Rohaus RM910S

Rohaus RM910S

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Rohaus RM910S Specifications

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl stainless steel
Power 1000 watts
Number of speeds 12
Number of nozzles 4
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material metal


Attachment Storage not
Protective lid on the bowl there is
Cord winder there is
Additional Information LCD display with timer, Pause function, casting spatula, cast mixing nozzle

Rohaus RM910S Reviews

Pros: Good mixer, with a large metal bowl, high speed of whipping: for meringues, marshmallows and cream the most. Butter dough kneads well
Minuses: Noisy, especially with time. Broke down later a year and a half, can not be repaired.
Disadvantages: Overall there was a great mixer for great money. If I was on sale, I would take the same one. Fortunately broke two months before the end of the warranty period

Dagaeva julia

Advantages: build quality, usability, set nozzles, the price, in contrast to the untwisted brands, is two times lower, and quality is not worse
Disadvantages: for the year of use not detected
Minuses: a good technique for a professional use, really whips everything and well, I do not understand why not on sale, much cheaper than untwisted road brands, and quality do not go exactly compared


Advantages: Metal case, spectacular appearance.
Minuses: Noisy, does not knead the dough with low hydration, but only expensive dough mixers are capable of this, the price tag is from 50 tr.
Disadvantages: I have been actively using it for more than six months, in general, with a mixer satisfied. It is only necessary to understand for what purpose it is worth buy! If you are an active baker, then do not hope that he knead strong dough, only high hydration dough, ciabatta no problem, of course, any batter, shortbread, cream, meringue, biscuit dough knead everything thoroughly and excellently. That that complain about the remains on the walls of the bowl – this is observed on any planetary mixer.

Bondarenko Victor

Pluses: Appearance, price.
Disadvantages: After 3 weeks of use in the test accidentally found a metal washer from the mixer !!
Disadvantages: As it turned out that the whole company is a few managers without an office and landline phone. No there is no representative office in Russia, 1 person on the hot line, address office on the site – just a legal address! Company representatives chose not to bring the situation to court and offered to return the money, but they do it through the service center, because come to them stupidly nowhere in the end there is still no money, there is no mixer, there is only “breakfasts” in the form of an indiscriminate muttering manager on the phone. My advice is better not to mess with this “firm” if something will happen, you will be unpleasantly surprised) Well, if you already have this miracle – peer at what you eat! Comrade number check 1646793/11 from 09/28/2016

Menyailov Vitaliy

Pluses: makes shortbread dough perfectly, copes well with the rest of the tasks, although there are some disadvantages in the quality of work (see below), mixes much better than regular stationary mixer
Недостатки: Небольшое количество белков (<60г) взбивает неvery good, since the nozzle does not reach the bottom. Have problems with mixing at the walls. After 4 months of not very intense use – the hook has never been used by the nozzle, from uses at high speeds – beat meringues, when working a strong metal rattle appeared. I handed over the mixer for repair from where he never returned – 45 days have passed (maximum term warranty repair under ZOZPP) and I asked for a refund.

Trifonov Andrey

Pluses: 12 speeds. Whip cream from the refrigerator 33% in 3 minutes. in order to whip on a manual cream to freeze. There is a timer. Huge bowl.
Disadvantages: The whisk of the mixer does not look reliable. By structure the rods are screwed to a plastic base. In the process use you have to tighten the screw. (weekly at daily use). Corolla does not fit snugly to the bowl. Two eggs will not beat. Can beat 4 eggs or more.
Minuses: A good device. Huge bowl.

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Pluses: looks great, solid. Knead well and the dough and eggs and everything else … We’ve been using it for 8 months now, problems no, but brought a lot of joy and benefit)))
Minuses: not found
Minuses: in vain doubted at first when buying, changed her opinion, already three items bought this company (kettle, blender and now mixer)

Borisova Anastasia

Pluses: not noisy, big bowl, steady
Minuses: I haven’t found yet, in use a little more month
Disadvantages: before that was Bosch, very noisy. Rohaus of course on quieter order, more choice of speeds, smooth start, timer all very comfortably. Yes, and he looks solid, it’s immediately clear that the technique for professionals).

nemerich elena

Pluses: display, timer, stylish design, Quiet enough, don’t spray!
Minuses: Not detected
Minuses: How a professional pastry chef was puzzled by the search assistant to my confectionery laboratory)), I have long dreamed purchase a professional mixer to facilitate the work and to improve the quality of desserts. Long chose, searched price-quality ratio. At the company Rohaus came by accident and was pleasantly surprised by the price and features of this model. Nicely surprised by the presence of a display, a timer, good power and a large number of speeds, which allows you to select with greater accuracy the required speed of whipping individually for each recipe. Design very modern and stylish, build quality is very pleased. By value for money is undoubtedly the best offer in the market !!! A great helper not only for the professional, but also for any hostess !!! Definitely recommend !!!

Akimova Anyuta

Pluses: The metal case is beautiful and solid, sound nozzles.
Minuses: not enough nozzle-knife for pulp fibrous vegetables.
Disadvantages: Immediately included in the number of our “kitchen favorites” – now recipes in which “further whisk the mass at high speeds 10-15 minutes, gradually adding something “they don’t scare me. Before dispensed with a hand blender – by the tenth minute and the hand was shaking after the device, and pouring / pouring with one hand is inconvenient (which, moreover, still needs to keep a vibrating glass). Soft substances (cream / meringue / biscuit dough) whisk with a bang, with a small volume of shortcrust pastry also did an excellent job. True, dumplings and yeast have not tried. A bit noisy if use at night 🙂 During the day, against the background of general noise, attention to yourself does not accent.

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