Siemens HB633GNS1

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HB633GNS1 Specifications

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 71 l
Energy consumption class A, connection power 3.65 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.5 x 54.8 cm
Maximum temperature 300 ° C


Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches rotary
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display there is


Skewer not
Oven door folding
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver

Siemens HB633GNS1 reviews

Pluses: Looks expensive, cooks well, easy washes
Minuses: Aroused jealousy of the au pair
Minuses: Really. Our “housekeeper” suddenly doubted her need. The oven seemed to her so much skillful. About the oven itself: it really is so self-sufficient, that even with my eternal employment, I am with her I manage. That is, a roomy gut – you can cook with a margin. Sea of ​​modes – choose the right one and go about your business, oven disconnect in a timely manner. The catalytic self-cleaning is impressive. AND looks very decent, from this point of view, Siemens in his repertoire – every detail in the technique is good.

Egor Legostaev

Advantages: High-quality and reliable equipment. 10 modes catalytic off timer enamel, halogen lighting, it’s clear what is happening in the oven.
Minuses: A wonderful oven, I cook several in it months very pleased with the results, especially after the old gas ovens, you yourself understand heaven and earth. The cabinet is very high quality assembled, expensive materials, catalytic enamel, easy to clean. It is controlled by a touch and very informative display. There are a lot of operating modes – 10, there is much to roam around, now only looking for new recipes in the internet. Off timer generally cool thing, turned on the oven, and she herself when you need to turn off. it excellent oven and dishes are beautiful and delicious.

Gromova Ulyana

Pluses: Functionality, appearance
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: I chose for a long time, in the end I’m very glad that I don’t lost it. I like quick warm-up, convenient menu, without troubles, you can remove the glass and wash, I’m delighted with this. Awesome appearance.

Alekseenko Irina

Advantages: EcoClean Plus in the oven, especially to facilitate device care, energy class A +, economy always pleasant, especially in the consumption of electricity.
Disadvantages: For several months of work, no shortcomings manifested itself.
Minuses: Good oven, just no words! Electric, and before it I had a gas, so there is nothing to compare. The built-in timer allows you to set the cooking time and this very handy feature. Clear display, there is a grill, convention, defrosting. The oven has an electronic clock, they are always in the kitchen by the way. I bake pies in my oven, recently baked vegetables on grilled with chicken, husband was impressed. Thought I was ordering food with a restaurant. With such an oven, it became more pleasant to cook and not for long. AND also economically. I’m happy with the choice of wardrobe, because he often makes me helps out, if you need something to quickly prepare for the arrival of the unexpected guests. I advise such an oven to everyone who is looking.

Natalya Korolyok

Advantages: Stylish design, convenient touch control. Flush switches. Automatically quick warm up. 10heating modes. 4D hot air. Smooth opening and closing oven doors.
Minuses: Everything in it is excellent
Disadvantages: Good and smart technique. I cook in it wrong a long time ago, but already learned to bake various delicious dishes that It turned out the first time, which means a wonderful oven. The switches are recessed, I really liked it, it’s convenient to wipe an oven, and indeed use them. Oven warms up automatically fast. And the fact that you can cook on several levels, thanks to 4D mode, generally super, cooking time significantly reduced and saving electricity on the face.

Kazimirova Antonina

Pluses: Classic design, TFT display, 10 modes heating, grill, convection, catalytic cleaning. Economical Energy consumption.
Minuses: everyone is happy
Minuses: Wonderful oven, we have been using it for several months. It bakes perfectly, there is convection, so it’s even hot air distribution is provided. Comfortable and manageable TFT display is quite intuitive. Catalytic cleaning, which means a minimum of manual there, just wipe the leftovers ashes. Energy class A +, therefore the cost of electricity are minimal. I like the fact that there are many cooking modes – 10, you can cook varied and tasty at the same time.

Orlova Polina

Pluses: Ability to cook on three levels at the same time. Automatically quick warm up. Protective shutdown. Recessed switches. Stylish design.
Minuses: I did not find anything worth mentioning in mine recall.
Disadvantages: The oven is very modern and easy to use. I bake in it 3-4 times a week, for 8 months. To work ready quickly, heat distribution evenly at all levels, and if you turned on 4D air, then at the same time you can easily prepare 3 different dishes, which greatly reduces the time spent in the kitchen, with no mixing of smells. Made very reliable safe has emergency shutdown and protection against children if they she’d like to twist something, touch the oven door opens and closes smoothly without pops that can and leave a stutter.

Kharitonova Tatyana

Pluses: Electric grill. Convention Function defrosting. Convenient display.
Minuses: Not found yet.
Minuses: We stopped at this model, I liked it outwardly Functional arranged. The cooling fan works in good faith. Itself the oven heats up quickly, evenly distributes heat to all levels. It’s convenient to cook, baking trays are easy to move out, lighting good, no need to open the door. There is a lock from children (he you have to stick your nose everywhere), it turns on and off quite long press on the key. In short, you can buy, quite matches any request.

Obodovskaya Daria

Pluses: TFT display, coolstart mode, child lock and protective shutdown, catalytic purification.
Minuses: no
Minuses: I use the oven for the second month, comprehend the basics Cooking on the advice of Siemens. I cook on two – 4 levels at a time. It bakes well whether it is meat or pie. While impressions and associations are only pleasant.

Savenko Inga

Advantages: 1. Class A energy consumption 2. Detailed instructions that describe everything from installation to description cookware and cooking tips for many dishes using available modes. 3. Security system – child lock, cabinet cooling at the end of work. 4. Color, text display and touch control 5. Multi-function clock, timer 6. Care not limited to catalytic treatment only, for complete care You can remove and disassemble the door. 7. Lighting, fan, and telescopic rails on level 1.
Minuses: not met
Minuses: All cooking fits in a couple of hours, I used to I didn’t get out of the kitchen, so that I could make meat and bake pies to holiday. The ability to cook different levels on several levels and 10 heating modes save a lot and save a lot of my time and e / e. Grill is one of the favorite dishes in the family, meat, fish and vegetables obtained ruddy crispy and not dry. The baking is excellent, I bake on weekend patties and rolls. For a year using this oven, like no serious problems or shortcomings were revealed. Smart and convenient oven in all respects, I recommend.

Sasha Ivanko

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