Smeg SR775RA

Smeg SR775RA

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Smeg SR775RA Specifications

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.2 x 68.5 x 50 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 56 x 48.2 cm


Panel Material enamel
Total burners 5
Gas burners 5
Express burner 1
Gas burners “Double crown” 1

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – copper

Smeg SR775RA reviews

Pluses: Unusual design
Minuses: Chrome rim rings
Minuses: Chose because of the beautiful design, but after the first same use chrome rims on burners covered brown stains of burnt fat. Could not clean by no means for chrome. As a result, I had to use educational products that naturally wiped off chrome. View disgusting! Very problematic to care! About buying strongly I regret it!


Pluses: unusual appearance (to me the interior is very Fitted interestingly, excellent quality at the best price.
Minuses: We went shopping for a long time, I wanted to choose some more or less adequate option for money and that in the interior went in well. Consultants advised this company. Earlier with she did not encounter, but the impressions are extremely positive. Assembly and the quality of the materials is on top.

Mihota Lena

Pluses: Copper fittings – looks very expensive The central burner is very powerful, the water boils instantly. three-section grill Auto-ignition, gas control Design is excellent Blended into our kitchen Washes easily, there are no stains
Minuses: It’s difficult to choose an oven for this panels to fit the shade .. No child protection Copper the hardware is a little dull
Disadvantages: Very comfortable grilles – they are on the same level, you can move the pots without picking them up. And consist of three sections, if If you stain it, you can easily take it out and wash it in the sink or dishwasher. We use daily for more than a year – it works fine! Very high quality Italian-made panel. Antique design came in handy! It looks expensive catchy and spectacular! Fully satisfied with the purchase!

Akulich Sanya

Pluses: A good thing for its price. Not bulky its surface is easily washed from escaping milk / soup (pleasant plus for sluts). The regulators move smoothly. Looks beautiful – design this is a feature of the product of this company.
Minuses: Not found.
Minuses: A good thing for its price, but you can slightly cheaper.

Fyvaf Affay

Pluses: Perfectly suited to the kitchen design, copper color It looks very interesting and rich. Cast iron gratings, easy removed and washed. Auto ignition is automatic. Gas control. Very I liked the burner with a double burner and two handles adjustments.
Minuses: One could write that price, but it worth it.
Minuses: I ordered repair of the kitchen, the designer advised this the panel as well as in design is suitable and not inferior in quality other famous manufacturers.

Nikolaevich Nikolay

Pluses: A very convenient thing in the household, as not much takes places (unlike a full gas stove), there is double burner which is controlled by two different handles that I really enjoyed it. I really liked the fact that there is auto ignition. Color and design fit perfectly into our kitchen. With surface wash no problems arose.
Disadvantages: It wouldn’t be bad if there were one more, if only one electric surface. It would not hurt to have more pens smaller round ones (I mean – at least oval or elliptical with sharp noses). And the price would be even lower.
Minuses: I bought a husband a gift, very satisfied.

Herov Pasha

Pluses: Very good hob. By ratio price / quality is the best among competitors. There is a gas control function, what is not less important. Convenient location of burners.
Disadvantages: For three months of use, the disadvantages are not discovered. The only thing that would advise the manufacturer is use more colors.
Minuses: If you are still thinking of taking this surface or no, then surely take it. She is worth her money.

Maslakov Ilya

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