Rohaus RK910

Rohaus RK910

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Rohaus RK910 Specifications


A type teapot
Volume 1.8 l
Power 2400 W
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal


Safety water lock
Filter there is
Temperature controller there, step, temperature conditions – 5, 80 – 100 hail.
Keeping warm there is
Display there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Additional Information temperature maintenance function (up to 20 minutes); display current temperature and time to reach the selected temperature

Rohaus RK910 Reviews

Pluses: Compact size for 1.8 liters, take up little space on the kitchen. It looks nice, and “lies” in the hand. It boils quickly, in 5 minutes on average. It turns off immediately after reaching 100 degrees, no excessive drilling. Temperature indicator. Boiling sound low, does not interfere, does not annoy. I boil water at any time of the day, not afraid to wake or interfere with anyone.
Minuses: In the “windows” the water level is poorly visible, it is necessary to look closely.

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Advantages: Excellent steel, almost no plaque and scale, Plus steel is better than plastic in boiling water. Comfortable temperature adjustment. Very convenient countdown to boiling water – you know how much you can leave. Large volume. Compact stand, kettle with stand occupy a minimum of space. Convenient for a small kitchen where everything is up close. Convenient handle. Quality materials and assembly. For two years, and no squeaks creaks – everything is like the first day I got it out of the box. Minimum plastic in contact with hot water.
Disadvantages: A narrow range of temperature settings. I want a little wider down. “Blind” windows of water level, when illuminated from above, do not the water level is visible and you have to peer. There are small difficulties with the logic of operation and indication of the maintenance mode water temperature, but this is more a human factor.
Minuses: The teapot is not cheap, it was bought for 10000r with an eye on quality and long service life. Judging by my observers for two years – will serve another five years at least.

Mossorbov Mossorb

Pluses: Great design, compact
Minuses: Glass leaked, and not a year has passed. No upset limit !!! For such money, just sadness. Now looking for another manufacturer (((
Minuses: Leaked!

Gulyaeva Ekaterina

Pluses: metal case
Minuses: Not yet, I hope it will not
Minuses: Great for design in the kitchen

Silaev Vasily

Pluses: I liked everything
Minuses: Six months later, one of the windows flowed
Minuses: For the money I would like more quality

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Pluses: Beautiful selection of 4th possible temperatures “hold” temperature Not nasty sound Beautiful display with thermometer and boiling time
Minuses: Very easily soiled surface, wash the outside need at least once a week. For this price tag you might think about so that children could not get burned by touching the walls of the kettle!
Minuses: UP: It happens that the Kettle for 10,000 rusts! (Water after reverse osmosis filter). Here are some photos: But even after 2 weeks, you can without problems to change the kettle to a new one, the manufacturer is going to meet. They say that this is a very rare marriage. With a second kettle for now OK.

Kotov Eugene

Pros: My review about the Stadler Form Kettle Ten kettle SFK.8080, which I am 99% sure the Rohaus teapot RK910 both in design and in the country of manufacture (made in China). The kettle is very strange !!! And this is not an exaggeration: through a week of use electronics began to junk (temperature comes to 50C sometimes to 70C, and set at 100C and a kettle turns off), and so on for 3 days. Then everything returned to normal. Everything itself was repaired. Then after 1 year and 8 months the kettle became leaking, puddles appeared on the stand, after 2 weeks the kettle stopped leaking. Now everything is in order, the teapot went 3 years. IN the rest of the kettle is super!
Shortcomings: shortcomings wrote above
Disadvantages: Kettle bought for 6,000 rubles., At the present time not expensive, but I would like for this money he was deprived of such disadvantages.

Semenov Jura

Advantages: High-quality assembly, view, temperature control modes kettle, convenient spout teapot, Quiet work.
Minuses: really a kettle is not cheap
Minuses: It works relatively quietly that the principle from him and required.

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Pluses: very quiet, comfortable display, does not cool down for a long time water, you can brew different types of tea with a choice of different temperature. Can be used as a thermal sweat
Disadvantages: it has been working for 7 months. I did not find any flaws.
Minuses: I bought a kettle as a gift to my wife. She is happy. Until now so far can’t get enough

Kolesov Pavel

Advantages: Convenient control panel, reliable level windows water like a porthole in a ship! With its volume of 1.8 liters It looks very compact! Boil the water in one fell swoop. Level noise household.
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: The best of what I used, and what I saw on dummies market. And there is no rust on the second day here appeared

Sologubov Ivan

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