Siemens ER626PB70R

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Specifications of Siemens ER626PB70R

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (WxD) 59.4 x 51.6 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 56 x 49 cm


Panel Material glass ceramic
Total burners 4
Gas burners 4
Express burner 1

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – black

Reviews of the Siemens ER626PB70R

Pluses: All you need to eat. Email ignition and gas control work like a clock. Handles rotate smoothly. Assembly Spain. I have been using it for more than 3 years. No complaints. 100% satisfied.
Minuses: None. If something burns, you can gently scrap off special. a knife for cleaning glass from paint – it costs a penny in hardware stores.
Minuses: At the daughter of Sams-g, one handle jammed in the first month (periodically repeated), it happens spontaneously turns on email. ignition. Glass ceramics closed enamel. 70% metal. Difference in price immediately felt on quality. Miser pays twice.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Workmanship.
Minuses: Lack of burner WOK
Minuses: This model was purchased after an unsuccessful attempt acquisition of Siemens EP616HB21E, in return for it. No use experience. Not yet connected, lies in a box. It’s bad that there is no 2-circuit burners, but otherwise everything looks very personal! Cord network connection ends as it should – with a plug. Turn on and use it! Included, along with nozzles for bottled gas and 90 degree tap with gasket there is a wire spacer for placement of small containers, the diameter of which does not allow install them on existing cast-iron grates. The cast iron gratings themselves quite stable and good, in my opinion, that are dual. The grids are mounted on an inclined surface, which raised upward (you can’t immediately understand this from the photo), from which small pins stick out. They are placed at different distances and the gratings are only put in place. Front face a little beveled, which is barely noticeable. On the sides – stainless elements. because of this cooking can not be installed flush with the countertop, and only overlay. The burners themselves and their lids are made with high quality, painted. Operation will show how long it is ..

Evdokimov Evgeny

Pluses: gas, 4 hotplates. Automatic electric ignition, thermoelectric leakage protection gas composite cast-iron grate for dishes. Beveled design front. Injectors for bottled gas included
Minuses: Easy to use and has all necessary functions. I was pleased that the grilles can be easily washed in dishwasher, the surface is easy to clean.

Alexandrova Ksenia

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