Smartphone LG X power 2 M320

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Specifications Smartphone LG X power 2 M320

General characteristics

A type smartphone
OS version Android 7.0
Type of shell classical
SIM Type nano SIM
SIM Card Number 2
The mode of operation of multiple SIM cards alternating
Weight 164 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) 78.1×154.7×8.4 mm


Screen type color IPS, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch capacitive
Diagonal 5.5 in.
Image size 1280×720
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) 267
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Auto screen rotation there is

Multimedia features

Rear camera 13 MP
Flash front and rear, LED
Rear Camera Features autofocus
Rear camera aperture F / 2.2
Movie Recording there is
Front-camera there are, 5 million pixels.
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FM Radio
Headphone jack 3.5 mm


Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE
Support LTE bands bands 3, 7, 20
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, USB
Satellite navigation GPS
A-GPS system there is

Memory and processor

CPU MediaTek MT6750, 1500 MHz
The number of processor cores 8
Video processor Mali-T860 MP2
The amount of internal memory 16 GB
RAM size 2 GB
Memory card slot up to 2048 GB


Battery capacity 4500 mAh
Talk time 15 h
Standby Time 700 h
Type of charging connector micro usb
Quick charge function yes, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0

Other functions

Handsfree (built-in speaker) there is
Control voice dialing, voice control
Flight mode there is
Sensors illumination, proximity, gyroscope
Lantern there is
USB host there is

Additional Information

Equipment smartphone, PC cable, charger
Announcement Date 2017-05-15

Reviews about LG X Power 2 M320 Smartphone

Pluses: good battery, performance.
Minuses: The battery is perhaps the main and only star of this smartphone. The sound of the earpiece is pretty muffled. the headphones sound is also not very good, the screen resolution is not enough for this diagonals. I regret that I did not pay extra and did not take samsung j7


Pluses: battery perfectly, Android 7.0, screen 5.5, fast it catches and does not lose GPS satellites, there is a good function: comfortable viewing, very convenient for e-books., 2sim + SD slot, housing not creaks. Fast charging is a controversial plus, as in the manual written: battery performance with quick charge function designed for a couple of hundred cycles.
Minuses: outdated design, bad photos for 13mp, strip the menu is displayed on the screen, thereby eating up 5 mm of the screen. In “heavy” games after 10 minutes of the game, lags are observed and glowing the phone itself. The quick charge adapter is a controversial plus, as in the manual says: battery performance with quick charge function designed for a couple of hundred cycles. Those. in a year and a half, it is necessary will replace the battery, but it is not removable. I found out the replacement cost under the key will be about 3000tr. The quality of the photo is not much different from 8mp, in addition, the camera focuses for a long time. Photos weigh about 4 Mb The quality of the photo was compared with Samsung with a 13mp camera. Very sorry, but LG photos are much worse. Photos were compared from a PC monitor. True, the cost of this Samsung phone was twice more.
Minuses: My review is not custom, I own a smartphone LG X power 2 M320, which I bought in December 2017 for 11550 rub. I bought in return the LG L90 D410, which honestly worked for 3 years and fully functional I sold it on a free site ads for 3500tr. Long thought to buy huayemi or LG series x-power. I chose LG, I thought that it should be better and better than this china.Although my friend redminote 4x already works no complaints more than six months. A comparison in the market shows that LG with its MediaTek MT6750, processor frequency and RAM obviously loses QualcommSnapdragon 625 MSM8953. Their battery capacity same. In addition, with noticeably worse characteristics, the price of “branded phone” LG 2500 rubles. expensive. After the purchase, the first and perhaps the main disappointment is when I saw that the strip the menu is not displayed on the case (like the L90), but on the screen, thereby eats 5 mm from the bottom edge. The phone is not for “heavy” games, to for example, tests on blitz tanks showed that at maximum the settings the game starts, but after 10 minutes of the game lags begin and the phone’s body becomes so hot that it starts to burn fingers. In the most minimal settings you can play tanks without lags, but the case is also very hot. Birds, cards, farms not I tried, I think they will go without problems. With the main function: “CALL” The phone does just fine. Good front camera for selfie lovers. The ringer volume is good, the vibration is weak. Playing MP3 / radio is good, it all depends on the quality headphones. . I immediately turned off software updates, since the previous one After updating the phone, problems with finding satellites and signal loss began. I ordered a protective bumper and glass on Ali. Bottom line: a regular work phone with a powerful battery.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: 1. Operating time 2. Sound in headphones. 3. Nice externally. 4.Price. 5. Operation. 6.Fast charge. Screen 5.5 – me conveniently.
Disadvantages: 1. Camera 2. The brightness of the screen is both a plus and a minus.
Minuses: An analogy will be drawn with my previous 16 year old samsung j1 phone, which costs about 7tr. Generally, The ski is much more interesting than the previous one. But there are BUT about them at the end. Overall impressions are positive. The charge really fights for every percent! With fairly heavy use, holds 2 days. To discharge during the day – you need to play games for a day, otherwise no options) Permission suits me personally. Sound in decent quality headphones (I have gags for 3tr from Sony). The RAM keeps applications open in the background well: you go through a couple of hours, and the processes are in the same condition, if not closed in it in background and did not overload heavily in parallel games. By the way he pulls heavy games I can’t say anything, I don’t play much. Fast charging is both plus and minus (the manual says that the battery withstand only a few hundred of these charges, because more often I charge – regular charging. Yes, longer, but the battery is not so depressing). Camera … Expected the best, honestly. In principle, it shoots well, but in it seems that there is no optical stabilization, because sometimes it smears. what With regards to the wide-angle selfie camera – just forget about it. I don’t even remember such terrible shots, my Samsung, by the way, I took selfies at times better, a fact, I checked. I really hope that in Model 3 – Developed to deliver GOOD CAMERAS. Screen brightness is not amoled, also inferior to my previous smart, but as it turned out – amoled greatly spoils the vision.

Volodin Anton

Pluses: Autonomy and performance 5+. Good automatic brightness, for every taste, adjust the slider and enjoy it. The camera corresponds to the price level, photos quite decent. Video even on a large TV qualitatively. Night shooting in the presence of decent illumination is almost no noise. Very convenient screen unlock with a double tab. Loud internal speaker.
Disadvantages: The terrible sound of an external speaker is squeaky without bottoms. When selecting wireless headphones, I went through more than 10 models in price level from 6000 to 20,000 K. I don’t know what’s the matter, but they are all worked quietly and without frequencies. The problem was solved by chance. Gave child bluetooth headset Partner for 2000K. Surprisingly sound with deep bottoms and good volume.
Disadvantages: For half a year of operation, the phone freezes only one times. Since the battery is not removable, the question is how to solve the problem of those LG support advised me to wait until the battery runs out! : ((((When capacity 4500 mAh !!! I would probably have to wait a year;) Again, the son taught how to do a forced reboot with a key combination and problem solved)

Miroshnichenko Alexey

Advantages: Software optimization based on battery saving. The screen is excellent. Eyes do not hurt, unlike amoled. Build quality great. The screen does not scratch. The presence of fast charging. 2 hours and 100% charged.
Minuses: In the morning, 100% charge. Turn on wi-fi, data transfer, bluetooth, geoposition. 30-40 calls during the day. 2 hours gps driving. Backlight 1 min timeout. In general, smart loaded work during the working day is good enough. At 19-30 charge 65-60 percent Discharging it in a day is not realistic in principle. Screen good. The sound is normal. That’s just the auto brightness control is very optimized for the duration of the smart. By the way all Programs are installed without problems. I don’t know how on other brands but here the connection operation algorithm is as follows: turn on everything possible – wi-fi, gps, network data, bluetooth and let’s go. gps at the same time turned on and immediately disconnected itself. As soon as we turn on the program GPS navigation itself turns on, and when you exit the program it disconnected. That is, in standby mode, but does not eat the battery. Next, as soon as smart finds registered wifi network, it disconnects the mobile Internet and only wifi remains. wifilost, it immediately connects to mobile data. Bluetooth is on is always. And all this the phone does quickly, not noticeably, 0 brakes. As I did not scoff at him, but by the evening the charge was at least 40%.


Pluses: 13 megapixel camera with ZCD, with serial shooting, availability film filters, 5.5-inch HD resolution display, LED flash on second camera, also the ability to switch to an angle of 120 degrees with standard 80. Battery 4500 mAh, three slots, 8-core processor, 2/16 (expandable), there is 4G and everything works it’s on the 7th android
Disadvantages: Well, the battery here is really super. What to me like LG smartphones, they put on many of their models the ability to take photos on a wide-angle lens. I myself I often take such pictures, it turns out great. Especially when you stand with someone on the edge of the ravine and take a selfie at 120 degrees. Excellent!)

Zayets Natalya

Advantages: battery, 13 megapixel camera, front camera, by the way, can take pictures 120 degrees, receiving a signal, two slots for a sim card and one for memory cards, support for fast charging, high definition display, sound.
Disadvantages: the smartphone is running on the 7th android, which is more understandable, functional. System works as well debugged mechanism, there were no failures. The battery capacity is enough for a few days, it also charges quite quickly, even with battery capacity of 4500 mAh, front-facing with a resolution of 5 megapixels set the lens to 120 degrees, this is good, since with such The viewing angle of the photo is just super. Unlock The screen comes with a double tap. Two times touched, the display went out, yet two times becomes active. Color rendering is one of my most favorite phone models. You look at the screen, everything is bright, Contrast capabilities of the main camera are also pleasing, you can shoot in one touch, and with zero shutter lag.

He is Goga Zhora

Pluses: photo quality, battery, smart …. yes a lot! Some advantages.
Minuses: No for me.
Disadvantages: Photos are clear (maybe someone wrote about not very good photo! Do not remove the film from the camera). Qualitative photos even at night! The battery holds a charge for a long time (without active use 2.5 days. If you do not sit constantly on the Internet, then a day! Fast charging. In general, the phone is my favorite! I use it for 4 months and not regretted buying never! Not stupid even once (pah pah). Previously was Samsung galaxy s 3.I got stupid and the battery is weak. If a ask: Do I recommend LG x power2? 100% I will answer YES! TAKE NOT You will regret!

Gubchenko Olesya

Pluses: Autonomy, jps, main camera, separate flash drive slot.
Minuses: No
Minuses: Everything suits for the money. The camera is better use third-party to get the best photo quality. I use a Better camera. The phone charges quickly native charging. I like the sound and especially the work of jps. No scanner fingerprints and this is a plus – for me, an absolutely unnecessary function (it was in I didn’t use my previous phone). I like the reading mode. It’s a pity there is no possibility to turn on / off the power according to the schedule (it was at the previous smartphone) – a very useful thing.

Valery Ednatsevich

Pluses: Large screen, powerful battery, camera, modes, the Internet
Minuses: The phone was presented 3 months ago to my DR. IN basically, I was not going to change mine, which I used recent years, but friends pushed :). I liked the big 5.5-inch smartphone screen with incredibly rich colors, any the picture looks cool on it. A very, very powerful battery here, 4500 mAh, sometimes I even forget about recharging, but on average 2 of the day. I take great photos, the main camera is 13 megapixels, front wide-angle (surprise!) 5 megapixels. Car shot shooting with a gesture of the hand, interval shooting – all these modes in order to take a photo or several photos at once. A Wide-angle mode Suitable for a shared photo with friends Built-in memory 16 GB., Of course I would like more, but there is an opportunity to insert a card memory, especially the swarm slot here and 2 SIM cards and a memory card ” eats “But support for internal memory up to 2 TB. Internet high speed.

Ushakov Vasya

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