Russell Hobbs 21150

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Russell Hobbs 21150 Specifications


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2200 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material plastic


Safety cover lock
Filter there is, material: nylon
Temperature controller there is a step, 60 – 100 degrees.
Display there is
Inclusion indication there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Additional Information temperature maintenance function

Russell Hobbs 21150 Reviews

Advantages: – beautiful – quickly boils – you can choose necessary water temperature (25-100 degrees) – there is a function temperature maintenance – you can always see what water temperature is in present – bright blue display backlight – matte nice touch surface
Disadvantages: – to see how much water the kettle needs expand (it doesn’t bother me very much)
Minuses: Very satisfied with the purchase. They chose a kettle for a long time, settled on this model. There is an error in the description !!! Kettle can warm from 25 to 100 degrees, it is very convenient! Especially for those who feed the baby with the mixture. Shows temperature exactly to a degree. Beautiful, bright, blue backlight, visible even in the dark, no need to look closely. Matt in itself, so don’t stay stains from fingers. At first there is a smell of plastic, the taste of water affects, completely weathered in 2-3 days. In its price category one of the best (bought for 1,800).

Ostanina Elena

Pluses: value for money excellent (took for 2500 with delivery).
Disadvantages: 1. As already written, the display is on the one hand, and water level – on the other. For me for that kind of money it’s ok. 2. Display very bright, you can see the whole kitchen at night;) you come to drink some water and beats in the eye. But mb is individually. nothing to go to the kitchen at night 😉
Minuses: Someone wrote that it smells of plastic – I have so was 2 times, both – at a water level less than the minimum allowable. IN instructions say that if you pour less than the minimum (0.5), then the kettle will last less. So apparently it is necessary operate according to instructions. 😉

Pavlova Polina

Pluses: temperature adjustment in increments of 5 degrees from 25 up to 100 maintaining temperature from 25 to 95 for 40 minutes then shuts down Minuses: Purely out of harm: Pretty fast cools down (this is relative to the consumption of electricity on heating) the display is very bright (at first it was even scared at night) although glows in beautiful blue. The water level indicator is located with on the opposite side of the display you have to turn the kettle it’s not very convenient for me
Disadvantages: the display is very bright glowing with a beautiful blue color. The water level indicator is located on the opposite side from the display has to turn the kettle
Disadvantages: after 1.5 years, drip with terrible force at autopsy it turned out that the case cracked at the junction with the heater (they incidentally tightly riveted to each other) as a result, water began to flow on the board (it is completely unprotected by anything) as a result the kettle first stopped turning off and then completely sparks rained down it’s well nearby, and then a fire would be very likely as shown Internet research this problem is quite common in this teapot otherwise worked faithfully since November 2015

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: – Choice of temperature – Quickly heats water – Design – Reasonable price (about 3000)
Minuses: – A little backlash of plastic – Water indicator is strange located rather for lefties
Disadvantages: In principle, a solid kettle. With its function as well it is heating to a certain temperature that is quite coping. The choice of temperature is true when choosing the main mode goes from 100 down, and in the heating mode for some reason from 40. In the first weeks there is a slight smell (the scourge of all plastic dummies), but in tea is not felt. Satisfied with the purchase, I estimate somewhere at 4.5.

Istomin Dmitry

Advantages: Display, what temperature is visible. May heat water to a predetermined temperature and maintain it.
Minuses: The heating temperature is reset after each removal from the stand at 40 ° C. Electronics board, at the bottom of the kettle, not varnished, some water got in and it became constantly heat without shutting down. It’s good that I understand this, disassembled, saw problems, cleaned sour, varnished all fee.
Disadvantages: I bought two teapots, for work and for the office. Teapot not bad, but poorly thought out. I use 1 year and 2 months. Mode heating to a certain temperature, because of which it was bought It’s inconvenient to use. After the purchase, you should immediately disassemble it, and at least somehow varnish to cover the board, all the tracks and components. IN otherwise the kettle is good.

HydroMatic HydroMatic

Pluses: backlit display, heating option not boiling well.
Disadvantages: well, maybe the lace is a little short, but they aren’t.
Minuses: I bought it from the wind a year ago (2000 rubles in techno-force), completely satisfied, the smell of plastic weathered in a week, but water I didn’t smell, in general I’m happy as an elephant, I advise you to take it.

ClassSS GneFF

Advantages: power, reliability, functionality
Minuses: everything was fine
Disadvantages: I personally liked the kettle perfectly look, made with high quality, quickly boils plus a choice temperature and maintenance, for such a price it’s so chic!

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Not noisy Comfortable nose
Minuses: The housing gets very hot. The smell of plastic. Too bright display Flimsy cover
Minuses: When heated, the indicator shows the temperature, to which the kettle will heat water, not the current temperature. After heating, it displays the temperature of the water to the nearest degree. Upd. Over time, the smell of plastic disappears.

Marchenko Eugene

Pluses: Doesn’t stink, heats well and quickly, heating works great
Minuses: a bit noisy
Minuses: We took this teapot to replace the old one, though not long used. After about 4 months of use, the kettle burned with a smell. After the “autopsy” it turned out that the feature constructive of this kettle is the presence of a control board at the very bottom, she was all covered in stains from moisture, and the consequences of getting moisture on the board – burnt paths. I do not advise taking it.

Ozhigov Alexey

Advantages: – Convenient temperature control system. – Not high price.
Disadvantages: – The kettle does not turn off after heating until until you remove it from the stand, the display continues glows with dead blue for another 40 minutes. – Inconvenient to fill water. – Very loud. – Pictograms on control buttons.
Minuses: This is the second Russell Hobbs kettle I bought (the first was the more expensive Russell Hobbs 14743, which is slowly died for 2 years). Depended on the presence of smooth adjustment temperature and low cost of the kettle. And so, bought in January 2015, in September, he just stopped turning on. Behind a few days before the breakdown, the temperature sensor began to junk and ceased to determine the temperature, and then the kettle just died. More I will not buy Russell Hobbs equipment, as I don’t want to pay for beautiful ones, but not comfortable and not reliable things.

Natalia Strukova

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