more than once helped out. The function of fixing the weight when closing the screen, dumping of containers, accuracy up to 1 g, long auto-shutdown, which allows calmly and consistently add the necessary ingredients, you can force disconnect.
Minuses: Still need a flat surface, otherwise there are errors.
Minuses: After 2-3 years, sooooo active use began to deceive, the weight walks on the screen with the stillness of the container, but I’ll buy the same new ones anyway, or I’ll disassemble and see what’s in them wrong, judging by the reviews, something in the legs on which they stand Libra.

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Pluses: I bought these scales 4 years ago for 1000 rubles. Before still work and look like new. Measurement accuracy is not depends on the surface – I weigh on a glass table and on plastic surface. Need to measure 5 grams of yeast – easy, exactly to the gram. Someone writes that there is no protection against water, but it is necessary try to fill them like that. Small drops fell, nothing It happened. Tarocompensation functions and weight storage after harvest With product weights are very useful and convenient. Size fits – easy both plates and large pots are placed.
Minuses: No
Minuses: I recommend.

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Pluses: Large, comfortable, easy to wipe. Accurately measure weight!
Disadvantages: After 1.5 years, the work broke.
Disadvantages: The impression of the scale is generally good. Were a great helper until they broke …

Sobolenko Olga

Pluses: Serve for 3 years, everything is fine, accuracy, convenience, gradation, net, gross)))
Minuses: no
Minuses: Excellent scales for the kitchen. Weighed more than 10 kg and generally grams everything is for sure, I am delighted)))

Masalskaya Angelina

Advantages: Excellent scales, weigh up to a gram, the design is very beautiful, does not take up much space in the kitchen, necessary equipment for the real hostess.
Disadvantages: There are no drawbacks at all.
Minuses: I recommend with confidence to everyone who wants to buy have scales in the kitchen.

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