Samsung RB-37 J5441SA

Samsung RB-37 J5441SA

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Specifications Samsung RB-37 J5441SA

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material silver / plastic / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A + (314 kWh / year)
Inverter type compressor Yes
Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 59.5×67.5×201 cm


Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Vacation Mode there is
Additional features super freezing, temperature indication


Overall volume 367 l
Volume of the refrigerator 269 ​​l
Freezer volume 98 l

Other functions and features

Display there is
Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Climate class SN, T
Weight 72 kg

Samsung RB-37 J5441SA Reviews

Pluses: I have a refrigerator for now (1 month of use) completely satisfied. Quiet, roomy. Shelf for bottles is very comfortable. I didn’t understand about eggs, they write reviews that they are not visited on side shelves. I enclose the photo, I have everything ok with this. He looks very pretty. Shelves of good quality, not flimsy. Roomy freezer. Large compartment for storing vegetables. Conveniently clean. Rubbed with a rag and glitters.
Minuses: So far, everything is ok. If there are problems, recall I will update.
Minuses: For your money, an excellent refrigerator. I chose between Hayer and Samsung, after both saw in the store, the choice was made in favor of the latter, which I did not regret at all.

Irina Irina

Pluses: Great design and attractive metallic color, which give modernity to the kitchen, reliability, convenience in operation, spaciousness – you can probably put everything in it whatever)), silence during work (the kitchen is small, I’m sitting almost next to the fridge and almost can’t hear it)
Minuses: There is no separate place for ice in the freezer, have to dodge with a third-party tray
Minuses: Suddenly died the old Soviet refrigerator and it’s time to replace him. I did not have to think long, because the technique Samsung has long established itself as the best home helper, well and of course a great choice for the price of quality – work flawlessly vacuum cleaner, tv and air conditioning. The only thing – I thought for a long time about the location of the freezer and the dimensions of the refrigerator itself, well and the budget is naturally not infinite) As a result, the choice fell on this wonderful refrigerator and I didn’t regret about buying

Shamritsky eduard

Pluses: good accommodation
Minuses: I haven’t seen any disadvantages yet
Minuses: Lovely fridge for its price, very The freshness area was pleased with the department. Large capacity certainly huge plus. Modern design, it looks very expensive. The metallic color wins against the rest.

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Pluses: Silent, economical
Minuses: Until I found
Disadvantages: I was literally persuaded to buy this particular model. I don’t at all listen to the opinion of the consultant in the store, since I think their advice is too subjective. But, something went wrong and I after all, it was the five thousandth ERBE that was ordered. Firstly, very economical, noted saving energy consumption, secondly, children often open the refrigerator (I don’t know what they are looking for there) and at the same time he does not form ice like my past “white friend”. And the third, perhaps most importantly, this is the function of storing large-volume products. Really happy! It is necessary to put the champagne to cool, pushed top shelf, no problem. and yet, she noted that she was leaving completely the bottom drawer of the freezer, which allows you to easily get last year’s a piece of meat that lurks at the back wall. I think we liked each other.

Kiseleva Julia

Pluses: stylish design. Simple in service.
Minuses: narrow color palette for selection
Minuses: Stylish design. Reliable in exploitation. Roomy (ideal for a large family). Economical on electricity consumption. Quietly working. Easy to move around. Not places inaccessible for washing. It is a pity that it is not presented in wide color gamut – my dream is blue-green, crazy, in color of kitchen furniture.

Orlov Alexander

Pluses: very roomy, no smell consumes not much electricity.
Minuses: All the same, a little expensive
Minuses: Here I will only say my personal opinion on use of this refrigerator. Overall refrigerator wonderful, in addition to good build quality, it also has quite modern design that fits well into my interior and will fit into any modern one. The only negative in it is the price, although … it is entirely possible that I’m just too greedy. Generally , as I said, the only negative is this price and the one who it he will buy himself, he will certainly be satisfied!

babitsky cyril

Pluses: Large volume. Display with settings. Silent work due to inverter compressor.
Minuses: Great price, even though it’s a good brand and quality. The height is very large. I climbed into the kitchen through the openings just now.
Minuses: I liked it at first sight. I bought in the spring. Large volume, freezes 12 kg per day. Quiet and saves electricity due to inverter compressor. Probably will serve long. Very stylish, for me even matte. Cool display on door-all settings are visible, controlled in one click. On each shelf limiter. There are a lot of shelves diverse. I would have ordered food myself; there would have been no worries at all. The only negative is, of course, the high price in Russia.

Maxim Lopatkin

Advantages: Roomy, consumes little energy (in compared to our previous refrigerator). Freezer works with a bang.
Minuses: Fortunately, not found.
Minuses: In addition to the advantages I will write that with ease opens, sometimes it happens that over time, refrigerators the doors open with difficulty. Although this model is not so with us for a long time, I think hey it does not threaten. In general, price justifies quality. Honestly, I love the products of this company (I have a TV, a smartphone, a refrigerator, a microwave and I’m thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner again), albeit sometimes you have to overpay a little (brand after all), but pay for QUALITY!

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Pluses: Really a lot of space, great design, multifunctional solutions
Minuses: Price
Disadvantages: For a long time they chose the whole family, they started with the design, wanted to match the design style of the new kitchen. Then started learn functions, could not resist the quick freeze system and a separate zone of freshness. In general, everyone is happy.

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Pluses: Roomy, quiet, open door alarm, ice backlight
Minuses: They have already written about an egg stand; there isn’t any for it a separate place on the door. The same with the ice stand, for there is no separate place in the freezer. Put it filled with water one of the baskets of the freezer is uncomfortable.
Disadvantages: Two spoons of tar in one barrel of honey – a bit too much. Behind such money could think of little things.

tlt briz

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