Saratov 452 (KSh-120)

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characteristics of Saratov 452 (KSh-120)

General characteristics

Freezer from above
Color / Coating Material white / plastic
Control electromechanical
Energy consumption class B (219 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Number of cameras 1
Number of doors 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) 48x59x87.5 cm


Defrosting the freezer manual
Defrosting the refrigerator manual
Minimum temperature in the freezer -12 ° C


Overall volume 122 l
Volume of the refrigerator 107 l
Freezer volume 15 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Weight 38 kg

Reviews of Saratov 452 (KSh-120)

Pluses: Comfortable, very quiet. Full freezer (not just cooling like in other small models). For two places enough. In use 4 years, not a single problem or breakdown! Integrated with lockers 50 cm deep.
Disadvantages: Height 87.5 did not allow to fit under one countertop with mini-kitchen, had to do a two-level working surface. The height of the part above the refrigerator turned out 90.1 cm. With countertop. For a woman of average height, this too high, and the difference looks ugly. Plastic the shelves are thin, I have them preserved, but it’s better if it’s thicker were.
Minuses: We kindly ask the manufacturer! Get started the release of such a model with a height of 83 cm. A lot is being built now studio apartments, offices and cottages are equipped with kitchen corners. This is the most popular format !!!


Advantages: 1) Compactness. 2) Quiet work. 3) Sufficient capacity. 4) High liquidity on sale.
Disadvantages: During use were not observed.
Minuses: a refrigerator was purchased for a rented apartment on a period of 2-3 months (at the time of repairing your home) Requirements were: height about a meter, the presence of a freezer, quiet operation, minimum price. Searching used refrigerators matching requirements, I quickly found that before the beginning of the summer season they were seized like hot cakes, so it was decided to buy new, to subsequently sell it. This model turned out to be quite suitable: inexpensive, small, but roomy device stores 3-4 days food supply for two people and has a full freezer. At first, the Chinese Huayi compressor was embarrassing, but he, firstly, it works very quietly, and secondly, no crushing I did not find reviews on this unit. The refrigerator itself is generally very quiet, excellent performance: even at power level “1” you need to cover the flap in the freezer tray, otherwise the products on the upper shelves of the refrigerator compartment freeze through. Per month the freezer did not freeze, it was not necessary to thaw yet. Wherein a temperature of -12 degrees in it allows you to save ice cream soft and tasty, and in summer this is the main thing! :-).


Pluses: freezes well, reliable, survived winters on country house
Disadvantages: manual defrost, one camera
Minuses: This refrigerator was bought at the cottage as a second refrigerator. He survived winters in a summer house, when turned on, it works like this it’s good. Normal price-performance ratio.

Korshunova Natasha

Advantages: Price, compactness, reliability of the compressor (already you can say), a removable fruit box and a shelf – you can desire to put the bag)
Disadvantages: 1. Many have already written – freezer. This is quiet horror! Smooth adjustment – no. It becomes ice covered very quickly (in instructions, however, it is written that every 2 weeks maintenance, but then it’s cheaper to dig a cellar! 2. Thawing the same freezers. No matter how you put the tray, there is a puddle on the floor. 3. Generally would like send a huge hello to fellow engineers. All problems are clear miscalculations. For example: WHY put a light bulb at the bottom near freezers, if from below it is closed by a tray ?! 4. The ice freezes in including due to leaks. Leaks – consequence different levels vertically of the side and bottom walls (about 1.0 -1.5 mm). No sealing gum will eat such a difference 5. Fragile plastic. I will not repeat myself.
Minuses: Purchased in 2011. Instead of a failed compact SUPRA (still Japanese). It cost 6470 rubles. The benefit is second refrigerator in the house. Yes, very successfully transferred the heat to 2013-2014 Still alive. Now thawing (already 14 hours). As a cheap unit for cooling beer to the country – maybe. how fridge – Think hard. No wife could with him reconcile nor me. Such import substitution is definitely not necessary. Well not that it is SARATOV that Made in USSR

Akilin Andrey

Advantages: Quiet, simple, reliable
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I was looking for a small, not expensive refrigerator in the room. For this money there were only indesit and sarats. I decided to take ours. A year and a half has passed. During this time, nothing happened to him, according to still works great. 2 times defrosting – a fur coat is growing, but this is not difficult. At the same time, you can wash it properly. The refrigerator is real no noise. I hear how the compressor turns on / off, but it’s not interferes.

Makarov Yan

Pluses: compact, roomy, quiet
Disadvantages: each turn on of the refrigerator was accompanied click, but then it all went away
Disadvantages: excellent fridge economy option to the cottage or in room. The freezer freezes well after a month No snow formed in the chamber during operation.


Advantages: Compact, while quite roomy, if correctly position the shelves. Since its height is barely waist-high creates an additional work surface in a cramped kitchen – I have on it stood a blender, a kitchen scale, a juicer .. No noise noticed. Price-quality ratio. Ideal for a rental apartment – in the event of a move, two men will lift it without difficulty. In a straight line its purpose – freezing and cooling products – no no complaints.
Disadvantages: In the first couple of years, almost everything broke plastic parts – partitions of door shelves, top cover egg compartments (it’s their own fault, they closed the refrigerator at raised lid, and on the other hand – ergonomic miscalculation ..), the door of the freezer, when it is covered with ice, it’s better not to pull it very much – there is a chance that it comes off (though, then it sticks into place, but the precipitate remained …). When defrosting, you must be on duty with a rag – part of the water honestly drains into the pan through a straw, but what around the freezer has grown – it will be on the floor.
Disadvantages: I bought in the kitchen of the removable Khrushchev “on the lack of fish”, As a result, he worked for 4 years, survived the move, is now moving to the dacha – everything is too small for a family of three, and it is better to have a freezer in a separate chamber. Minimum Option first time”.


Advantages: Price. high reliability. Perhaps the narrowest of famous
Minuses: Design. noise (I would like this baby worked quieter)
Minuses: Good old Saratov. as simple as an electric broom .. and equally reliable. yes noisy … tenacious.

Avdeev Alexey

Pluses: Cools well, works quietly.
Disadvantages: Defrost should be every six months.
Disadvantages: In its category, a very high-quality refrigerator. Cools well: temperature at the top of the refrigerator to zero can be set. It does not work. Despite the small dimensions, quite roomy. Of course you have to defrost “coat” in the freezer. But twice a year is not so difficult.

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Pluses: Quiet enough.
Disadvantages: In the summer, a freezer overgrows with ice very quickly.
Disadvantages: It’s not good for a summer residence. In summer, every 2 weeks have to defrost the freezer !!! Annoying. Freezer very quickly overgrown with ice, respectively, and in the refrigerator it is getting warmer. You have to constantly turn the thermostat.

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