Scarlett SC-KP45S01

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Specifications Scarlett SC-KP45S01

General characteristics

A type chopper
Power 200 watts
Bowl capacity no data
Blender not
Control number of speeds: 1


Juicer not
Meat grinder not
Miller not
Nozzles grater: 2 included, nozzle for slicing the total number nozzles: 4


Execution case: plastic
Power cord with storage compartment
Rubber feet there is
Additional Information chocolate grater

Reviews on Scarlett SC-KP45S01

Pluses: Described in comments
Minuses: Described in comments
Minuses: I definitely won’t use it every day, I wash it all every time I didn’t really like the vegetable cutter. I recommend washing with using a toothbrush, otherwise you can cut your hands. Also minus in that the pieces of vegetables scatter around, that is, after you have to wash the entire kitchen, from the unit itself to gender. Disappointed in the cabbage nozzle, cuts haphazardly, thin strips and large pieces are obtained. But it’s convenient to chop beets and carrots in large quantities, freeze and use of necessity. Their vegetable slicer slices very quickly. therefore the impression of the purchase is ambiguous – there is not much enthusiasm, but I can’t say that the model is bad either.

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Pluses: I liked everything
Minuses: All described below
Disadvantages: How many times due to commonplace laziness or lack time to do everything manually had to deprive yourself of your favorite dishes. FROM with such a grinder and soups, dressing can be made for seconds, and for gravy, and for salads – and so quickly with this is easy that sheer delight. Now even tired after work is not difficult to please the family with normal, nutritious food, and not so whipped up in a frying pan thrown. Pleasantly pleased that the thing is not noisy at all, like that the button it is fixed and it does not need to be clamped for work, a mouth spacious, no need to grind vegetables before slicing. I recommend, in general!

Archaeus Vlad

Pluses: The sound of the engine is quiet and saves my precious time.
Minuses: Everything is fine
Minuses: Once on YouTube, I saw such a culinary video chopper – already squeaked, I want! He saves so much time proto nightmare! A huge bucket of salad in 15 minutes! Mulinex wanted to take, but they are more expensive on contracts, and this model is just perfect)

Baikalskaya Olga

Pluses: Pleasant, low engine sound. Power 200 watts. Previously used Kitfort grater, it published a sharp nasty high-pitched sound, screeched, like a chopped pig 😀
Disadvantages: 1. unsuccessful form of notches on grater nozzles, it is difficult to wash, vegetables are constantly stuck in a grater brush only, and for a very long time. 2. tightly inserted compartment for nozzles in the housing. 3. when shredding cabbage nozzle cylinder clogs up completely, and you have to pick out from there tightly rammed cabbage with a fork or screwdriver))) 4. very large in height. Does not fit in any cabinet)))
Minuses: handed back to the store. bad model.


Pluses: Design, copes with its responsibilities. A perfect set of nozzles.
Minuses: Not yet found.
Disadvantages: It needed a vegetable cutter, not a harvester. I bought Binatone at first, but returned to the store. Did not live up to expectations. what Regarding this model, then super! There is enough power. Reworked a bucket of carrots quickly and without problems. Nozzle-grater does not look familiar, but slices are obtained as it should. Small pieces do not go anywhere clogged, nozzle and body fit snugly together. Very convenient loading mouth, quite capacious. Button inclusion is fixed, no need to keep constantly. Another bonus cord retracts into the compartment in the housing. The only thing I have is very tight in The case is inserted into the nozzle compartment. And a little bit from carrots painted white plastic. But the general impression does not spoil. IN In general, I am happy with the purchase.

Savranian Alice

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