Rolsen RG-1410

Rolsen RG-1410

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The best electric grills with stationary fries surfaces

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Specifications Rolsen RG-1410

General characteristics

A type grill
Power 1400 watts
Body material combined
Control mechanical
Temperature adjustment there is
Non-stick coating there is
Grease collection tray there is


Additional Information thermally insulated housing

Reviews on the Rolsen RG-1410

Advantages: Price and quality, removable surfaces, easy wash in the dishwasher. We have been using it for two years.
Minuses: None.

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Pluses: -cheap -removable bowls
Disadvantages: – Curved assembly – No power button
Minuses: Specifically, my instance had the following problem: the bowls did not fit snugly with the ten; as a result, they warmed themselves slow and bad. 1cm thick potato slices were cooked for minutes 20, to taste, like boiled, gray-yellow, white stripes;) Partially the problem was solved by the installation of the load or constant pressing hands (pen, good, thermally insulated). Meaning from the temperature control is simply lost, because the grill is always colder, than it should be, even at the maximum value. But there are also good reviews, so apparently quality depends on the degree of intoxication of grandfather Liao, who collects the grill closely basement. I was not lucky. I tried to bend a little ten, but apparently I didn’t try enough (I was afraid that they would not accept it under warranty). Took money.

Kostrov Maxim

Minuses: Low Power
Minuses: The heating is not very strong, the meat does not fry as follows. It’s more like an electric frying pan than a grill. Grill should be more powerful. But sausages can be fried, a crust is formed, as when frying, but the trouble is less than with a frying pan.

Volodkovich Ivan

Advantages: 1. Removable baking sheets. 2. Adjustable at an angle and height top cover. 3.Full metal case (plastic bottom base only).
Minuses: Green The indicator is executed, it seems, normal a neon orange light through green plastic rather than green LED. (-:
Minuses: Very pleasantly surprised.

Kin Nick

Advantages: Price, compactness, temperature adjustment, heats up quickly, just beautiful
Disadvantages: after two months of active (almost every day) Use a little crawled non-stick layer.
Minuses: I chose a grill for a very long time, in the end stopped on this. It is small enough, comfortable top the lid, thanks to it, the spray does not fly around the room, fry fast. There is a temperature adjustment knob, a useful thing, first used it – one temperature for chicken, another for meat, Now it’s stopped, I’m frying everything at maximum. It turns out tasty crazy and useful – without oil. Originally bought to meat fry at home, as an alternative to barbecue, now almost everything in I cook it – meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, sandwiches. Removable panels convenient to wash. Great grill for your money!

Tshay Anna

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