Rommelsbacher TA 1400

Rommelsbacher TA 1400

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Specifications Rommelsbacher TA 1400


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 1400 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Teapot there is
Body material metal / glass


Temperature controller there, step, temperature conditions – 5, 50 – 100 hail.
Keeping warm there is
Display there is
Water level indicator there is
Dimensions (WxHxD) 22×26.5×20 cm

Reviews on Rommelsbacher TA 1400

Pluses: I would recommend it to friends, since it’s not on the market a similar kettle is better, although there are a few drawbacks
Minuses: Heats for a long time, but it is in the description. In the pen area sometimes it burns with steam, when I immediately take the kettle after heating, there there is a warning sign about it
Minuses: Chic quality kettle. Expensive but it worth it.


Pluses: functional.
Minuses: heats longer
Minuses: I like a great kettle. compact convenient

Cool Vilena

Advantages: Workmanship, design
Minuses: NO!
Minuses: I have been using the kettle for a long time, delight from it full, to everyone who doubts, I recommend to see him “live”, evaluate the design and touch the buttons: very nice, no backlash, Super easy! There are modes for brewing different kinds of tea, there is just fast heating, rubberized base legs. It looks very compact, not absolutely noisy (this is by the way about its average power, before that I had a kettle of another manufacturer with a capacity of 2.2 kW, so noisy when heated like an airplane turbine).

Volkova Irina

Pluses: Beautiful kettle, with convenient controls. Heats up water quickly, allows you to brew tea directly in the kettle, which is very conveniently. Easy to clean.
Disadvantages: The only negative point so far is that I’ve been using it for less than a month, dark traces on heating surface in places where it is heated more Total.
Minuses: I am satisfied with the purchase, a convenient thing, which is pleasant to use.

Yanin Yaroslav

Advantages: Design, reliability, responsive and clear buttons. Quiet.
Minuses: Positioned as 1.7 liters, but on the kettle itself maximum scale 1.2 l (The instructions say, supposedly 1.2 MAX for tea leaves, and that for simple boiling, you can pour 1.7 liters. But like me I will measure these 1,7l? by eye or what? After Tefal 2.2 kW, significantly boils water longer.
Minuses: No scale 1700ml (

shumadan shumadan

Pluses: Great model! Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the quality of the materials and the design are on top, the water boils quickly, convenient management and indication, the big cover is completely removable – convenient to wash, the inner lid can be fixed, comfortable a pen, a very practical nose, just do not list … better all sorts of BORKs)
Minuses: I was pleasantly surprised that when brewing tea glass / bottom practically not stained. It is better to check when buying – at the beginning I got a model with a little squeak when plugged into the network – right away changed to working.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Everything. size, design, quality
Disadvantages: boiling after boiling for 30 is nervous minutes
Minuses: Long chose a glass teapot. Sifted through. not regretted. Although the price bites. But here the principle works, it’s better to overpay and not to regret

Grigoryev Konstantin

Pluses: Given the price-quality ratio, the real rating is 6 (!). Great ergonomics. The ability to use both tea leaves and as usual. Double lid: the center is removable for water and mesh installation, a large diameter is removed to care for the bulb. Clear control of the electronic unit. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The rubberized legs on the teapot delivered the most – nice, when a manufacturer does a thing in customer care.
Minuses: None. The price is absolutely adequate quality and feature set.
Minuses: Before that there were a couple of BORKs … they are certainly stylish, but not so thoughtful and comfortable. By the way, Bork appeared a similar model (it seems they copied the idea), but Bork didn’t It turned out to make it just as comfortable, well, and it costs more than in two times more expensive. If this kettle fits your budget, take it without hesitation.


Pluses: Beautiful
Disadvantages: After connecting to the network, the base of the kettle publishes some kind of hissing-whistling sound and whistles without ceasing …. even in expectations and without a kettle at all … whistles constantly while it is included in net

Ponomarev Dmitry

Minuses: The kettle is excellent, due to the fact that glass, not plastic, keeping it clean is easy. Water heats up quickly. There is a teapot, which is very convenient turned out to be for me. Everything is done with high quality, I am pleased with it.

Marina Pshenitskaya

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