Rolsen RLT-4038

Rolsen RLT-4038

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Specifications Rolsen RLT-4038


A type thermal sweat
Volume 4.2 l
Power 680 watts
Power in temperature mode 100 watts
Flask material metal
Pump manual / automatic
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material – (double walls)


Double walls there is
Temperature controller there is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 5, 40 – 100 hail.
Display there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Additional Information self cleaning system

Rolsen RLT-4038 Reviews

Pluses: Always hot water, a bunch of modes, backlight in in the dark)
Minuses: no
Minuses: Excellent thermal sweat definitely take a year almost already served and problems with him I do not know

Kruchinin Ilya

Advantages: I use 4 years, during this time for several weeks just turned it off while the family was on vacation, and so on all the time at 98. Took when it became necessary to cook baby food (rarely in which models is there a 40 mode). And then they cleaned the balcony an electric kettle and began to use a thermal sweat and for themselves. But only after 4 years, at the beginning of 5 years of operation appeared signs of “fatigue” of the cover materials (inside). I climbed now on the Market to look for what else there are thermopots. If you take this price category, then I won’t experiment, buy Rolsen. Except that they will be interested in Panasonic, have not decided yet.
Disadvantages: a sufficiently loud sound announcing that water it boils, and the sound when you press the electric pump button is loud too, in the morning I get up before everyone else, it can be heard by those who sleep.

Barg German

Pluses: Not very expensive, holds well, large volume. beautiful backlight
Minuses: Temperature regulator, deception with volume, does not work water topping indicator. not a very nice squeak of buttons. Default maintenance level pace. 85
Minuses: It is an acceptable device for household use, for a small family of 3 people enough without stress with topping up water, We all have big cups. holds less declared, and if you pour above the mark, then when boiling boiling water lashing out of the hole. convenient if there are a lot of guests and no need to wait when boil a regular kettle. After 3 years of use began heat after a temperature drop to 83, although we always costs 98 and heats up at the same time it is very noisy. And if they turned it off light, then after turning on by default saves to 85. Following the backlight bulb in the water filling bulb burned out. We use until Until now, I think it may soon break down completely

Scuba Elizabeth

Pluses: For me they are not
Minuses: Thermostat
Minuses: I bought in order to always have water for children power supply 40C. But it turned out to be a useless thing. Thermometer shows not true. Shows 40 degrees, merge into a separate container first water, which is in the tube of the water indicator and, accordingly, cooled, and pour the water in the tank, 33 degrees (+ -1 degree), I open the lid and measure in the tank and also 33C. For a child, this water already cold. I tried it at temperatures higher. For example, shows 68C, in fact 56. The meaning of this thermal sweat is lost. Good at least not expensive. I do not recommend it! P.S. The readings of the thermometer are reliable. Measured by infrared and mercury thermometer.

Prokhorenko Natalya

Pluses: Adequately works, looks nice, always under hand hot water, inexpensive.
Disadvantages: When boiling, the pump does not turn on, only manually sway. The actual volume of 3.5 liters. No power button and off.
Minuses: The new one had a slight plastic smell. Boiled with 2 tablespoons of soda, drained the pump and the smell disappeared. Until it boils the electric pump will not turn on. Boils for 20-30 minutes. Cools down for hour to 92-93 ° C, which is very good – it rarely turns on for maintain temperature. The body is warm, but not hot. 4.2l into it will not fit, only 3.5. There is a window with a filling indicator, but to understand how much is left in liters is difficult. Details not made perfect, but for the price is quite good, without disappointment. Behind I put a fraud with a volume of 4. In now I would buy the same, but in volume 5-6l, that would be enough for a day.

Zarusco Salmon

Advantages: Lightweight, keeps the temperature, relatively not expensive.
Minuses: Cheap chrome, flimsy cover, no on / on button, It works immediately after switching on, even if there is no water in it. Same The inconvenience is as follows – we need a temperature of 40, so how to feed the child every 3 hours, but after you have poured water, boiling is turned on, and since it is a “thermos” then cool down to 40 maybe a day, which practically eliminates the use for mixtures every day, so I add boiled water from the kettle and a thermal sweat just supports 40 degrees. After adding water, it often turns on boiling, you have to turn it off. Why did such a voluminous scale with water level indicators? The problem is that the water in it cools down in 10 minutes and when you pour water into the bottle for the mixture, then it goes cold water, while they noticed the child a couple of times gave a cold mixture. So you can immediately pour out half a glass, which doesn’t really affect on the useful volume of the device. The water topping indicator does not light up, therefore, you need to constantly monitor. In general, the device is muddy for who need an eye and an eye.
Minuses: Taken for heating mixtures, since this device holds 40 degrees. Pulled out of the box and turned on the habit of the device into the outlet, scored water and began to fill, it turned out that he it’s already working, I started looking for the shutdown button but didn’t find it, had to be unplugged. As per instructions boiled 2 times and poured water, at first there was a smell, now it seems to be not. From the kettle add boiled water – the reason indicated above. Hope feedback help in choosing, if I knew these nuances before, I would think would be.

Rekovsky Vladimir

Advantages: Advantages are already described above.
Disadvantages: Instead of the claimed 4.2 liters, the thermal sweat holds 3.7 liter, which is not very good.
Disadvantages: Who cares about the amount of water in a thermal sweat? look at other models, maybe there is more honest water capacity indicate.

Sekachev Andrey

Advantages: Price. 40 degree mode. Comfortable two-tone readable display and control keys.
Minuses: Quality – appeared 3 weeks after the purchase rust in the flask. All this time he worked in 40C mode. Loud unregulated signal.
Minuses: Bought for only one purpose – to make mixtures to kid. I could not stand the mode of gentle operation. Now to be at least two trips to the service.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: everything works as it should, completely satisfied.
Disadvantages: if you can call it not enough, sometimes there is a spontaneous switching of temperature from 98 to 85 gr. at the time of maintaining the temperature. But this does not bother us.
Minuses: I recommend! works more than a year, turn off only when we leave for the weekend, the rest of the time is turned on during the day and at night.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Inexpensive, but high-quality product. Convenient, strong, fast enough. Used to the backlight already, without it defective thermal sweat.
Minuses: If you delve into, then the flask is really not 4 liters., 200 grams less.
Minuses: It would be cool if there was still a delayed start. Turn it off for the night, for example, and by the morning rise he would warmed up. Plastic doesn’t smell like some people write about it. water pump works. Boils for 10 minutes. When pumping and removing from lock signal is triggered. On the one hand it’s good, on the other. I am I’ll inform the whole floor that I want to drink tea. )))

Baranchugov Yaroslav

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