Smartphone BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2

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Specifications Smartphone BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2

General characteristics

A type smartphone
OS version Blackberry OS
Type of shell classical
Control screen buttons
SIM Card Number 1
Weight 137 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) 65.6x130x9 mm


Screen type color TFT, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch capacitive
Diagonal 4.2 in.
Image size 1280×768
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) 355
Aspect ratio 5: 3
Auto screen rotation there is


Light indication of events there is

Multimedia features

Rear camera 8 MP
Flash back
Rear Camera Features autofocus
Movie Recording there is
Max. video resolution 1920×1080
Max. video frame rate 30 fps
Front-camera yes, 2 million pixels.
Audio MP3, AAC, WMA
Headphone jack 3.5 mm
Video output HDMI


Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE
Support LTE bands STL100-2 model: 700, 850.1700, 1900 MHz (Europe); model STL100-3: 700, 850, 1700, 1900 MHz (North America)
Interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, NFC
Satellite navigation GPS
A-GPS system there is

Memory and processor

CPU Qualcomm MSM8960, 1500 MHz
The number of processor cores 2
Video processor Adreno 225
The amount of internal memory 16 GB
RAM size 2 GB
Memory card slot up to 64 GB


Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Battery removable
Talk time 10 h
Standby Time 720 h
Type of charging connector micro usb

Other functions

Handsfree (built-in speaker) there is
Flight mode there is
Sensors light, proximity, gyroscope, compass
Lantern there is

Additional Information

Evaluation of Luxury 4.068
Announcement Date 2013-01-31

Reviews about the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2 Smartphone

Advantages: High-quality display. The case, though plastic, but in the hands it feels nice.
Disadvantages: Lack of interest for software developers in this platform, and as a result, futility. Snug battery cover to the case near the speaker, charging lasts for one day with inactive use.
Disadvantages: To the phone on hardware and health, claims not. Fortunately, I bought it for 10000r. Although it’s all the same for him overpayment. If you are going to buy with such a mood like: “tired of iOS and Android, I want change and something new “-forget … Two days after the purchase you will realize that made a mistake. Any even the coolest smartphone – nothing without software. And on blackberry10 there is practically no normal software. I think that the platform is waiting for the same fate as BADA from the Samsung. Interest There are no software developers and are unlikely to appear. Normal customer for instagram no, viber also no … yes a lot of things no! Can put programs from android, but they work mostly crookedly or not work at all. In general, complete disappointment. Those who are tired android – put another lancer and who are tired of iOS – buy android)))) In short, I went down with the purchase of this phone. Not I advise you to purchase. Many will say that blackberry buy on for the sake of whistle-farts … And why then in smartphones so much sbitr and features? It is for the sake of whistles that they are bought.

Gordienko Vitaliy

Pluses: For those who understand in phones and who in Instagram doesn’t upload 200 photos of a bay with boiling water doshik.
Minuses: There are not enough batteries for a day, but we don’t live in the taiga, that to the nearest outlet there 500 here 500.
Disadvantages: Phone in comparison with the rest at this price categories like Usain Bolt at the Paralympics.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Appearance, ease of use, hub, protection data, even the player is not bad, work with e-mail. Durable (where he just did not fly), was flooded several times coffee, jam, rain, snow – nothing. Flashlight – fire. After 2.5 years of operation responds quickly. If not used Internet, charging is enough for a day, if you use a little bit, then Until the evening .. The functions of dialers and pisalka perform quite suitable camera, good browser. HDMI. Sour Canadian – in the heat not melts, does not freeze in the cold. Communication quality. Sound of speakers. Not slippery coating. Working with documents. No extra background processes and data uploads, multitasking (within the framework of basic programs).
Minuses: Well and the most interesting. Social networks? Not even dream, kate mobile works with sin in half and okay instagram android does not work, there is a version, but it, softly saying fig. Gett taxi? -No. Uber? -No. Yandex transport? Why. Viber? -Pff, well, thatsap sent the bb to the bathhouse in plain text. However, in principle, Snap stopped working with the new firmware, therefore about applications (not even games, but necessary ones), just forget it. Function replacing words – sometimes helps out, sometimes fiercely infuriates, why instead long words do not just put a dot or space and do not this is when you typed another two or three words? -Don’t thank! (better disable) Enter SMS. The keys to delete and send are in one If you sealed up (thanks to the same replacement function) and decided delete text, be prepared for what you can miss send all this nonsense to his boss. Quick response function also sometimes naughty, you click send and the message evaporates into oblivion. The motion sensor jams, during a conversation you can accidentally cheek complete the call, and dial a new chin. I think their finally died, but sorry ..
Minuses: In general, if you have paranoia, ambition, actively email is used, hands grow out of your ass and you drop and fill your phone with water – take it (but stock up on protective glass). It will serve you faithfully, perhaps sometimes for a long time thinking, sometimes pretending that he does not see the usb cable, sometimes losing files (but in the end finding, at most, the next day). But only if you don’t try to upload at least one of applications, nothing will come of it, if something loads, it will brake and glitch, glitch and brake. Blackberry for business people – everything at hand, nothing more, my phone is my castle. The phone is specific, not for communication and not for media – for work, but Now these are closely related concepts, so our hero is outdated. they wouldn’t leave the wasps, but actively develop along with the android and Apple, would be a fabulous telephone, but alas.

Color maria

Pluses: good phone
Disadvantages: Applications have to be installed through F
Minuses: Today I bought a BB Z10. Choose between iPhone5, Samsung S4, Sony Xperia (different). BB liked the seriousness and individuality. I don’t know what and how – I won’t praise and don’t I will criticize. I didn’t read the reviews before the purchase, I took it, like many things by intuition. I hope I did not fail))) Based on the results of use unsubscribe

Ka Andrey

Pluses: Brand. Appearance. Screen Sound …. Control keyboard
Minuses: The battery is rather weak. No Ukrainian layout keyboards

Akhmedov Rustam

Advantages: It unites all messengers, email clients, accounts and notifications in one “menu” (called HUB in the phone), transfers (synchronizes) contacts from all accounts on the phone. For people who need to always be in touch and respond to incoming mail is the most. Ability to customize font size on screen. Time Shift function on the camera. The ability to adapt to installation of Android applications. At least some variety in the market. Data transfer (and voice and information) in the phone takes place in coded form that our intelligence services do not decrypt. Excellent sound quality when talking.
Disadvantages: Few applications. Not all Android applications can install. BlackBerry does not want to officially attend Russian market, mainly that data transfer in the phone encoded by a more complex algorithm. Rarely updated software. Few developers pay attention to developing applications for BlackBerry OS 10.
Minuses: Interesting phone, at least some kind of variety on Sino-Korean consumer goods market. While working stably. Batteries with active use last for 1 day, with inactive (calls only) 2-2.5 days. Model STL-004 supports Russian 4G frequencies, STL-002 with the Russian 4G frequency does not work.

Kukushkin Vadim

Pluses: convenient, reliable, excellent OS
Minuses: battery too weak
Disadvantages: I used a couple of years z10, I want to say, yes he excellent, everything is playful, there are never lags and glitches, but with all this, alas the os is almost dead and many applications are missing (but most have analogues, and if they are not there, you can run the androyd version). I advise to all those who need not a toy, but a workhorse, but be prepared carry a power bank or a power bank as the battery here is like the fifth iPhone is criminally small.

Nikita Zaikin

Pluses: Design, comfortable in the hand, durable, protective the film lays in a niche from the sides and lives for a year intact and does not Peel off Special thanks HUB – a very convenient program Good speaker
Minuses: I took the phone a year ago, in an authorized center, rejoiced in its design, ergonomics, exclusivity, and at the end of the year besides the steady desire to smash the phone with a brick and experience from this unspeakable pleasure is nothing left – here’s a little list of negative features: 1. A set of SMS is disgusting – sending very close to file attachment 2. Suggested options words when typing in SMS: this function is better to disable 3. Sensor the proximity dies quickly, and during a call you can call 4. periodically turns on in your pocket, you can press the button unlock and call from your pocket for 10-15min to 3-7 numbers (on I really did not want to call some of them right now) 5. Communication disappears: you suddenly notice that you haven’t been received for an hour calls and messages – you dial someone and in return silence, in the result is a reboot, which is also quite lengthy 6. After visiting the elevator, communication is restored up to 5 minutes 7. Almost no high-quality free applications 8. Glitch, and two reinstalling P.O. did not save – when freezing, it is necessary to remove battery, the only way you can interrupt the black screen 9. Copy parts of the text from incoming SMS resembles a certain African ritual: you tap on the text, you spit on the screen in this place for its best “purity”, and again you knock until the coveted blue brackets-transformers, then by stretching the brackets to the desired area text, copy, then open the set of numbers, paste into window the number from the buffer and then you call – just buzz in the cold or in the car 10. During communication, with an incoming call, through time retention works – it can freeze, and then it’s necessary reboot, and this is another 5min. 11. A year later, the connector for headphone – began to stagger and wheeze, and this despite the fact that I rarely I use it
Minuses: Before buying, looked through comments where negative there were almost no reviews, and if there were, then regarding not significant trifles or abstruse features that most pays no attention to users. Now, after a year, reviews about “stylish and comfortable” without mentioning the negative sides cause perplexity And in general, “a good phone.”))) P.S. After almost a year, reading similar reviews about this miracle device, I see red below the finger of the usefulness of recall down – brave sellers tried to save rating, showing supposedly not my justice and others like her product characteristics after its use. It is sad that defective products that are openly inconvenient and bringing only disappointment, is actively sold after the appearance honest reviews without any compensation or even just explanations and apologies

Dubov Alexander

Advantages: usability, new OS 10, reception and sound quality,
Disadvantages: weak battery, few applications (for now)
Minuses: Fate and returned to Blackberry in her keyboardless reincarnation of Z10 (after android and iOs). Still in puppy delighted. After mastering the gesture control phone quickly got a taste. Pleasantly pleased with the innovations in the form of Hab and support Android applications starting with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1055, and the process printing thing is simply amazing – this is a must see: pop-up hints, ease of switching, floating keyboard, etc. All social networks, calls and SMS made to the Hab will not be lost and visible even on an inactive screen. In general, some goodies … In the next just make sure that you have to make up your own mind about everything – here, after all, the already buried Blackberry sculpts excellent the device, and around quiet and smooth – only Android and iOS, and an echo over technovode … By the way, Barack Obama is not allowed to use American iPhone due to its poor security, sits up still a poor Canadian blackberry …

Marchuk Sergey

Advantages: camera, display, memory, bb link
Disadvantages: battery, video, communication
Disadvantages: before that I used the fifth iPhone for 1.5 years criteria: – communication (voice, 3g, wi-fi) – excellent display, because I watch a lot of films (I work as a filmmaker, so it’s very I am critical of this) – battery for a day – memory – camera – music (namely speaker and headphones) OK 1. COMMUNICATION often falls off (pay), it’s almost imperceptible, but that’s when I’m going to make a call, or surf, then run into this problem. Had to add a link to the quick menu ((2. DISPLAY I can honestly confess he is excellent. I was very afraid that after retina I didn’t I can find a quality display, but I was wrong. He really excellent. VIDEO PLAYBACK Unlike apple, where just incredible video player with embedded movie covers, basic information about the film (these are nonsense), and most importantly, selection of subtitles and audio tracks; to blackberry on the video player MAY NOT select a different audio track and subtitles. But you can install the player application. But at least how is it huge minus. On the other hand, there is a big plus in that you can edit the video (length and color) 3. BATTERY I think it is not bad, but there’s also a lot of crap here. It doesn’t charge to the end and the phone turns off at 40% I read it on the forum, where everyone the second is such a problem, it is recommended to charge only the original charging, etc. etc., in general, a whole ritual, you need to do it as quickly as possible, or the battery will die completely. 4. MEMORY here 5+ 16 gigs + 64 card 5. CAMERA. I have never met the best. Narrate for a very long time, you only need to try it. The shooting process itself, and awesome editing features. 6. MUSIC. no complaints. and here HEADPHONES in a set does not happen worse. APPLICATIONS By mistake users think that instu can only be installed paid or from android, but it’s not. Just instagram in bb world this is IGrann – free, and, as for me, with a better interface The applications are enough and you can install the application with android

saitova julia

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