Sennheiser HD 800 headphones

Sennheiser HD 800 headphones

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Specifications Headphones Sennheiser HD 800

main parameters

Device type headphones
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A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 6 – 51000 Hz
Sensitivity 102 dBA
Impedance 300 Ohm
Harmonic coefficient 0.02%
Weight 260 g


Mount type headband
Cable type detachable
Cable connection bilateral
Contact pressure 3.4 N


Headphone jack jack 6.3 mm
Length of cable 3m


Features: oxygen-free copper wires

Reviews of Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

Pros: Honest sound Comfortable fit Lightweight
Disadvantages: Price Deceiving loudness Materials Demanding on the source
Disadvantages: These headphones in the world of bass counterparts at first seem somewhat strange, but over time it becomes clear that it is in other headphones that there is a lot of bass, behind which hides a banal inability to correctly convey it. Landing, at least for me personally, but you need to monitor the cable – you can feel its weight. Thanks to the use of plastic, the headphones are incredibly light for their size, but this is both a plus in terms of weight and a minus in terms of materials. Although so far it's hard for me to judge the durability of local plastic. Headphones are very demanding on the source and reveal all the flaws. Moreover, both the hardware and the files being played are important. Perhaps this is due to the fact that these are my first headphones of this class, but I was struck by the danger of increasing the volume. With these headphones, there is no sense of wrong / unnatural sound – it just gets louder. You can also damage your ears if you are not careful. As for the price, then let everyone judge for himself. From my point of view, the price / quality ratio is quite decent.

Sorokin Boris

Advantages: Beautiful, comfortable, acoustic music really plays in them better than anywhere else.
Disadvantages: Headphones are very demanding on the source. VERY! They want an extremely powerful amplifier and a DAC with a gentle and soft sound. Despite the fact that it is extremely expensive and difficult to assemble an ideal system with them, pop music and rock will still sound extremely mediocre.

Kavinsky Victor

Pluses: Inexpensive headphones with adequate sound. (inexpensive for my employer, I would not take it for myself)))). As for me, they are very convenient for evaluating the whole scene! just fine!
Disadvantages: the quality is just shlachina !!!! Are you serious damn ??? peeling skin and cracking insulation of the wire on the headphones for 50k ????

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: 1. Comfortable 2. Detailed, clear sound 3. Design
Disadvantages: They sit on my head personally for me ideally: nothing presses, does not dangle (in comparison with others that were available and tested). There is no bias in the bass (as in the pro 380) or in the highs, as for example in the T1 buyers. The scene is practically without pre-beauty, as many write here, it is analytical, neutral sound. For more than 3 years of use, there are no complaints: someone here has a cord diverging or paint peels off – I did not notice, I keep the headphones in a box, the main part of the cord is wound so as not to dangle and not interfere). I am 100% satisfied with the headphones.


Pluses: Excellent resolution, very convenient.
Disadvantages: the naturalness of the “sound picture” is sacrificed for analyticity
Disadvantages: I've been listening to them for more than 3 years and love them with all my heart. I immediately changed the stock cable to a balanced one, which significantly improved the accuracy of transmission and the scale of the scene, the “native” xlr CH 800S completely suits me. In my combination with the HDVA600 and Benchmark DAC1, the headphones are capable of reproducing very detailed, rich timbre sound. Unfortunately, the HD800 will show you the flaws of every component in your system. A peculiar presentation of sound allows you to see the slightest nuances like through a microscope, although in my opinion people hear the world around them differently, the “frequency response of reality” is not the same as in the 800s. It will be fair to say that no headphones will give an absolute correspondence of the recording to the real sound, but if we put “information content” at the forefront – these headphones are one of the best instruments existing today. The HD800's soundstage presentation is most similar to the stall or side-bed experience (depending on the recording), but you won't feel like you're on stage with the musicians, which is probably right. There are some (not literal) similarities in the nature of the sound with the AKG Q701, but the 701s put the performer much closer to the listener and simplify the timbres, which is not strange given the cost of the latter. With the purchase of the HD800, I stopped listening to the Denon d7000 and started appreciating solid-state amplifiers more. I have not yet been lucky enough to hear a tube sound of at least a similar resolution. By the way, for several years of using the HD650, I never fell in love with them and sold them without great regrets, but I appreciate the HD800 and I am not going to change them.

Vinokurov Vyacheslav

Pluses: Great sound! Although the bass may seem a little …
Disadvantages: there were 2 cables, both original. – the first one just died, less than a year later, for no apparent reason. (besides, during this time, I used the headphones only 3-4 times, at first I thought the amp was dead, but no – the cable!) – the second had a bare shell, near the connectors … I'm waiting for it to die 🙂 What can I say … apparently the policy of the company is … to produce “quality” products so that the demand for them does not fall. And what else to do when the cable dies – of course, buy a new one! and his price is just right … at the current rate of 15-20 thousand rubles.
Disadvantages: In the current realities, the price, in my opinion, is overpriced, you can find no less high-quality analogues, perhaps better. I say this even though I am a fan of Sennheiser products with a sensible value for money.

Pirozhkov Mikhail

Advantages: Light, healthy, extremely comfortable, sound
Disadvantages: Sound
Disadvantages: After almost a year of communication with these headphones, I decided to completely rewrite my review. So: The headphones are just gorgeous! You do not understand this immediately, but only after some time has passed. They are lightweight, comfortable on the head, give out the most detailed, crystal clear and transparent sound, very different from all previous models (I listened to the 595th, 600th, and 650th), it is rather difficult to describe it in words, you must hear it! The sound stage is as if a little far away, but at the same time it is by no means muffled, the impression that you are sitting in an anechoic concert hall. You can make out the slightest nuance of sound, where you simply cannot hear it with other equipment. But there is a technical nuance that is worth dwelling on in detail: For the first time I listened to them in one well-known store, where they came with an alternative, expensive silver cable costing headphones and .. I absolutely did not like it. I forgot about them for a long time, I used my 880 buyers and enjoyed my life, but my soul asked for variety and so I came to listen to them again, listened and asked the consultants “what will happen if you change the cable?” and immediately found out that the cable was just not native, I decided to check what would happen if I connected it as usual from the box and … lo and behold! Bass appeared in the headphones (before it was not from the word “ALL”) and the middle became saturated, I never thought that the cable could change the sound so much! Also, in fairness, it should be noted that with “copper” costing “only half of the headphones”, they sounded better than with their own. I listened to them from my source and with my music. Source: ASUS Essence One MKII Muses Edition. Music is played on them only classical or other melodic. It is worth putting metal or something more dynamic with an electric guitar and all the charm of the headphones disappears, the sound becomes flat and tasteless, but they were clearly created for connoisseurs of sound, and not a jumble of sounds, which in fact are many modern genres.

Legion Constantine

Pluses: The sound is really great. The bass is slightly less than in the HD650. Rather, there is a different bass, apparently the HD650 has a small peak around 60Hz, so they “hammer” harder. Also, after other headphones, at first it seemed that these whistle too much about 5 kHz. But then you get used to it and don't notice. In general, there are no complaints about the sound.
Disadvantages: In terms of price / quality ratio – less profitable option than cheaper HD650s. They certainly sound better, but not twice. Further, I have owned them for about one and a half years and have to admit that the quality of the cheaper HD650 and even HD595 was higher. During this time, there were the following problems: 1) After about a year, the insulation on the parts of the wire suitable for the headphones broke or parted as if it had been cut along the length, exposing the conductors inside. I have never seen this anywhere, even in a cheap CX300, and even more so I did not expect it in headphones with a recommended price of $ 1400. I've seen similar complaints from other users on audiophile forums, so this seems to be a fairly common problem. 2) The headband overlay is a plate made of transparent plexiglass with slots, to which a foam rubber pad is glued and all this is wrapped in Alcantara on top. In this case, some kind of low-quality glue is used – the alcantara has come off and slips, and the plexiglass plate has cracked in many places and would have crumbled long ago if it were not for the foam rubber to which it is glued. Maybe this stupid glue affects her that way. The headphones were used carefully enough, they did not drop on the floor – just like my other headphones, including Sennheiser. All these parts can be bought online, but they are quite expensive – the original cable is about $ 200 and the patch – about $ 40 ($ 40, Karl !!!) Sennhesier tech support is absent as a class – writing to them is a waste of time. They didn't even kick off somewhere – they just ignore it.

Shardan zar

Pluses: Detail, stereo panorama. Excellent low frequencies, do not mumble or overwhelm everything else.
Disadvantages: Very noticeable resonance around 7-10 kHz. Harsh high frequencies. The sound varies greatly depending on the position of the headphones on the head. Peeling silver paint. The headband is not very comfortable for me personally. The set includes only one thick hard cable with a 6.5mm jack.
Disadvantages: Nice headphones, but the price seems too high.

Zuev Pavel

Advantages: 1. Gorgeous sound in all respects. 2. Very lightweight and comfortable. 3. Qualitatively made (really hand-made in Germany). 4. Excellent bundled cable 3 meters long.
Disadvantages: Nuances, not disadvantages: 1. Expensive (but these are top headphones, and the price / quality ratio is excellent). 2. They need a high quality source and a separate headphone amplifier. 3. Someone may lack bass. 4. “Pull out” all the flaws of the recording and your audio system.
Disadvantages: Excellent dynamic Hi-End headphones. The sound with a transistor headphone amplifier (class A) is very good. Headphones have a “light” sound. In general, top is top. I recommend to music lovers and audiophiles! A couple of photos:

Kamensky Roman

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