Siemens KG49NSB21

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Specifications of Siemens KG49NSB21

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material silver / plastic
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A + (329 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 70x65x200 cm


Freshness zone eat dry and wet
Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 18 hours
Vacation Mode there is
Power freeze up to 18 kg / day
Cold battery included there is
Additional features super cooling, super freezing, temperature display


Overall volume 389 l
Volume of the refrigerator 307 l
Freezer volume 82 l

Other functions and features

Display there is
Glass doors Yes
Child protection there is
Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Climate class SN, T

Reviews on the Siemens KG49NSB21

Pluses: Like almost everything! Glass width width then how it performs its direct function. Shelf height enough for any tasks.
Disadvantages: 1. I thought that there would be a lot of free space, but Apparently we cook a lot. 2. (I quote and subscribe to one of reviews) During operation, makes strange sounds similar to gurgling, grunting and howling hippos (possibly other animals) in the mating season. I’d add that my refrigerator sometimes makes the sound of a breaking wooden shelf or straightening sheet of iron. All this is not critical, but we are getting used to it already 4 months. 3. The freezer compartment is not well thought out. Ice shelf on the top drawer does not hold. The lower shelf is shorter than the rest and may fall right on your foot. 4. Fingerprints on the glass. Waiting for when will grow small and begin to paw it.
Shortcomings: Everything that I wrote in the shortcomings is absolutely not Critically and more likely adds personality to the refrigerator 🙂

Tikhvin Nikolay

Pluses: Roomy enough, Freshness area, Wide, When installed in a corner, 3-4 cm of indent from the wall is enough Swing doors, High energy, If not set the super cold mode, then quite quiet.
Minuses: Do not attach magnets to it, with greasy hands you can slap quickly, lower shelf of the freezer with each extension strives to fall out, Pan more than 4 liters with a lid is not included on one shelf! The freezer door is low enough from the floor and at first several times it really hurt on the fingers legs. For such money there is no ice machine.
Minuses: Long searched for a black or beige refrigerator in a niche the size of 77 cm and a volume of 280 l of the refrigerator compartment, the choice was between Liebher, Toshiba and Westfrost (there’s still Bosch exactly the same, but more expensive). This one got up perfectly, all the drawers come out, everything gets it. The second criterion (refrigerator compartment volume is more than 280 l), here mixed feelings, as the Electrolux with a volume of 280 was blocked much denser and entered there more (but there was no zone freshness), here 300 liters for a family of 4 people, in principle, is enough, but sediment remains. Very convenient control. Overall refrigerator satisfied.

Nagovitsin Sergey

Pluses: roomy, stylish appearance, supercooling, superfrost, temperature indication.
Minuses: Parents gave us such a housewarming wonderful two-chamber refrigerator. We have been using it for two months now. It works fine, without a glitch. Its elegant design made in black color “under glass”, complemented our kitchen interior. To me in he likes all the functions and modes, and especially the modes super-cooling, super-freezing and “vacation”. This fridge saves energy, as it has a class of energy consumption “A +”. We are pleased with our gift!

Good Alevtina

Pluses: sealed freshness zone hydroFresh with adjustable humidity preserves vitamins and beneficial properties fruits and vegetables fresh several times longer, the total volume of 389 liters, there is a vacation mode, electronic control, display, child protection
Minuses: Wonderful fridge … Quiet, frosty, modern … Interesting NO FROST technology – you open the refrigerator, and there Santa Claus blows cold breath right on the shelves … There is no ice anywhere but the products are always cold and do not dry out … Humidity is such that the ham or sausage is stored well very long fresh … Same lemon … Same vegetables or cottage cheese … In general, the Siemens company does not knit brooms – it knits great modern fridges!

Terenev Alexander

Advantages: shelf arrangement, ease of washing, adjustment installation volume.
Disadvantages: none.
Minuses: Bought a refrigerator with her husband, in connection with moving, the purchase was forced. Justified itself entirely and completely, I have never regretted it. First of all, I wanted to comment on very comfortable shelves, you can put high pots and bottles (special compartment), and set the temperature which is necessary for cooling. Shelves are transparent which allows see immediately what you need to take and where it is located. Also and in the freezer compartment there are general and separate containers (which not in all refrigerators). The volume of the refrigerator is deep. Although with you can’t tell it. Automatic defrosting. plus. Electricity consumption is very small, which is also not unimportant. The refrigerator was selected for the interior, it fit perfectly, it is very easy to clean both outside and inside, usually wet with a cloth. How to install (legs are adjustable, very convenient expose), wiped with a damp cloth and all. Advised friend getting ready for purchase. So I advise you to purchase.

Simonova Alena

Advantages: there is the possibility of rearranging the door, roomy, stylish design, the products do not dry, keep for a long time freshness.
Minuses: This refrigerator helped me choose a consultant in the store. I told him all my wishes, and he advised me take this particular model of the refrigerator, which I immediately I liked it. At home, having examined the refrigerator carefully, I still liked more. It has a stylish design, inside are transparent. strong boxes and shelves through which you can see what and where lies. Roomy refrigerator, you can put on one shelf, as pan and pan. There are drawers for meat and vegetables. I keep sausage in the meat box, and in the vegetable box I have greens, which remains fresh for a long time.

User deleted

Advantages: Quiet in operation, a lot of options for location shelf, nice assembly, quality plastic, awesome exterior view. The cost for a German refrigerator of such a volume is simply ideal. Larger boxes for green and fruit, there is a vacation mode, carbon filter. Domestic freezer, good sealing rubber on the door. Quiet work, very good freeze, long Keeps the temperature when the power is turned off.
Disadvantages: We didn’t spend much time choosing a refrigerator, we bought it in a household appliances store and bought a like. In this model, we have built everything – both the appearance and the useful volume, and the presence of NoFrost, and the firm itself., and the price. In fact, he found himself super – convenient to use, many places inside, stayed know-how, it turned out in vain, if the products are properly ordered, then nothing will dry up, but it is not necessary to defrost, all inside dry, and the products are stored much longer than in our old refrigerator. I am glad that we chose it.

Uvarova Larisa

Advantages: Stylish and comfortable refrigerator, works quietly, accepted price.
Minuses: By design, the best in our new kitchen fit Namely a dark refrigerator. Choose from a few models, but settled on this. It looks awesome at the same time. stylish and lacquered. By functionality, too, everything is in place. Convenient Refrigerated compartment, remarkable lighting, large freezing room camera, many useful functions. Ecological shelf for fruit freezing / berries and ice, which for me is a big plus, because I like to cook cocktails. The surface is enough brand, as well as any glossy the cover is on the kitchen, but it is easy to clean and returns its perfect finish view.

Guseva Raisa

Advantages: The property is especially pleased – for a standard family of three people – perfect. Really child protection works – you can’t be afraid that children accidentally will open and leave open. For our kitchen was a nice bonus It is possible to move the door for convenience.
Disadvantages: The choice of a refrigerator was approached responsibly and by the whole family, therefore, does not cause criticism: everyone has enough space for any experiment. Pleased with the presence of two separate containers for Vegetables and for meat, there is no mixing of smells. Separately design deserves attention – glass feeding pleases nice eye, and it looks solid. Fingerprints on the door are easy are erased without leaving a divorce, therefore, with this side the problem is so no.

Mukhina Arina

Pluses: Undoubtedly beautiful, stylish design; roomy, large freezer; FullNoFrost system, the refrigerator does not need defrosting neither in the refrigerator, nor in freezer compartment; products do not dry, keep for a long time freshness; electronic control, German quality and reliability.
Minuses: Nice, comfortable, beautiful, stylish refrigerator, in which is thought out for little things. Afraid of the NouFrost system, so they say that she takes a lot of space and products from her dry, nonsense, enough space in the refrigerator for the family from 3-4 people, a huge freezer, food stays fresh for a long time, there is a freshness zone. Loved the carbon filter, it absorbs unpleasant odors. Pleasantly surprised and pleased – mode vacation, Eco mode, food storage calendar, electronic management, timer for bottles. Combination of price / quality perfect!

Lavrentieva Zinaida

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