Sennheiser IE 60 headphones

Sennheiser IE 60 headphones

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Specifications Headphones Sennheiser IE 60

main parameters

Device type headphones
View plug-in (plugs)
A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 10 – 18000 Hz
Sensitivity 115 dBA
Impedance 16 ohm
Harmonic coefficient 0.1%
Weight 5 g
Isolation from external noise 20 dBA


Mount type without fastening
Cable type symmetric


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone jack shape L-shaped
Length of cable 1.2 m


Features: neodymium magnets, replaceable ear pads
Number of pairs of replaceable ear pads included 3
Carrying case / case included there is

Reviews of Sennheiser IE 60 Headphones

Pluses: Sound build quality rich bass
Disadvantages: not found
Disadvantages: Bought in the region of 5 thousand in November 2013, lost in May 2017, they would have lived like this, despite the fact that he gave it a few months before for repairs. The sound is gorgeous, the bass in a duet with the apple technique was very pleasing! for this price has not yet found a better headphone

Alexey Kuznetsov

Pluses: Good bass! Rich average. Awesome clean but lacking drive. The sound has a flat frequency response, but as for me, it lacks drive.
Disadvantages: The cable turns into a wire in the cold. The behind-the-ear type is not very comfortable.
Disadvantages: I recommend wearing elastic bands, as they have a wider stage and less music in your head, you can listen to more songs without discomfort.

xz xz

Advantages: sound, cable is rigid and does not get tangled
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: They sat down comfortably. It looks like a quality product. A huge difference in sound to my old Creative EP-630s. The packaging is stupid. Recommend. Upd: These headphones fell apart after six months of home use. I will never buy Sennheiser again.

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Pluses: Everything!
Disadvantages: The bass is a little lacking, but this is a feature that expires from the destination (monitoring the midrange and treble) (as well as the Kevlar thread, due to which the wire dunks in the cold) When walking, you can hear the cable rubbing against clothes if the music is quiet
Disadvantages: For 3 years he killed CX6 Travel (analogue of IE60), stepped 3 times directly on the “ears” themselves, glued 7 times, probably, also fastening the earphone to the wire after 2 years began to move away a little, reinforced with electrical tape (It happens when you often remove one ear to hear someone). In the end, when the plastic on which the ear pads are attached fell off again, I safely lost it) I recently bought these. I recommend to everyone who does not mind the money for good sound and indestructible (well, almost))) headphones

Erkhov Alexey

Advantages: The sound is smooth, with an emphasis on MF and HF, but there is enough bass. Heard everything, with a normal source Landing. The fit is good, the BTE wire sits comfortably enough. Choose ear pads that suit you – the sound depends on it Cable and jack. In general, everything is fine here, along the entire length of the cable – nothing was torn or frayed. Jack is beyond praise, reliable as a rock. Someone does not straighten the wire due to its tanning. For me personally, this is a plus – it is securely fixed and does not rub. Scene. Almost everything is audible. In the classics – almost any instrument, but you have to make an effort. Well, you need a good source and format of the Ear cushions – there are enough of them to choose for yourself. For three years they never broke – then I had to buy more. I think this is enough time for such a product.
Disadvantages: The wire near the speakers – breaks if you pull on it or if you catch it in the subway. Repairing such a malfunction in a HH costs 1k, the warranty does not apply. The box is not needed. They are not suitable for her, she is stupid from e80. Wore it a couple of times on trips. Wire – due to its tanning in the cold, the insulation can stupidly break, and the wires inside can be frayed. This was his death. Small mic effect – only audible when listening to classical music. Noise isolation is not up to par, but decent.
Disadvantages: In general, very cool headphones. You need to take care of them, select or purchase ear pads that suit you and enjoy. Wore it for five years. I will copy the review I wrote two years ago. “To summarize. In general, the headphones justified themselves. And there are two more fixes on top. The sound – as for me, is ideal. There is no brute force on the bass, the treble and the midrange are balanced. . Demanding on the bit rate and the player. At least I did not like listening from the iPad, as well as Sony. I did not try to listen through a computer. when you are inside), but on the street you can not hear voices, screams, etc. Freely walked around Moscow in the summer and heard only music and specific sounds (see above) Demanding nozzles – toiled with nozzles for a long time and persistently. Only empirical experience. only that they should hold in the ears when turning the head. Because of the structure of the skull, in general, I had to correct every half hour in the left ear. The sound became different. The wire becomes dubbed at -5-7. For me, this is more a plus than a minus, but still . In the volume, you need to find a golden gray one – not too loud and not too quiet. I listened to about 1/4 of the player's power (Apple Ipod 6). Again, most of the songs are in Apple Lossless format. Now a less unpleasant detail is the repair. Three times I took them to repair. Headphone insulation breakage. Be very careful when wearing – remove carefully, use a clothespin, do not jerk. Repairing such a fix costs 900-1000 rubles in DH. Well, you can strengthen this whole thing with a crystal moment – they held on for another six months x) In general, perfect. I have never regretted either the purchase or the repair. They justified themselves. Stock (without warming up) – give out about 60% of what they can. I warmed them a little (about 3-4 hours) stupidly leaving the music to play in the player. I don't care about the case, I rarely used it and in extreme cases. ”

Mordvinkin Pavel

Pluses: Sound, quality, durability.
Disadvantages: The wire becomes dull at low temperatures.
Disadvantages: Good headphones, I use it every day on the subway. Excellent noise insulation, very durable wire

Gromov Sergey

Pluses: Strong cord and plug. The comfortable shape of the headphones themselves. Very clear sound. Both at high and low frequencies. Amazing unpretentiousness to weather conditions. There is no even a hint of possible damage associated with mechanical stress.
Disadvantages: For more than a year they did not appear, and some initial “tightness” of the sound disappeared after warming up
Disadvantages: Many all complain about the tanning wire. Gentlemen, this is just a wild plus! The wire remembers the position and fits perfectly on the ear. Plus, I hardly worry about breaking the wire with him. And this is the very problem. I had the same Sennheiser CX 300 and 400 … And one problem. No matter how I did not wrap them up, there were breaks at the plug and ears. Or a separator. There were complaints about the fact that the ears were poorly kept. Everything is solved with different plugs. And they fit perfectly, the insulation is excellent. As a summary, I will write the following. If you want great ears for music or professional equipment, but small in size and excellent durability for years – take Sennheiser IE 60. Their price will pay off with years of excellent service

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Advantages: Probably many will not understand why this commentary, but he wrote it specifically for musicians. I must say right away that I ordered them for a personal monitoring radio system, and not for listening to music. Good sound insulation, really good, despite the fact that the drummer rolls in, the mix launched into them is very readable. If there is only one driver, they transmit frequencies well (I put a hat with a kick, 3 vocals and a guitar in them), the instruments do not clog each other. Pleases a pro-chewed cord. I think 3-4 years when using 6-8 hours a week will live. Comfortable fit, although I do not use the plug-in earhooks, they do not stick out on the stage and do not strive to fly off, even if you are jumping. The box is not very convenient, but at least protects when stored with the rest of the vocal stack.
Disadvantages: Probably the price, for the entry-class IEMs, 6500 is a little expensive, although this is more due to the jump in currency. For 4000 it would be just right.
Disadvantages: I had a lot of fun reading the comments about the thick, tanning wire, weak bass, fitting “behind the ears”, case “for show-off”. Comrades, Sennheiser IE 60 (like IE 40, IE 80) are not headphones for listening to music. These are semi-professional in-ear monitors for radio personal monitoring systems for musicians on stage. And all these “shortcomings”, such as thick, tanning wires or fit over the ears, are necessary parameters for the real target audience of these headphones. On the stage, the propelled wire and miniJack with the letter “G” make it possible to jump without fear that the wire will break or the plug will fly out of the receiver. Weak bass is due to the fact that vocalists buy radio monitoring most often and the frequency of the driver is designed for monitoring vocals, guitar, keys. For those who want to listen to music through headphones of this quality, Sennheiser has specially developed household models of these headphones (the name is the same, only instead of the number “60” there will be a number “6” in the model name), with more balanced frequencies, a soft wire. So if you just want to listen to good music in good quality, then buy Sennheiser IE4, IE6, IE8, and you will be happy without stale wires and worn out ears.

Makarov Evgeniy

Pluses: 0) Comfortable. Personally, I really like the behind-the-ear fit, especially without the temples. The headphones sit comfortably and do not fall out of the ears at the slightest impact on the wire. 1) Good sound. Powerful, clear, crisp, loud. Unfortunately, I only listen to them from my phone, so maybe they are even better than I think. 2) Tight jack. By sight, touch, and time – a jack that cannot be killed. 3) Beautiful case 🙂
Disadvantages: The only (fatal) drawback of the headphones is their wire attachment to the headphones themselves. Due to the fact that the entire earpiece is made of hard plastic, the wire at the entrance to the earphone is frayed, as a result of which the sound in it disappears. In my case, there was a 3-year warranty from the Doctor Head store, which, fortunately, covered this case, as a result of which I was given new headphones. But again, exactly a year later they were frayed again and sent for warranty repair. This happened 3 times during the warranty period (the first time the headphones were frayed in a little less than a year). Unfortunately, now the warranty is over, and the headphones' wire at the left channel is frayed again 🙂 Perhaps the demise of the wires could have been delayed by the toe of the fixing arms, but alas, for my taste, they press too hard on the ear. I'm looking for an analog. It is also worth noting the loss of elasticity of the wire at temperatures below 5-10 degrees Celsius (at a glance).
Disadvantages: High-quality model with good sound and solid build. Alas, not without flaws (see flaws).


Pluses: Good sound, nice bass and treble.
Disadvantages: Stably break in 10-12 months (tested on two models). Moreover, they break immediately wherever possible (cable at the ears, cable at the plug), so it makes little sense to fix it, don't even waste it.
Disadvantages: If you want something durable, look for a removable cable. Alternatively IE80 or cheaper Shure SE215

Kirill Kleymenov

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