SLIK Mini-pro V

SLIK Mini-pro V

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Features SLIK Mini-pro V

Main characteristics

Tripod Type tripod desktop
Appointment for cameras
Shooting height from 17.3 to 21.8 cm
Maximum load 1 kg
Length (folded) 20 cm
Head in a set
Weight 0.345 kg


Rod diameter 20 mm
Tips rubber
Color options the black
Features suction cup retainer on the lower ring of the central rod

SLIK Mini-pro V reviews

Advantages: Compact, lightweight, stable, durable, good materials and construction (turned aluminum bushings).
Minuses: the latch for fixing the legs on average would not hurt open position, go without it. No bubble level although on a lower model in a row there. The legs are attached to the trine on rivets, if loose, it will be difficult to fix (for example, model “II” on the screws, which if something can be tightened).
Disadvantages: For a lightweight mirrorless type camera with a swivel screen is an excellent choice, it will completely replace three times more heavy tripod. Horizontal swivel head is indispensable for shooting panoramas.


Advantages: Price
Minuses: Constructive (short legs, not smooth) adjustments), budget execution
Minuses: I bought a couple of different tripods Slik. Constructively flawed (relatively Benro) in appearance and tactile budget.

Kardashevich Ilya

Pluses: Good minm tripod. convenience of all elements constructions on top. Really can withstand heavy the camera.
Disadvantages: probably the size if the extendable legs would be on 4-5 cm longer, it would be more convenient to work with long and heavy lenses that do not have a separate mount under the tripod. Sucker, to be honest, it’s more of a hindrance than a help.

Generalov Oleg

Advantages: the instructions say that it holds a weight of up to 2 kg. and He copes with SLR and heavy glass. more than 2 kg will also hold
Disadvantages: you don’t shoot vertically, but what do we want for this price 🙂 for this you have to buy an additional nozzle
Minuses: a gorgeous thing for DSLR owners!

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