Smile KG 944

Smile KG 944

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Characteristics Smile KG 944

General characteristics

A type grill
Power 2100 watts
Body material combined
Control mechanical
Temperature adjustment there is
Non-stick coating there is
Grease collection tray there is


Dimensions and Weight 33x38x11 cm, 3.29 kg
Additional Information plate spacer

Reviews about Smile KG 944

Advantages: Cheap, does not burn meat, Teflon does not falls off.
Disadvantages: It is inconvenient to clean, as the plates cannot be removed You need to wash directly on the device! A full load of chicken breasts is not can fry normally. (maybe no such at all)
Minuses: I will buy another, its cleaning tortured me !!! AND I’ll try to search more powerful, so that a kilo of breasts could fry.

Makarenko Artyom

Pluses: Great big grill for a low price. Big power, wide range of heating temperature. Simple operation and indication. Easy to clean.
Disadvantages: Inconvenient capacity for collecting fat, because not grilled fastens, but only is substituted from below, actually remaining on the table.
Minuses: The grill must be well-fried. Smile KG 944copes with its task 100%.

Slusar Ivan

Pluses: Powerful, large surface area
Minuses: No for its price
Minuses: I use the second month. Some positive emotions. Powerful, large, much larger than many expensive grills. Cord short – the power is large. Physics. Teflon is easy to rub. After I put on a hot grill a wet rag or towel paper. And close it. While it cools, everything is moving away. Then wipe dry paper towel and all. Slightly sprinkles fat. But I bet on ceramic plate, then rubbed with a rag. I do not regret that I bought this one, not more expensive. Fuck the bells and whistles are not needed. I put on the maximum and everything is fried beautifully. It reaches operating temperature in about three minutes – four. Buy a probe – a meat thermometer. It helps a lot to meat does not dry out. Do not fry oily fish. Fried mackerel yesterday the second day stinks in the apartment.

Morozov Denis

Pluses: easy to care for, cooking without oil, ratio price / quality, fast heating, easy to use.
Disadvantages: the top cover is difficult to wipe because she moves not very convenient, the cord is short, there are no significant shortcomings revealed.
Disadvantages: for such a price, the cost model of cons in not so many I advise everyone.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Capacity, ease of operation.
Minuses: Short cord
Minuses: We bought Smile KG 944. I really liked the grill and made a video review to visually look before buying (anyone interested look). Heats up fast, nothing hanging and durable materials. Rear height adjustment for draining liquids.

Istomin Alexey

Pluses: large area, powerful, regulator temperature
Minuses: Teflon flies off, inconvenient cleaning
Disadvantages: after purchase, on the recommendation of the manufacturer, I burned at maximum, it smoked for a long time. The instructions describe the cooking mode, but not true. The approximate temperature range is also known in different modes and this is the comprehensive necessary information. Grill is one of the most powerful electric grills in the market, the quality of the handle and body is the best in this price category, compared with other manufacturers.

Danilin Nikolay

Pluses: comfortable surface, roomy, features temperature control and fat collection
Minuses: The cord is short, heats up for a long time
Minuses: For the summer cottage the option is excellent, the meat is almost dietary. But heavy in weight, far from the outlet, too, is not go away and the smell of food is very spread.

Pankratov Alexey

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