Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones

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Specifications Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones

main parameters

Device type headphones with microphone
Support iPhone there is
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A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 16 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity 112 dBA
Impedance 18 Ohm
Maximum power 200 mW
Harmonic coefficient 0.5%
Weight 160 g


Mount type headband
Cable type detachable
Cable connection unilateral


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Length of cable 1.4 m


Carrying case / case included there is
Additional Information 2 cables included

Reviews about Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones

Pluses: Sound, compactness.
Faults: Pressure on ears and top of skull. The block with buttons is too bulky (compared to the headphones supplied with the iPhone).

Geinish Yuri

Pluses: Good packaging. From Germany and Russified. The sound is great (I'm not a professional but an amateur) The design and execution are excellent.
Disadvantages: The arc presses on the head from the top. There the seal is soft, but it presses and presses. I can’t sit in them for a long time. And if you walk down the street, then this effect disappears.

Mikhailov Grigorii

Advantages: 1. Sound quality (after all, is this why they buy headphones?) 2. Comfort on the head 3. Quality of materials 4. Delivery set 5. Price 6. Appearance
Disadvantages: Well, not that it would be completely disadvantages … but, nevertheless, 1. The cable raises some concerns – it is too thin and flimsy in appearance. Fortunately, it is removable and can be changed if desired. Nevertheless, experienced comrades advised to leave and not bother.
Disadvantages: I listen from Cambridge Audi o Minx M5. FLAC format. Perhaps I will buy an ecm for the ears, we'll see. For comfort. Despite the fact that the ear pads are not very large (6 cm in height), my ears fit in them, although they touch the edges. However, this touch does not cause discomfort. At the same time, the ear pads are very soft, pleasant to the touch. However, I definitely recommend trying it on before buying. The design is unusual. The size of the headband is adjusted not by extending the arc, but by moving the cups up and down along the bracket. Fixing by rubber sleeve. It is quite convenient. How long it is – I can't say yet. Somewhat confusing is the thickness of the wires between the cups and the cable itself from the headphones to the source. Looks, I must say .. so-so. Sound .. oooh … SOUND! Drive, assertiveness, attack. And this is with a harmonious perception of the entire frequency range. And the bass and the middle and the top – everything is there and everything is in place. As for the detail. I really hear instruments that in my previous headphones (I will not talk about the brand, but the price is 1200 rubles. (But they suited me completely !!) were simply absent on the same tracks! I'm serious! I plug old and new into the jack alternately Ears. Damn! There is a kettledrum, but there it is simply not there! That is not all. Maybe the musician left at this time?!)) Looks like some kind of trick! I sit with my mouth open. Now in new ears, listening to Ennio Morricone and thoughts are carried away somewhere far-oooo … to the Indian prairies, where mustangs jump and lemmings graze .. I think I even hear the rustle of grass under their small paws))) After three hours listening, ears do not sweat, head does not hurt. By the way, the input cable does not come traditionally to the left, to the right cup. I didn’t notice it right away, wondering why my old headphones had a piano in one side, and in these ones in the other)) Now everything is ok)) PS. Finished listening to Ennio, listening to Brick in the wall. The sound allows you to empathize with schoolchildren from the heart .. Already horror !!!

Romanov Maxim

Pluses: Light, cool sounding, well insulating.
Disadvantages: Hair gets pinched in the structure.
Disadvantages: Steep ears. I bought it for my wife, she's not happy about it. They don't press on the head, nothing is heard outside, the sound is awesome, the top, bottom – everything is very elaborate, immerses you in the music perfectly.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Sound, control, durability
Disadvantages: Not very comfortable, squeezes too much, too long rim, which will definitely cling to the collar of the jacket and the hood!
Disadvantages: The package bundle is good: a hard case in the shape of headphones, two wires, with and without control (though it’s not clear why the cable is needed without control), and the ears themselves. Ideal for iPod / iPhone as a replacement for standard plugs. But don't expect more from them! The sound is average … Although for its class you can even call it good. Могу с уверенностью сказать, что из среднего плеера или хорошего смартфона они звучат не хуже некоторых моделей Marshall и B&W, а стоят вдвое дешевле! The control button on the cable has the usual functionality: volume, pause / play, hold down the voice name of the track and switch to the next track when pressed twice. This is quite convenient. Also, when calling from iPhone, they turn into a headset. In general, I was pleased with the purchase in due time, until I listened to full-size headphones! … Now the Momentum is safely stowed in the case and enjoy the ATH M50X, the difference in sound is obvious in favor of the latter. But for the inexperienced or novice listener, as well as for owners of iPod / iPhone, they are quite suitable. So I would not say that the purchase was unsuccessful, the headphones fulfill their purpose 100%.


Advantages: beautiful design, variety of colors, excellent sound quality! Literally crystal clear sound! Includes 2 covers: soft cloth, the most comfortable one, and with a rigid frame. A couple of years warranty.
Disadvantages: price) well, with long listening, they put pressure on my head, I get tired. Not very sound absorption, ordinary plugs are more convenient for the street.
Disadvantages: I took it as a gift for myself in a beautiful dirty pink color. I use it at home, listening to music on the computer) My favorite ears, so cool! The sound is powerful, at full volume without even putting on your ears, when they just lie on the table, everything is perfectly audible

Khlebnikova Irina

Advantages: 1 – price 2 – sound 3 – package 4 – design
Disadvantages: noise cancellation, but as anyone, I personally do not need complete isolation, I would not want to hear the signal of a car driving from behind, etc.
Disadvantages: I am completely satisfied with the purchase. I bought a bit pro to replace. In my opinion, the sound is on a level better + the design is more pleasant to me. They fit completely in size, fit snugly, but they are comfortable, sometimes I don't even notice that they are wearing headphones.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: – Pleasant and balanced sound, albeit with a slight accent of low frequencies – really chic design (everything is thought out from packaging to ear pads) – adapts well to the shape of the head and ears
Disadvantages: – trouble with sound insulation both from the outside and inside (although vryatli this can be called a disadvantage, since they are positioned as open) – owners of big ears may not be quite comfortable (I'm fine) – the case is made of a suede substitute, which is not quite practical when constantly carried in a bag (very easily soiled)
Disadvantages: In general, the ears sound and look good for their money, and a well-thought-out design creates a feeling of a premium product.The remote control partly works with Fiio X1 (you can turn on / off playback and double-click the button to scroll the tracks forward, unfortunately you cannot adjust the sound)

Ilya Mikhail

Advantages: Design, bought a classic model in leather at a discount for 5 thousand. certainly look amazing, red firmware on black leather, just super.
Disadvantages: Sound, ugly, it never gets worse … It seems that the resistance is small 18 ohms in total, but even my most powerful Hyscreen boost 3 pro from which Bitsy about 32 ohms yells in full at a little more than half the volume does not fully swing them. So I did not begin to exploit them. lain for a year and sold for 3 thousand. Compared to Bitsy, it's just awful. Didn't expect this from Zenheiser …

Bochkarev Igor

Pluses: Juicy, clean surround sound. At the same time, they look very good! A good solution for a detachable cable. Comfortable
Disadvantages: When working from a PC, the remote control does not function
Disadvantages: Very happy with the purchase

Sburger Piter

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