Shivaki SHRF-90DP

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Specifications of Shivaki SHRF-90DP

General characteristics

Freezer from above
Color / Coating Material gray / plastic / metal
Control electromechanical
Energy consumption class A (296 kWh / year)
N umber of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 47.5×49.5×85.2 cm


Defrosting the freezer manual
Defrosting the refrigerator drip system


Overall volume 88 l
Volume of the refrigerator 61 l
Freezer volume 27 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
Noise level up to 40 dB
Climate class N
Weight 26 kg

Shivaki SHRF-90DP Reviews

Advantages: + The radiator does not stick out from the refrigerator in the back, i.e. there is a flat wall and it can be put almost close to the wall + The capacity is incredible, everything is thought out. In the standard holder even eggs breaks twelve, although in a large “bosh” – ten. + top y plastic shelf that covers the top freezer doors. Those. the manufacturer understood that the refrigerator will put all kinds of nonsense (I have a microwave) and specially covered it from above. Very well. + assembly, cooling, design – everything is fine.
Disadvantages: – A mysterious story with noise. It is clear that any the fridge is noisy, but I haven’t met anyone like this. Himself the compressor is quiet, but some time after the start of its operation the fridge begins to make mysterious heterogeneous sounds, reminiscent of either the creak of snow, or the mating croaking of frogs. Time in a couple of seconds. I’m already used to it, but I would prefer a monotonous noise, even if a little louder. On the other hand, the refrigerator costs three meters from the head of the bed and in general does not interfere, i.e. quiet sounds albeit strange.
Disadvantages: I do not understand where this refrigerator is heating. Usually the radiator in the back heats up, but here it’s hidden, don’t get where, the side walls are slightly warm, the back is cold. There is frost inside. would have left 5 points, if not for this incomprehensible crack. And further pickers stuffed an electric plug somewhere offal around compressor, pull it out and break nothing there – separate quest. Let it be 4.5. In general – a very cultural apparatus, I am proud Russia)

Tiunov Misha

Pluses: compact, quiet, low – ideal “bedside table” for a multicooker 🙂 separate freezer, which works great
Disadvantages: the layout of both doors is different from all presented model photos – in the lower door there is a place to be separation of the upper shelves vertically – the shelves themselves became three but shelves have become smaller, in the upper door “shelf” just bounding plate, not a full shelf
Disadvantages: so far everything is just fine, though, mindful of the Russian assembly and packaging (plug in the power cord so that it was a good chance to damage the copper pipes from the compressor) and some comments, concerns about reliability and performance still have but! – if we consider the product in a working condition – just a great ratio price / size / functionality P.S. according to the results of operation more than in six months – no problems were identified

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Pluses: Design, compact size, separate door freezer, quiet operation.
Minuses: No problems for 4 years of operation. Need a couple Defrost / wash and clean the drain hole once a year. Will have to sell, because size is no longer enough and bought a big refrigerator

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Pluses: Reliable, high quality, freezes well, shelves do not break. Ideal for a small room. the function of the nightstand on which the TV stands and all sorts of little things lie. With a competent arrangement of products and the use of plastic containers, quite roomy compared to their dimensions. The freezer is also good in size and direct functions. enough for a family of 2-3 people. I just go to the store a little more often. Quiet. It’s in the kitchen, where someone is always sleeping and nobody is interferes. Withstands violent voltage drops to the side lowering. I defrost 2 times a year. Stands at medium temperature if made colder, then at the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment ice forms and foods freeze. In the future I think to put on maximum and use completely as a freezer. Fridge very satisfied!
Minuses: None. For all four years of operation, never failed.
Disadvantages: Once we were very cruel to him. He lives in our country house. And one of the winters we left him working in freezing room. Mentally, I already said goodbye to him. And in the spring disconnected, washed, dried and ……………. oh miracle! After all he experienced works like a watch the third year. As he wrote above, I’m already 4 years old. Russian assembly, as it turned out not always bad.

Ekaterina Fedorova

Pluses: Tiny
Minuses: Unrepairable
Disadvantages: Freon leak in the foam part after a year and a half operation.

Khaidukov Nikolay

Pluses: Design. There are no comments on the freezer. Quiet.
Disadvantages: 1. In the second year I stopped freezing, or you can say work. 2. The lower chamber does not cool well and is not adjustable (in the summer the temperature is 10-15 ° C) 3. In the lower chamber there are many condensation, products get wet and rot.
Minuses: I read reviews when buying, everyone was positive, but it looks like another soviet production. In pursuit of quantity forgot about the quality. Although ZIL at one time worked for about 40 years old.


Pluses: Quiet, roomy, equipment: outweighed shelves, ice mold, spatula, glass shelves.
Minuses: They are not.
Minuses: The refrigerator is excellent! It works very quietly. The freezer is roomy and freezes well! I advise everyone.

Kondrashina Irina

Pluses: quiet, neat, compact its functions performs at all 100 the freezer is just fine the cold zone is very good for one person the very thing price quality is comparable
Disadvantages: yes, special and no, more than a year ago I turned on and forgot
Minuses: minimal cleaning in the form of wiping with a napkin inside , I am very satisfied

Kruglov Andrei

Pluses: Appearance, perfectly freezes, silent, compact, despite the dimensions very roomy
Minuses: No
Minuses: I bought in rented housing (room), no noise publishes, does not interfere with sleep, took a little place – from the top SV-oven)) I’ve already married, we moved to our own apartment with husband, but the refrigerator is still with us, so long as we have it enough, the husband is categorically against changing him) Here the children will appear, then you can go for a new one. Recommend!

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Pluses: Adequate price, freezer, small
Minuses: Cracks at work (it is not clear what), it freezes badly the refrigerator itself is even at maximum, the condensate hole fusion clogged with incomprehensible grease
Disadvantages: What crunches (crackles) so much when working? Why so Does the refrigerator itself freeze badly in mode 5? I would like to refine, in On the whole, it’s worth the money, though with a stretch.

Zhernovkov Roman

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