Siemens HB23AB620R

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HB23AB620R Specifications

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 67 l
Energy consumption class A, connection power 3.50 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.5 x 54.8 cm


Heating modes 5
Grill there is
Convection there is


Switches recessed
Timer there is sound
Display there is


Skewer not
Oven door folding
The number of door glass two
Oven cleaning hydrolysis
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color the black


Additional Information enamel “titanGlanz”

Siemens HB23AB620R Reviews

Pluses: The modern design of this oven is perfect to our kitchen (wenge color). during operation there were no unpleasant odors, even during the first run. even relatively large pieces of meat are heated evenly, which is also can be considered its virtue. plus a loud and persistent timer who will not calm down until you pay attention to the oven.
Minuses: not detected
Minuses: convenient “observation window” on the front panels.

Khovansky Alexander

Pluses: Design
Minuses: Not ready!
Minuses: We bought this model about a month ago, prepared different, at least 5 dishes and each time there was the same problem – not ready! The dish is raw. In the beginning, she noticed girl, I did not pay attention to it, but recently cooked it myself and was greatly disappointed – what he always cooked for about an hour at 180 degrees, I had to cook here for 1.5 hours. Hoping for feedback and Siemens quality, and here it is …

Sadkov Eldar

Pluses: Stylish.
Disadvantages: Mechanical control. To enable the oven and set the temperature, you need to press the round button, it jump out and turn it. If your hands are a little greasy, you don’t turn))) You have to wipe your hands or wash to switch temperature or mode. Cooked 7-8 times and each time noticed that you need to increase the temperature and time indicated in the recipe! IN recipe 40min 180 degrees, I increase to 50 minutes, 200 degrees. AND so every time! I take different recipes from the Internet!

Pustovalova Alexandra

Pluses: buzzing
Minuses: no such
Minuses: Great closet. Everything is ok, what is meat, what is baking. No questions

warlock night

Pluses: Modern design, build quality (hopefully), easy to operate, bakes, the door does not heat up much, does not makes a noise.
Disadvantages: There are virtually no child locks, recessed switches, backlight constantly on during cooking, no temperature indicator.
Minuses: Child lock does not allow ONLY ON the oven, but even with the lock on, the child can set a timer that will start loud and long beeping at the most uncomfortable time. That the child could not open the door while cooking, or at least I couldn’t change the cooking parameters at all. Flush switches can be hidden ONLY in the OFF position – what was the point of making them recessed? And given that during cooking the backlight is constantly on, to drive the child away an oven is impossible. Yes, and unlock the child (a year and three months) learned in 7 minutes. The door heats up during cooking uneven: the bottom is completely cold, the top (under the handle) is enough hot, but not so burned. Constantly cooking the fan works, but not loudly. Sleep timer it works, but after that the oven beeps until it you won’t push something.

Medvedev Vitaly

Pluses: Long chose an oven, at a given price their categories are full, but according to reviews and characteristics, this was one of the best. He fully met expectations. He warms up to 200 degrees in about 5 minutes, the fan helps a lot. He stands of this money or not, decide for yourself, but having received this unit German assembly for 26t I was completely satisfied.
Disadvantages: It is not very convenient to wash it behind bars, on which baking sheets are attached (yes, it really is written like that, I googled it). But this is probably the problem of all ovens. For the rest, wash it off something burned is not difficult, soap and a simple sponge will be your ideal helpers.
Minuses: Satisfixon

Efimov Mikhail

Pluses: Workmanship, no squeaks, smoothness stroke of parts, quality of heating. Functionality is made for people !!!
Minuses: It seemed strange to me that I did not see the current temperature inside the cabinet. There is a front panel an indicator that indicates that the cabinet has warmed up to the required temperature, and disconnected. It would be convenient for me to get a little more information.
Disadvantages: Oddly enough, the following aspects are present. In the photo, the cabinet is completely black, but it seems so they see it manufacturers 🙂 In fact, the front glass panel has texture of black dots. The dish is visible. Glass does not heat up! A little bit warm. It doesn’t work. More than satisfied with the purchase. Took in Siemens store. The purchase cost 30,000. But such a thing not bought for the season, and few people are going to change once a year. AND here the quality of food is on top, the German quality of production. IN complete two baking sheets (enameled, different depths), wire rack. My advice is, if you can allow me to pay this amount for a closet, then it’s worth take, and take in the official store, so as not to bite your elbows later, and complain that they brought back the repaired equipment or frank BU. I will say a few words. I don’t need features like grill, telescopic rails, spit. Therefore on their presence / absence / quality I did not focus. The main thing is that he the cabinet is made reliably, efficiently, soundly. Copes with oven tasks.

Ivanov Ivan

Pros: Ease of use, stylish design
Shortcomings: So far no shortcomings have been found
Minuses: Cool model, I love simens technique, quality is different.

Palfyorova Angelika

Pluses: excellent oven, beautiful, easy to clean
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: baked cakes and pies, very pleased with the oven)

Ai kira

Advantages: Build quality. 100% Germany. Heats up fast. Child protection. Glass does not heat up.
Minuses: Scanty equipment. (I need at least something write).
Minuses: Generally satisfied. Cooked and lasagna, a couple of times baked chicken with potatoes, made potato casserole, all It turned out, nothing burned. We will continue to experiment. Child protection is another plus in the oven. Quality German assembly (called the Siemens service center and checked by number). By the way people working with customers in the service center are very friendly)) answered all the questions. Well done !!!

Bulakhtin Vyacheslav

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