Rekam RM-120

Rekam RM-120

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Specifications Rekam RM-120

Main characteristics

Tripod Type monopod floor
Appointment for cameras
Shooting height from 54 to 171 cm
Maximum load 3 kg
Length (folded) 54 cm
Head not included
Weight 0.375 kg


Number of boom sections 4
Tips rubber
Case included there is
Color options the black

Rekam RM-120 Reviews

Advantages: I really like this type of tripods, since I I photograph at events. It helps a lot in the concert hall and other places when getting up is uncomfortable. The price is simply gorgeous and at Compared to a conventional tripod, it is very compact!

Razmyslin Daniel

Pluses: Good construct. Speed ​​of layout. Price.
Minuses: Not enough legs and heads, but this is more expensive models.
Minuses: Convenient thing.

Purdyaev Alexander

Advantages: Price (taken for 490 p.), Appearance, convenience.
Disadvantages: I would like the product to be more compact in folded. Fully assembled tall, except for people two meters tall just right, a very short belt cover.
Disadvantages: The thing is extremely convenient and functional, for example when shooting in a concert hall where you can’t put a tripod between the rows or you can raise the camera higher and shoot from a higher point, for example, over a crowd of people! The lack of a 3D head allows screw the monopod into the camera socket instantly, then release the locks for fixing by spreading and fixing them a monopod at the desired height in a few seconds, we get the assembled construction ready for work. Taking photos is convenient, but I especially liked shoot a video. No need to configure any knobs, just tilt and twist in space to catch the desired frame. The advantage over the tripod in speed is significant, unless that the self-portrait will not work.

Trakhanov Sergey

Advantages: Price (took for 490 p.) Compact Light Dark color (does not stand out) Case included Lace on hand Handle from foam
Minuses: There is no folding foot under the foot There is no retractable spike in tip Flimsy construct
Minuses: The usual “stick” sometimes helps out when shooting telephoto on the long end. Its most important advantage is price.

Plesko Maxim

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