Smartphone Meizu M5 32GB

Smartphone Meizu M5 32GB

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Specifications Smartphone Meizu M5 32GB

General characteristics

A type smartphone
OS version Android 6.0
Type of shell classical
Body material polycarbonate
SIM Type nano SIM
SIM Card Number 2
The mode of operation of multiple SIM cards alternating
Weight 138 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) 72.8×147.2×8 ​​mm


Screen type color IPS, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch capacitive
Diagonal 5.2 in.
Image size 1280×720
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) 282
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Auto screen rotation there is


Light indication of events there is

Multimedia features

Rear camera 13 MP
Flash rear LED
Rear Camera Features autofocus
Rear camera aperture F / 2.2
Movie Recording there is
Max. video resolution 1920×1080
Max. video frame rate 30 fps
Front-camera there are, 5 million pixels.
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA
Headphone jack 3. 5 mm


Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A Cat. 6, VoLTE
Support LTE bands 2100, 1800, 850, 2600, 800 MHz
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Satellite navigation GPS / GLONASS
A-GPS system there is

Memory and processor

CPU MediaTek MT6750
The number of processor cores 8
Video processor Mali-T860 MP2
The amount of internal memory 32 GB
RAM size 3 GB
Memory card slot up to 128 GB (combined with a slot for the second SIM cards)


Battery capacity 3070 mAh
Battery fixed
Type of charging connector micro usb

Other functions

Handsfree (built-in speaker) there is
Control voice dialing, voice control
Flight mode there is
A2DP Profile there is
Sensors light, proximity, compass, fingerprint finger
Lantern there is
USB host there is

Additional Information

Announcement Date 2016-10-31

Reviews on Meizu M5 32GB Smartphone

Pluses: Pleasant and unusual appearance, capacious battery, overall performance and low price
Disadvantages: No headphones included. None. Even the most miserable plugs the manufacturer did not put in a box with this model. Also a Chinese charging plug. Of course, in the store I am kind and offered an adapter for our plug for free, but to me it’s not It seemed reliable and I did not dare to use it.
Minuses: The phone is good. One cant happened to him, but that’s it decided and now everything is fine. Coming home from the store I started Install applications on the phone. And in all applications, whether skype, viber, votsapp or instagram front camera as if was losing brightness. That is, there was an impression based on pictures on the device that there is very little light around and generally dark, but this is far from the case. In a nutshell: in applications frontal the camera darkened the image, but in the camera mode the front camera worked as it should be. I smoked google and found a lot of people with this phone and this problem. Some were helped by unreal dancing with a tambourine, some service center, and only a small part a simple update of the FLYME shell by system tools helped. A simple OS upgrade fixed this problem. I hope this The information will be useful for someone.

Kolesnikov Artem

Pluses: Cheap and Fast
Minuses: Started to “open up”
Minuses: There was version 2/16 and compared to 3/32 works faster. I’m satisfied with the phone. But I got a problem – by itself (without falls) began to creep into the thickness of the body in bottom corner, as if a drummer is trying to open it. I can’t snap back; it was stupidly inflated on one side and that’s it. I use it so, the worker is one of many.

Direct salut

Advantages: Price, performance, 32GB – normal volume drive, if the phone is used not only as a phone, one button control
Minuses: Weak camera, battery lasts only 1 day of use
Minuses: One-button control is very convenient, which is also a fingerprint scanner. Only need some time to get used to it

Belyaev Alexey

Pluses: Build quality .. Phone description can be found in the internet.
Minuses: No android pay and Sberbank online gives an error authorization.
Minuses: There are no complaints to the phone, my wife is glad. Is used more than a year. Because firmware on meizu own, then some applications Android swear at it. In particular, android pay swears at the root rights and Sberbank online gives an authorization error.

Udovenko Konstantin

Pluses: almost everything is fine
Minuses: The camera is terrible, just disgusting
Minuses: beautiful, works well, but the camera is poor

Kuznetsov Sergey

Advantages: design, build quality, flyme shell, price
Disadvantages: camera shooting quality, but in good light can get a good shot
Disadvantages: bought as a gift to my mother, everyone is happy)

Bukreev Nikita

Advantages: Display, communication quality, quality of conversational speaker, microphone quality, LED for notifications, ergonomics, design, price
Minuses: Speaker, camera
Disadvantages: Disadvantages indicate things that are for the price the devices are quite obvious. The device is not for serious games, but excellent suitable for everyday use of instant messengers, browser, simple photographing, undemanding games. The most for people 35+

Chechelnitsky Gleb

Advantages: 1. Appearance. The plastic, though slurred, but it is very nice to hold in your hands. 5.2 inches after 4.5 was unusual to keep at first, but then got used to it. 2. Screen. 720r certainly not 1080, but the resolution is not bad, the pixels are barely noticeable. Brightness is also good. In general, a good screen for such a price. 3.Magic button. Very handy theme. Removed all unnecessary and stuffed into a button that also recognizes prints quickly. Much more convenient than the rear sensor + front buttons. 4. Flyme. Divine firmware that I fell in love with at first sight. Flyme 5 was cool, but Flyme 6 is even cooler!
Minuses: 1. Sound. He’s just disgusting + quiet. What from speakers in the headphones. You can of course kidnap and program it increase, but still not that. 2. What everyone complains about. Heat the processor. No heat distribution like on metal devices, respectively, in the processor area there will be wild heat. At medium load, there will always be a noticeable heating in the upper part corps. If somewhere within an hour or two it’s something very strong load, the phone will not only heat up terribly, but also will go. So it’s better not to take it for games. 3. The camera. Not to tell which is terrible for its price segment, but so, I would like it’s better. 4. Battery. It is enough to describe in one sentence: take with external battery) It discharges quickly, although on Flyme 6 in Power saving mode works much better.
Disadvantages: With such iron would be the usual mediocre a budget employee, but the whole thing is saved by a convenient shell and cool one-button control. As for me, the smartphone is great for everyday gatherings in the social. networks and video views or reading books / comics. If you want something cheap, but before that there was something very creepy instead of a smartphone, then such a device will even go in! Recommend!

Artamonov Andrey

Advantages: Battery, screen, strong.
Disadvantages: the camera is just disgusting, the navigator is just tupit
Disadvantages: Money thrown away, MISCOWS PAYING TWICE! It’s about this one. It hangs, often it is necessary to overload, by disgusting camera and reception, do not know when to turn off.

Bureiko Stas

Pluses: Home button size 3 in 1 (fingerprint scanner, home, back) Light and pleasantly lies in the hand
Disadvantages: The case and screen are heated. Small capacity battery
Minuses: I switched to this device after meizu m3 note. how girl, this phone has become more convenient for me in size. But much Upset in battery capacity. If you believe the reviews on compared to m5 and m3 note, then m5 should be enough for a larger number time of use. To me with a rare update of news in social networks barely enough for a day, despite the fact that I charged the m3 note once every 2-3 of the day. Now you have to carry portable charging with you. After half an hour of use, the upper part of the case and the screen are heated. IN I don’t play games, I don’t watch videos, it heats up when watching social networks. If you sit on the phone while charging, it starts to bask through 10-15 minutes. I consider the design of the device a huge plus. Switched to Meizu after iPhones, and I really liked what is in this phone there are also no extra touch buttons, it looks like an iPhone, and you can Customize the theme for myself (I chose the most similar to ios).

Shvetskaya Anastasia

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